Saturday, March 13, 2010

....the light was right...

..... coming down just so through the skylight... I says to Dahlia
"stay put, don't move....there'll be some chocolate coming...

Saturday take2 013

Saturday take2 003

Ni Hao Y'all

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Saturday take2 018
" yeah....ok.....did we say something about chocolate?"

Saturday take2 021
Oh yes we did, sweet baby cheeks.

(And for those who haven't actually seen it, up front and close.....may I present the half toothless laugh. It's a once-in-a-lifetime happening!)

But the mere mention of chocolate finally undid the mood and I got the foot in the lens.
Saturday take2 022
Thank you very much!

Here's a Dahlia quote of the week.

Yesterday, while Dahlia and Milana were playing after school, I said to Dahlia

Me - "I think I smell poop"

Dahlia - "huh?....not me....I'm used to poop!"

And now for all you gluttons for punishment - here's a little shot of our kitchen floor this morning. Pretty, isn't it? When we added the loft 5 years a whole slew of rocks and crap debris were left between the two levels so when all the spot lights were being installed, the electricien had to take down the whole ceiling and this is just a bit of what came down.

Ahh....more joy!
Saturday 012

Anybody want to trade places with me?


(Time-line update for all inquiring minds - on Monday our floors are coming in, next Friday the kitchen cabinets to be installed, the following Friday the library built-in cabinets to be installed. In between all that - a whole lot of painting, pulling joints, sanding, fixing and then

c. l. e. a. n. i. n. g!!!


Love Letters To China said...

You are so right about the perfect lighting. She looks beautiful... Love the toothless pic!

Oh I feel for you regarding your kitchen renovation. We just had some work done in our garage and that lead to a whole bunch of dust everywhere. I wonder if these workers have ever heard of Visqueen. I'm not looking forward to wiping down EVERYTHING in our garage. ;-)

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Gail said...

There's something about those toothless grins that always make me smile!!!Beautiful light on your sweet girl.

And that is your kitchen floor! ugh. I feel for you Wanda.

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Friend. My internet has been down due to storms, so I have been absent. I am catching up on the ones I have missed. I do not know how you are staying sane in all the construction. You are a good woman! The end result will certainly be worth it! Have a great day!

Colleen said...

I'll say the light was just right!!! Love the coloring and the perfect soft light!!!!! Most of the toothless little adorable!!

Lisa said...

Oh, that light...and the range of expressions and emotions you captured! LOVE it!

AND Love that toothless changes them(the smile) just a bit when those teeth grow back in ~ what a moment to capture!

AND it gives new meaning to "talk to the hand"...substitute in one mighty cutesie footsie tootsie! :)

She's so pretty!

AND the mess??? Ack..thinking of you!

the greek chinese connection said...

The lighting...perfect.
The pictures...beautiful.
Your floor...OUCH!!!

Keep your eye on the prize.

luv u


Teresa said...

Bacon and chocolate make everything good.

My house has been in remodel mode for many years now. We are 8 years into a 5 year project and I don't expect it to be done anytime soon.

THis is what happens when your husband is the remodeler in his spare time.


Annie said...

Wow!!! Those were incredible pics!!! I love your blog, very nice and your girls are just gorgeous!!!

Dita said...

You sure aren't kiddin' with the light. I just LOVED those shots of your beautiful girl...toothless and all. How adorable she is. I love that you bribe them. I don't with my kids...I usually give them the famous Mommy Eyebrow...but I think I'll try chocolate next time!

I would NOT trade places with you now...but when its done, well, now, that is another story. I just know its gonna be GORGEOUS!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I know everyone else said, but I am going to say it too.....OH MY WORD...that is the perfect light! I would camp out with my camera under that skylight:) Beautiful photos......and I love her half toothless grin! Some of my favorite photos of Nick were when he was missing his front teeth!!

You poor girl.... I don't know how you are living through this renovation.....but it will sure be worth it in the end. Keep the faith my friend...keep the faith!



Buckeroomama said...

I LOVE the fourth shot --missing tooth and all! Her smile was just priceless. :)

Stefanie said...

Oooh! The 'right light' indeed! That first picture is awesome!! Love the toothy grin and the foot in the camera, too ;)
Lots going on at your house... please share 'after' pictures with us!!

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Very nice photos that you took. The toothless one is perfect. :)

I remember just putting hardwood on our first home and I hated the mess that created. Can't imagine a whole new kitchen! Yikes! Almost done, almost done.

Chris said...

I love how you use 'chocolate' as motivation...

The pictures are beautiful!!
And the toothless grin pricless!!

Good luck with your kitchen...
I am sure it will turn out lovely!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'll bet you can't wait for that kitchen to be done... and I *know* the Tongginator can't wait to lose her first tooth. Tell Miss Dahlia that she looks adorable.

Life with Kaishon said...

The pictures are beyond stunning. Feet creep me out a little bit but hers are so sweet : ) How can you not love them?

Carol and Taylor said...

yep, light is perfect. she's literally glowing. glad the reno is coming along. good luck with it all.

kind regards from miami,

carol and taylor

Mahmee said...

I love that you bribe her with chocolate! Ha ha. I just count on R's vanity these days...she loves to gaze upon her beauty as frequently as possible. Heh.
Sounds like your remodel is moving along (mess and all). I might trade places with you...for a lot of chocolate.