Monday, March 1, 2010

One Year Blogiversary Give-away!!!

Here it is!!

It's been one year since I opened this blog - At Last...

So, to celebrate that and my birthday (it's today!) I'm doing a give-away of
one of my original paintings.
It's an oil on canvas - 20 inches x 16 inches.
And I will be mailing it out to the winner.

Here's what you have to do to enter.

Leave a comment on this post - say whatever you want, not looking for compliments here, I just need to know who you are. I'll leave this post up till Wednesday (March 3rd) at midnight. On Thursday (March 4th) Dahlia will pick a winner out of a hat. I'll announce the winner on Thursday.

Also, if you're not a follower yet, please join my little gang. I like to see my friend's faces.
(I'm just crazy like that!)

If you'd like more of a peek at the work I do,
visit my Art Gallery at
(My site needs to be updated and upgraded but it'll give you a taste of my art. It's been a busy year.)

So, before I hit publish on this post, I want to say something. When I opened this blog I had no idea the pleasure I would find in entering the blogisphere. I have met some of the nicest people I could ever have imagined, right here at my desk. Who knew this community was filled with intelligent, talented, passionate,compassionate, loving, giving, thoughtful, sharing, caring..........................people.

Not me!

I didn't know.

But I've been delighted to discover this on an almost daily basis this past year.

We have been blessed during this year with many things.

And you all are among those blessings.

And I am grateful!



Buckeroomama said...

Happy blogoversary and happy birthday, Wanda!!

Your painting is beautiful. Sometimes I really wish that I can paint the way my parents and people like you can. :)

Felicia said...

Happy Blogaversary Wanda! You are one talented lady!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Friend! And Happy Bloggiversary, too! I did NOT know you are are an artist! What a beautiful picture. You are so talented. I hope you have a fabulous day and get lots of hugs from Hubs and the little beauties! :)

Jodee Leader said...

Happy Blogiversary! You are soooo talented!

Susie and Gordie said...

Wow, Wanda! That is quite the give away! i would be honoured to display your painting in our home :) Have a great Birthday and Happy Blogiversary!

Gail said...

Happy Blogaversary my friend and Happy Birthday too!!!! You are incredibly talented, wow! Just checked out your website. Isn't 'bloggyland' amazing? so happy we've 'met' this way!

Dita said...

Well, today is a very special day, indeed! In addition to your one year blogiversary it is also your BIRTHDAY! Happy BOTH!

I feel exactly the same way you do regarding the folks I've met since I started my blog and I am so grateful to have met YOU!

Is there ANYTHING you can't do? Your work is absolutely gorgeous. What a special "giveaway" this is...a work from your own hand!

Can't wait for our meet up one day!

Happy Birthday, my friend!


Love Letters To China said...

Happy Birthday Wanda and Happy Blogiversary!!!

What a special day today is for you. It's only been a short while since I've found your blog, but I must say I feel like we've been friends for a long time. I too am amazed at how many wonderful people there are out there in blogville.

Enjoy your special day!

BTW... love your artwork. You are such a gifted artist.


3D said...

Happy blogoversary and happy birthday! You just a fab, fab woman! And I am so happy to call you friend.

Keep smilin!

jenbusymom said...

Happy and happy! I hope you have a great bday and are surviving the renovations! What a beautiful paiting, I love red! I'm so glad we've met and I so enjoy your blog!

JinXiu said...

Happy Blogaversary my friend and Happy Birthday too!!!! You are incredibly talented, wow! Just checked out your website. WOW. you are very talented. As you know i love your blog and your phtography. Again you have amazed me. You are so talented in so many ways.


Julie said...

One year! Whooohooo! I never thought I'd keep blogging when I first started (when the heck is my blogoversity, anyway???? - who cares!) so I hope you keep it up.

We share a little something special - and for all the people who have been so blessed to have adopted kids from China - they are all special in my heart.

Give your girls big hugs from me.


