Saturday, March 27, 2010

I can smell the barn!

This is a farming expression. Meaning when the cows and horses we're herded toward the barn, as they approached, their speed would pick up and they would rush into the barn. Probably thought they were going to eat or get warm.

A little like we feel.

So, here's a update on our latest folly - Renovation 2010.

Til March 20 002
So, this was the kitchen ceiling after it was removed and all the wiring and plumbing re-routed.
Til March 20 005
View from the library.

(Sounds so pretentious, I know. It was a little room attached onto the back of the livingroom with French door access - as a reading room. But we will need to rename it the family room. It's just hard to break an old habit.)
Til March 20 010
So, all the carpets were taken up and tiles removed so the new tile could be laid. And we decided to go with heated tiles. (Yeah!) So, while the cement was drying with the heating elements inside, we were told to not enter the house for about 4 hours. Danny was out on appointments so I took the kids out for dinner right after picking Dahlia up from school and dilly-dallied coming home. Zizi (the cat) had been shut-up in our bedroom for weeks and we were warned to not let her out during the cement drying time as she might get glued into the cement. I wasn't worried, she hadn't gotten out for....weeks, like I said.

So, after waiting the alotted time, I gingerly opened the front door and had been told to stick my finger in the cement to test if it was dry. wasn't. They must have finished later than they had hoped. My finger went right into it (and it was 7:30 PM at that point and we hadn't done Dahlia's homework yet.)

Then my eyes lifted - and there



feet in the cement.

She had gotten out (the only time since we started this.) I freaked a little, which didn't help because then she wouldn't come to me. She just stood there - and I didn't know if she was glued into the cement or not. I closed the door - to hide the freaked-out reaction and to think. A minute later I opened the door and coaxed her toward me. She was able to walk and when she got close enough I grabbed her head and yanked her out the door.

Til March 20 029

Til March 20 034
See her drag marks - before I actually got her airbourne. (I took this pic the next morning.)

So we all sat in the car, did Dahlia's homework, tried to amuse Milana and calm Zizi (and Mommy) and waited. By 9:00 PM - I tested the cement again and it was dry enough to get in.
reno mar27 001
Tiles installed but still dirty.
reno mar27 008
Kitchen cabinets arrived and are being installed now. I can still hear them sawing and banging down there.
reno mar27 009

reno mar27 012

reno mar27 006

We're getting there. I may have a working sink by Monday.

Oh....I can hardly wait.

I'm going downstairs right now to take another peak and ooh and ahh over the nearing a few more weeks yet......

....but I definately can smell that barn now!!


Love Letters To China said...

Yeah!!! Your kitchen is going to look fabulous! I can't wait to see the final results.

I had a feeling your little four footed friend got out of your room. Love the photos of the paw prints! Bet you are so over the whole renovation process at this point. Keep your chin up and just imagine cooking and eating in your brand new kitchen. I can't wait to see some of your recipe photos once it's complete.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Carol and Taylor said...

Looking absolutely fab!

Dita said...

OH that is so funny about Zizi! That poor baby...she doesn't know what hit her with this reno!

I LOVE the heated FABULOUS. How did I know there'd be black and white in the future of the reno! The kitchen cabinets look wonderful. I can't wait to see the finished just looks DREAMY!

You're almost done, my friend....keep on swimming, keep on swimming just like Dory says!


3D said...

You are a brave and resilient woman! And I love the Zizi story!

Keep smilin!

Our family said...

I bet that you can indeed smell the barn!!!!!

Everything is looking absolutely gorgeous! Hang in there Wanda, you are almost there now!!!!!!

So glad to hear the Zizi is well:))) And you too:))) I can so imagine that scene!!!!!!

xo Jen

The Sanders Family said...

What a funny story...after the fact I'm sure. It had to be no fun to stay out of the house when all you wanted to do was get the kids {and the cat} in and settled down for the night! At least it's almost done! Our renovation continues to drag on forever with no end in sight. I'll just have to live through your renovation's completion. ;)

Gail said...

Looks like you're almost to the finish line Wanda. Can't wait to see the final pictures.

And your Zizi is a funny kitty, I can just see our cat Jack doing the same thing! ;)

Valerie said...

I was really worried when you first told us about the renovation, they are usually so stressful, and filled with mistakes and missed timelines, but I have to say, this one of yours, has been really easy on me ;-)

I love the cat drag marks, she has left her mark on her home.

The tile is stunning, I can't wait to see the rest.

You are a trooper to stay in the car all that time.

It will be well worth our patience, I mean YOUR!

Love Valerie

Buckeroomama said...

I can't wait to see pics of your new kitchen!!

I went Oh no! when I saw the paw prints, but then I remembered that you were going to put tiles on anyway... whew!

Chris said...

Oh, your poor kitty!
And, doing homework in the car!! Yikes!!!

So far, everything looks amazing...can't wait to see it all finished!! (You too, I am sure!)

So, is it worth it?? I often think of re-doing our kitchen....

She Writes said...


Lisa said...

Ya! It is always so nice to re-do! I grew up with my father always knocking a wall down or putting in a new floor. My husband says I am the only person he knows that feels a sense of comfort when there is major work being done. he is contracter/plumber.

It is going to be beautiful...Even with cat foot prints!!! Makes life more fun. That would happen in this house but it would be dogs!!! My sons is allergic to cats.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

lol about Zizi. Girl wanted to leave her mark for future generations of cats. ;)

Can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out. Kitchen layouts back home are a bit different than here so I'm already curious to see a step up to your kitchen area. ;)