Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "Hats"

Dahlia's hat 001 b&w

In case you haven't noticed - we are crazy about hats!

Hats 007

I've always been a tad obsessive enthusiastic about hats.

Hats have many functions - not the least of which - they just make me happy. They also can dress anything up....or down. They add pizzazz and cover bed head and even "not as fresh as it could be" hair.

Dahlia's hat 025 b&w

Dahlia's hat 027 Dahlia's hat 006

Bur really....they just make me happy.

And even better....both my kiddos love them too!

Hat boxes 001

Dahlia's hat 001-2

I did some closet purging a while ago, but could not get rid of these little ones. Yes, I used to wear them.

Hats 012 Hats 010

Dahlia's hat 009 Dahlia's hat 029

I come from a long line of hat lovers. This Stetson box was my Fathers and he probably got it from his Father. Being British - a proper gentleman was never without his hat.

Hat boxes 014

($7.50 for a Stetson!)

the long road

Make sure to visit Lisa's site for some fabulous photography today.

Dahlia's hat 027 b&w

My favorite sight though is this little munchkin....... a hat!

Happy Wednesday.

Monday, March 28, 2011

TODAY.... just an ordinary day, chez nous.

Daphne b-day 092

(Yes, those are fairy almost constant accessory since the newest Barbie movie came out....what's it called?...Barbie and the fairy secret or something.)

Dahlia's been on this experimental kick lately and is fascinated with snow. In all it's forms. So, she's been collecting it in these little heart containers and freezing them, or watching them melt and timing them and making a mess I caught this little scene the other day.

Daphne b-day 086

And here is the mad scientist with her ever present side-kick.

Daphne b-day 088 Daphne b-day 093 Daphne b-day 094 Daphne b-day 095 Daphne b-day 096 Daphne b-day 097 Daphne b-day 098

Mission accomplished.

(Wonder how long those hearts will take to freeze up solid?)

Daphne b-day 099

"Let's drag our paraphernalia up to the next project."

Daphne b-day 100

"Bunny? Check. Kitty? Check

Little side-kick sister? Check!"

Daphne b-day 101

"Good-bye Mother. We've places to go and things to do!"

(" class, drama lessons or... budding bag lady?")

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces - "Slice of Life"

Chiara & Bianca photoshoot 197

Dahlia and her best school chum, Chiara - clowning around with some hats.

Don't you love to hear the peels of little girl's laughter?

Photo Challenge

Have a wonderful week!

(One of these days I'll figure out how to get my signature lined up right.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday....with more flowers and butterflies and lots of color....

Butterfly exhibit 130-2

.....''s SPRING !!!

Butterfly exhibit 053



Butterfly exhibit 092

Anyway, I could stand some more flora and fauna and sweet little butterflies and if that dirty old snow takes too long to melt or we get, yet another, fresh dump.....well.....I'll just come and stare at my pictures till that dark moment passes.

Denial is so under-rated, don't you think?

Butterfly exhibit 161 Butterfly exhibit 036 Butterfly exhibit 127 Butterfly exhibit 147-2 Butterfly exhibit 130 Butterfly exhibit 137 Butterfly exhibit 024 Butterfly exhibit 108 Butterfly exhibit 097 the long road Butterfly exhibit 005-2 Butterfly exhibit 018 Butterfly exhibit 023 Butterfly exhibit 033 Butterfly exhibit 078 Butterfly exhibit 089 Butterfly exhibit 147 Butterfly exhibit 082

Had enough yet?

No? Oh, goody!

Butterfly exhibit 177 Butterfly exhibit 166 Butterfly exhibit 039-2 Butterfly exhibit 027 I hope you're finding lots of spring in your part of the world.

But especially, I hope you always have spring in your heart!