Lisa said...

Oh gosh...

First, Happy Happy Birthday beautiful lady! Wishing you another wondrous year full of laughter and joy!

AND happy one year anniversary on your amazing blog! I am still stunned that you have only been doing this for one short year ~ you make it look so easy ~ and I just need to express how thrilled I am that we our prospective bloggy paths crossed when they did and that we were able to share in part of this past year with one another!

I always always come away from visiting your "space" with a smile in heart and a lightness in my step!

Finally, I just knew anything you selected to share would be magnificant ~ what a unique and true talent you are!!

AND one the best Mamas around this bloggy boardwalk!! :)

Please make sure you get a bit of spoiling today!!


Briana's Mom said...

I'm so glad you entered the blog world!!! I love seeing all the pictures of your beautiful girls!

Your painting - gorgeous!!!

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday and happy blog anniversary!!! You are so talented ... I love your artwotk!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Happy Happy Birthday & Congratulations on the Blog turning ONE!!!

And while we're at it, Thanks for the Give-A-Way :)

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Happy Birthday Wanda and happy blogiversary! Don't enter me since I live so far away and shipping will be crazy but I wanted to say nice painting! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Bloggiversary and Happy Birthday Sweet Lady!! Your work is absolutely AMAZING!! This picture is gorgeous.....I would love to have it hanging in our home:)

I am so happy to have met you here in our little community. I feel so fortunate that our paths crossed. You are such a kind spirited soul and I wish you lived closer. Would love to meet you for coffee and a nice long chat:) One day my friend..... one day!!

Thank you for sharing little glimpses of your life with your beautiful family!! I always leave your blog with a big smile on my face:)

Enjoy the rest of your special day!!



Valerie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I can't believe it is your one year blogginversary too. How lucky I feel to found you and others via our blogs.

I am also surprised by how many wonderful people are accessible to me from my desk.

Special, thoughtful, talented people who share themselves so warmly with one another.

Beautiful and an artist...if you can sing or dance I just give up.

Enjoy both of your milestones.

Love Valerie

Donna said...

Happy Birthaversary and Blogaversary!


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Bloggiversary.
I love your blog. I think your family is so beautiful. Your girls are both lovely and you are beautiful yourself. Plus, you have a handsome hubby. It's so much fun to see all of your pictures and to hear about your family.
I am a Mom of 5 bio and 3 adopted children. It has been wonderful. I am also a grandma.

Jo said...

I hope today was an extra special day filled with lots of love!

Your work is lovely ~ oh to have such a talent!

It's always such a treat to have you stop by ~ you have such a sweet way with words.

Happy, happy birthday!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda.... Let me begin by saying Happy Birthday!!!! I am so thankful that I have had the privilege of getting to know you a little more over the last few years. You are such a special person. I do hope that you are having a beautiful birthday my friend. I am sure that having both of your beauties and Dan by your side made it simply wonderful. Then adding to that joy, you have so many people in the blogging world who simply adore you! What beautiful words/comments for you to treasure. It is true, we all adore you and are so blessed to be readers of your incredible blog. Not only are you a talented artist (I have just slipped inside your art gallery again. I could happily get lost in there btw! You are definitely gifted my friend), you also have a way to have your readers captured by your words. I am thankful that you have shared your life in this way... Thank you... Happy 1 year blogging anniversary!

Again, I wish you an incredible birthday and year ahead. May it be as kind to you as you are to others. Go ahead, smile, you are WONDERFUL!!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthday my friend! What a great day to tell you how special you are!


xoxo Jen

Michelle said...

Happy Blogaversary & Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful giveaway! Your artwork is beautiful. You are very talented, Wanda!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! It is so lovely.
I didn't know you were such a wonderful artist. I did know that you were a wonderful mother though. And I loved that about you from my very first click! So thoughtful of you to have this : ) I think the girls from black and white wednesday are going to be super excited tomorrow : )