About Me

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Hi, I'm Wanda. I am a happy woman, married to Danny for...oh....lots a years and finally - Mom to THE most adorable little girl from Hunan, China - Dahlia. And now we have been blessed again with another daughter, Milana, from Zhejiang, China. (The 2 best things I've ever done!) We live in the Montreal area. After a loooonnngg wait for Dahlia's little sister Milana (pronounced - Mee-lana, like banana), we finally brought her home in August 2009. Dahlia came to us in Nov 2004 (at 20 months of age)and a year later we began the application for another baby - at the time the waiting period was around 8 months. Almost 4 years later (say what!?!) we, at last, brought Milana home. This began as the story of our journey to Milana and life with her big sister, Dahlia. It now continues as we live as a family of four! Welcome to our little corner of the world.

e-mail: wandamalfara@ca.inter.net