Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

to Feb 6,2010 girls portrait, recipes etc 076


the long road

.... and I converted a few more of my pictures from a couple of sessions awhile back.

Milana Jan18,10 076

Milana Jan18,10 070-2

Between our massive renovation (here) and my one-year blogiversary (here)and assorted birthdays (mine on Monday and Dahlia's coming up on Thursday) and being on March break - I'm feeling a little disjointed. (Ever noticed how that word is used to mask the true meaning.....CRAZY.)


Here are a few more pictures from our China trip. This was the entrance to the restaurant in our hotel in Hangzhou. I've always loved rounded entryways. They speak to me.

Come on in - something wonderful lays inside.
China trip Aug. 2009 104

Dahlia found some angel goldfish. Had to put her finger in the water.

China trip Aug. 2009 108

Gorgeous wooden carved table and chairs.
China trip Aug. 2009 109

We found this little secluded garden outside the hotel. Dahlia and I enjoyed our little get-aways.
China trip Aug. 2009 096

Just a little reminder, in case you haven't been by.

March 1st marked one year since I opened my blog and I'm having a give-away to celebrate. So go here to enter. (Hmmm...this link doesn't seem to be working. The give-away is on my post from Monday-March 1st. Just one down from here.)

And Happy Wednesday!


Life with Kaishon said...

Absolutely lovely.
I adore those girls of yours : )

Dita said...

The SISTERS pictures of the girls really make my heart skip a beat. Milana always looks so fragile and Dahlia, ever the big sister! Your girls are gorgeous.

So many memories of China.....enough to last TWO lifetimes! Beautiful conversions, Wanda!

Happy Birthday Mama & Dahlia!

Michelle said...

Great shots, Wanda!! The third one down is breathtaking and the sisters kissing... adorable!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Love the first photo! Two beautiful girls!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Norah said...

Tender moment in the first image. They are all GREAT!

Buckeroomama said...

Great pics! It's wonderful how sweet Dahlia is with Milana. :)

Mom2Isabel said...

Love the processing of the first two pictures. What software do you use? I just bought Photoshop Elements and am TOTALLY lost!!!!

BTW, you have inspired me with your China pictures. I chose a few of mine for this week's B+W. : )

Happy Blogaversary, chica!!!

Mom2Isabel said...

PS... I think your link above is a dead end. :( too many http's.

Felicia said...

Sweet, sweet pics of your cuties. They are precious!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

I look forward to your black and white pics. I LOVE the China pics. That is somewhere I have never been. Very pretty architecture for sure. Thanks for sharing your journeys, both at home and abroad! Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Wow! What gorgeous pictures again! The girls are just beautiful!

Disjointed...sounds so much better though...Don't you think?

Happy Birthday!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

That first one? So gorgeous. And a title popped into my head - 亲亲 - I know, so creative. Heh.

(And that's qin, qin, meaning kiss.)

Frau said...

Beautiful pictures of the girls and China. Hope you all enjoy your March break!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Another set of beautiful black ans whites!! That first one is so precious..... you can feel the emotion in it! I also really love the one of Milania with her hand touching the big flower in her hair...SO SWEET!

Disjointed......yes, that is a much better way to say crazy, I love it!! You have every right to be disjointed, you have a lot going on in your life right now! Hang in there, it will be all be over soon:)

BTW, thank you for putting my button for classes in your sidebar. You are so super sweet!

Enjoy your week!



Lisa said...

Oh, just beautiful, just as always. I love M's gorgeous pouty lips ~ you know big girls pay big money for what she ( and yes, our Tyler) are blessed with naturally! :)

AND to have shared all of this glory WITH everything that's going on....well, you just amaze me my friend!

Happy early b-day to your beautiful M too! AND I hope your day was spent with much love and pampering!


What precious gift you have been blessed with.
always love to look at your photos.

Colleen said...

all the pictures are beautiful but I have to say that first picture...oh my gosh!!!! It's so beautiful!!!!

Crayon Wrangler said...

That first photo is breathtaking! I love all of them, but that one really speaks to the heart!

Great shots!

Love Letters To China said...

Oh how I love looking at your little girls. I never get tired of seeing their photos. I'm sure you feel exactly the same way and then some!

The two of Milana are amazing! She is so adorable with the flower in her hair. You really are doing a great job with your photography.

Happy Wednesday!

The Sanders Family said...

Beautiful photos as always. And your trip pictures make me want to visit China oh so bad! You've gotta stop doing this to me, ha ha.

Gail said...

Stunning my friend, the first one is my absolute favorite!!! You captured that special moment so well!

And Happy Wednesday and Birthdays!

Donna said...

Ahhh... sisterly love! It's a joy to behold (even if we have to bribe them to pose like that for photos). ;)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Lovely...never ever tire of looking at your pictures:)

2become4 said...

Very sweet

Super Mommy said...

Pure sweetness! Your girlies are sooo cute! You've outdone yourself with your China photos too. I too love those circular entrances, they are so unique!

Lori Lynn said...

Beautiful! That first shot really needs to be framed.

Shawna&Co. said...

I'm so jealous of thr big hair flowers. They always add so much to a picture and my girls refuse to wear them.

I always like to see your China pictures too. Makes think I was there ;)

Happy Blogiversary!

Maryvel said...

Very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing and HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!!

Ellie said...

The one of your girls is so sweet! The one of Milana with the flower needs to be in a frame! Gorgeous! I always love your China photos!

Thanks for sharing these, so fun!

Bailey said...

I absolutely love the first photo of the two girls together (they are adorable by the way!). What a very sweet, tender moment.

Marla said...

Oh your girls, they're just beautiful. That first one is precious and as always, I am so enjoying your China pictures!

She Writes said...

LOVE the first picture the most today. PRECIOUS!

Valerie said...

How do you choose a favorite when each one is showing such emotion. Your love for them seeps through the lens and they willingly give it back in spades.

Captured moments.

I also appreciate a grand entrance. One that says Come in and Welcome boldly and loudly.

Hope the reno is coming along and on time.

Love Valerie

Sarah @ When two becomes three... said...

I love your photos and your girls Wanda! You are just amazing at your craft! And happy birthday to everyone - enjoy!

Amy O'Connor said...

Now that is a picture of love. I so enjoy sweet sibling photos like yours. I also love the rounded entryway. Just beautiful!

Briana's Mom said...

Your girls are simply breathtaking! Love their pictures. And you KNOW I love your China pics!