Tuesday, March 9, 2010

...and the oscar goes to......

...ohh....sorry, not the oscar


Yesterday I received this award from this blog I often visit - Montrealaise en Californie.

The rules are - state 7 random things about yourself and pass it on to other beautiful bloggers. I'll happily share 7 things about myself and I'll name a few beautiful blogs but I want no one to feel obliged to follow through. In other words....no pressure....feel free to smile, knowing you are a beautiful blogger and do nothing more. 'K?

Seven Random Things ( you never asked for but are getting nonetheless)

about "moi"!

1. If I don't laugh (I mean a real belly laugh) at least 100 times a day, I'm having a really bad day.

2. I'm really good at re-inventing myself. I've fallen flat on my face or slid slowly into the dust many times, but I've gotten up everytime, dusted myself off and changed direction. (In other words - I actually think I can do everything. I can't, but I think I can. 'Nuff said!

3. A saying that describes me is - "Occasionally wrong - Never in doubt".

4. Of all of the things I have done and been in my life - being a mother gives me the most happiness.

5. I hate strongly dislike e-mails with a threat attached, like "if you don't send this to 10 people in the next 10 minutes a flock of pigeons will descend on your head and have their way". You know what I do? I delete the threat and send it on, if it's good.

6. My all time favorite saying is from Henry Ford - "if you think you CAN or you think you Can't......YOU"RE RIGHT!"

7. I believe life is a gift and should be unwrapped daily!!!

And now, here are some beautiful bloggers I'm happy that I know.

Jennifer - Our journey continues.

Dita - Dita's darlings.

Valerie - Tadpoles and Tutus.

Lisa - Destination Taiwan: Our forever family


Buckeroomama said...

Congrats on your award!

I love your #3.. and #5? I do the same. :)

jenbusymom said...

Very cute list!

Lisa said...

Oh, thanks so much sweet friend! I think its appropriate we both mentioned the Oscars in some capacity! LOL

AND you managed to present your awards AND your list of self in a much more concise way...I blathered on through the forest of "wordy wordyness" and beyond....LOL Someday I'll learn! :)

AND your list of 7 puts mine to shame! I just loved yours......and love your blog all the more!

Have a grand day ~ I know you said its a busy one!! :)

Gail said...

Congrats on your award, I heartily agree you are a beautiful blogger in so many ways...

And I'm #2 and #5 too. ;)

Leslie said...

soooo fun!!!!!!!!

Our family said...

I am so touched. Thanks for thinking of me my dear friend...

I am not surprised you were awarded this, because you are truly amazing!!!!!!

btw, I love your list!!!!

xo Jen

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Congrats on your award Wanda!! You so deserve it.....and I believe you chose the perfect blogs to pass on your award.....some of my favorite ladies on that list:)

You are so funny...... I love every bit that you share of yourself with us!

Have a wonderful week!!



Becolorful said...

I don't even know how I got to your blog today. Some days are like that. ?%@?? Anyway, I just recently received that award too. It was my first so I kind of got way too excited. I'm glad I stopped by. Love your blog and beautiful family by the way. After I read the things about you I decided that I like her and I don't even know her. I will be following because I want to know more. Thanks for sharing.

the greek chinese connection said...

A well deserved award my dear friend and I really love your list...#4 is my favorite...you are such an amazing Mom and you bring such happiness to your girls, they are so lucky to have you... as are you to have them.

Motherhood is really such a beautiful gift from God.

luv u


Dita said...

I have to agree...you deserve the BB award but you get that award everyday in my book!
I didn't know about the belly laughing but I can sooooooooooooo see it! Boy are we going to have fun one day when we meet up because I 'er...LOVE to laugh. Ask Lisa and Gail what happened in Philly when I made them laugh!

Love those quotes...how very true. You, reinventing yourself? Well, that's the artist in you...creating beautiful things from life.

You are such a special friend and I cherish the gift of our friendship.

I thank you for the BB award and I'll get right on it!

Dita Darling

Valerie said...

How derserving you are of this award, and too kind to nominate me, because if there was a "Blog Protective Services" I'm sure they would be knocking at my door investigatingme for blog neglect.

100 belly laughs a day, that must be the secret to your beauty and the light you always seem surrounded by in your photos.

I also HATE the emails with you have 17 seconds to pass this on or your life will self destruct. I do the same thing take off the negative and pass on the positive.

I've just caught up on all your posts and stopped here. The photos are amazing of your sweethearts.

My empathy for you living through a reno spiked when I saw what came down from above, I don't even want to tell you the things we found while we watched our house being built but the words, disgusting, contraband, and what's in that back closet; no freaking way,were all used and applied at different times.

Thank you for being so sweet so naturlly it is like fresh air to know you.

Love Valerie