Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "Where'd my baby go?"

BW - Chrome - Nelly Nero

Yesterday morning, while Dan and I were still fast asleep, I gradually felt someone crawling into our bed. Doesn't happen every day but often enough. I wear an eye cover at night 'cause I like it dark and a certain little intruder always tells me that before she's halfway up our bed, I have a big smile on my very sleepy face.

I then scoop her up, still blind under my mask, and cuddle her in.

House items & Dahlia shoot 080

But something has been changing lately. I always scooped her up and she would fit perfectly in the crook of my tummy. But yesterday I realized - she just doesn't fit anymore. I tried to pull in all the parts and there was too much left over. I couldn't get it all.

I'm not ready for this big person - doesn't anyone have a way to keep 'em small?

House items & Dahlia shoot 083

Even when we're reading in our glider at night, she use to fit so perfectly on my lap. Now her legs and arms are all over the place. She slips off and has to sit up on the arm.


House items & Dahlia shoot 090

House items & Dahlia shoot 111

House items & Dahlia shoot 124-2

My 1st "baby" will be 8 years old next week. Heaven help me when she hits double digits.

the long road

House items & Dahlia shoot 082

I guess I need to get ready!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black and White Wednesday......with some RED thrown in!

Country road & Red Hat 154
I needed something red for the iheartfaces photo challenge this week so I grabbed this hat and had a little fun.

Country road & Red Hat 131-2

Here's a little Dahlia quote.

The other day Dahlia was munching on some chocolate as we began her homework and I asked her a question. A long pause ensued - and with eyes still closed she held up a finger and said

"I'm having a moment"


Valentines 034

Country road & Red Hat 132-2

Valentines 037-2

Country road & Red Hat 132-3
I'm like that chocolate in her mouth when I look into those eyes.

Valentines 018
Zizi is not one to be left out.

Country road & Red Hat 165
And neither is this nutball!! (a.k.a. joy bucket, whirling dervish, screaming banshee, love cup......)

Country road & Red Hat 201-2

Valentines 015-2

Country road & Red Hat 146-2

the long road

Country road & Red Hat 170

Valentines 028
Daddy's Valentine offering!

Country road & Red Hat 132

I'm not very chatty - for no good reason.

Sometimes words are superfluous. Don't you think?

Monday, February 14, 2011

TODAY! Baby it's cold outside.

.....and snowy and blowy and....isn't it time for spring? Just sayin'.

Country road & Red Hat 033
I found some blue in the sky. I love me some blue skies.

Country road & Red Hat 024
This (above) is where I buy flowers and fresh veggies and fruits in the summer. (whimper.) Not far from our place - down a country road.

Country road & Red Hat 021
See!! Too much snow.

Country road & Red Hat 043
Some berries the birds forgot.

Country road & Red Hat 038
Even though it's a 30 minute drive to downtown Montreal - we can still see it from up here. That's Mount Royal off in the distance.

That's my little corner of the world.
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I ♥ Faces - "Red" !

Country road & Red Hat 201

Milana - wearing my fancy schmancy red hat!

This week's challenge is all about heart and red and women. It's the "Go Red For Women" campaign for the American Heart Association. Click on the button for more info and for some great photography.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "Ta Da !! "

I did the dreaded deed today.

No....not that one (??!? Huh, what's that? Well.....what were you thinking?!).

Yes, I set up the camera in front of a mirror and took a mug shot.

Profile pics #2 041

I need to print up some business cards and flyers so I needed a picture that sort of tells the tale.

I used a big silver reflector and sat under our big sky light in my loft and other than some minor touch-ups (usually I have to really work it) this was almost SOOC.
(Forget diamonds....reflectors are a girls best friend! )

I'm showing my camera and paint and brush in this profile picture so all my bases are covered.
(My apron and scullery maid gloves are hidden. haha) enough about me.... here are some shots I took from the inside of my car as I was driving (shhhhh....) downtown last Friday.

my profile & CNY 057-2

my profile & CNY 047

my profile & CNY 052

my profile & CNY 068-2

my profile & CNY 059-2

my profile & CNY 048

my profile & CNY 062
I had to circle 3 times waiting for a red light to get this one of the Chinese gate. It was green all 3 times so I got this on the fly.

my profile & CNY 065
This little trip really gave me a taste to get out more and explore this city. I can't wait for spring when me and my Nikes will become one.

the long road

So, I'll end with a color version of the aforementioned "mug shot".

Profile pics #2 041

I think I like the black and white better.


Happy Wednesday to you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

TODAY......and a few more party pictures.

Our little gang!

my profile & CNY 175-2

Last week I talked about our annual Chinese New Year celebration, so I'm posting a few pics from that. My camera went a bit wonky on me - does that ever happen to you? I think it was having a "mood". All the settings got mixed up - it even froze for a bit and I panicked I know why I need a back-up camera.

All was well in the end and though I didn't get any good images I did get a few sketchy ones. They will have to do to keep the memory alive.

So, here's the recipe for our celebration.

Take 4 families, 8 adults (kids at heart) and 8 kiddos and mix well in a small but cozy house. Add unstoppable playing, arts and crafts, snacks and plenty of laughs. Add little gifts exchanged and beautiful Chinese music playing in the background. Watch as one of the fabulous Dad's runs around the backyard (in the snow) lighting fireworks. Mix in some home made dumplings (hundreds of them) in a variety of preparations, ginger-peanut dipping sauce, a stir-fry and a slow leechee/sake martini...........for the big kids!


my profile & CNY 204

Dahlia and her BFF - Angel.

my profile & CNY 164

These two are inseparable and have been together since wee babies in the same orphanage in China. Their bond is deep and rich.

my profile & CNY 213
Every year, this Dad risks his life (or at least his hands) lighting a fabulous fireworks show

- just for us!
my profile & CNY 232

my profile & CNY 233

And have I mentioned lately how much I love my girlies? (Oh....I have?)
my profile & CNY 177-2

That's my little corner of the world.
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