Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

The other day I happened upon twenty eight month old Milana
writing me a little note.

Til March 20 035
Well......doesn't it look like that's what she's doing?
Til March 20 036
Oh yes, you are witnessing the beginnings of
Til March 20 039
Or maybe not. "Is that call for me? I'll take it."
Til March 20 040
It's Lisa's
challenge again to have some fun with black and white conversions. I edited these in Lightroom but after last week's on line Photoshop CS3 class with Lisa - next week I'll be using my PS to edit. It's a challenge for sure - but I know I love it!!
the long road
And here are the many faces of my Dahlia.
What is it about this face that I can't get enough of?
Til March 20 083

Til March 20 046

Til March 20 051

Til March 20 074

Til March 20 064

Til March 20 076

Til March 20 080

Til March 20 084
Had to throw in one color. Belle face!

I found a few more China pictures. I think this one is interesting because it shows the two sides of China. The house boat with the ancient roof line and the sprawling modern building in the background.
China (and home) Aug 09 041
and a few more from the Great Wall in Beijing.
China (and home) Aug 09 131

China (and home) Aug 09 125
Happy Wednesday
Happy Spring!!


Donna said...

Your little author is adorable. How nice that she didn't leave you a little note on your WALL! ;)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Dita said...

Author is it? How do you know she's not following in her Mommy's footsteps and is about to draw an incredible piece of art?

These images are so crisp, Wanda, great job converting them. I'm a Lightroom Gal myself...kinda like the gal on the training wheels on the periphery as the Lisa's of the World kick it up in Photoshop in the center ring!

So glad you threw some in of Dahlia too....her face is so spectacularly chiseled she truly shines in B&W (but I must admit the color is my FAV!)

China...what can I say.....gorgeous pictures of the beginning of a Family of Four...AT LAST!


(PS...I love the white background on the makes your images and words really pop)

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Great B&W's of your sweethearts!

Serline said...

She looks so focused. I can't wait to see what her first drawing will be. Love the last shot and the close up of Dahlia. Your family photo is as always so enjoyable to look at.

Frau said...

You pictures are always so amazing, your girls just draw you in. They are both so beautiful. Happy Spring and Wednesday!

Michelle said...

Oh, how cute!! That picture of Milana "writing" you a note is just precious. Great b/w's, Wanda!!

Love Letters To China said...

Beautiful photos! I really see such clarity in your b&w's. Are you using Photoshop now? I still haven't taking the plunge (bulp)... I'm having a hard time spending that much on software. I really want to learn Lightroom a little more. I bought the book you suggested (excellent). I just need to find the time to actually sit down and read it. I think I'm going to try and dig out some China photos for next weeks post. I always love yours so much!

Happy Wednesday!

Lisa said...

What great shots! I LOVE the last one of the whole family...That one is by far the best to me!

What will be the title of Milana's first book? Do you know yet? Or is she one of those fussy artists that like to keep secrets :)

Again beautiful pictures of your beautiful girls! I always love coming here. The pictures, the music, the writing...

Anonymous said...

Ah! So cute seeing your little one scribble away. Yes, a true writer already—willing to be distracted by anything, especially the phone, to get past that writer's block!

I can see why you like to take pictures of your older daughter's face; she is so very expressive!

I like that last picture especially, of you all in China. What a happy family!

Life with Kaishon said...

They are so deliciously sweet. How fun. I love your family. Gorgeous! : )

The Sanders Family said...

Yup...pretty sure Milana is a prodigy. Must be if she's writing you a note at her wee young age, right?!? ;) She's adorable. As is Dahlia. And your whole family for that matter.

Lisa said...

How those China photos continue to pull me in....

AND YES, it does look like pretty M is busy at work penning the Great Amercian novel...LOL...I love it..smiling SO big!

And look at the lovely Miss D....can I just share that I see SO many of those "looks" on a daily basis from Miss L..... :) but I'm not as gifted at you at capturing 'em!


Gail said...

Maybe Milana is writing her own life story or a children's book of her own.

And Dahlia's got one of those faces you never tire of gazing at, she's beautiful but it's her eyes that draw you in.

Beautiful pics as always, I always love your China pics!

Anonymous said...

Love that first series of pictures! She totally looks like she is hard at work and know exactly what she is doing. Beautiful girls!

Buckeroomama said...

I especially love that first pic of Milana "writing"... she holds the pencil rather well! :)

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Your girls are beautiful.
Your family is beautiful...
Don't you just love how kiddies mimic us adults?..makes your heart go pitter-patter!
Love to see my 20mt old mimic all that we do!

Mahmee said...

I'm with are lucky M has a penchant for paper! Ha ha. She looks so earnest in those photos. I love D's pose on the hands with a smirk on her face. A little devil lurking inside.

Pug Mama said...


It's so hard to believe our girls are already almost 28 months old!!!!
(our girls are birthday twins)

Jboo said...

Oh my -- those girls of yours are simply adorable. Love your photos!


JinXiu said...

A little genius in deed. she is too precious

love the china pictures in B and W. It gives it such depth

M3 said...

Love that note writing!!

Felicia said...

Great shots Wanda. The pics of your little writer just warm my heart!!

Dianne said...

you are a beautiful family
and your photos are wonderful

my first time for BW Wednes
and I'm trying to visit as many as I can :)

Colleen said...

always love your b&w's...I love the first one..I really really love the first one!!!!! : )

Ellie said...

Milana is a genius for sure! How cute!!!

I think the reason you can't get enough of Dahlia's face is that she is just ADORABLE!!!! I can't blame you :)

I always love seeing the China photos . . . I would love to go back just to take more photos!!

Kim said...

All of your picture are great but those first three are amazing, great b & w's. I am sure you are having fun with Lisa's class.

Chris said...

Your girls are simply gorgeous!!!

I love Milana's chubby little hands...
And yes, it does seem as though she is writing her momma a note!!!! I mean, what else would she be doing??? :)