Thursday, May 31, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Just one more horse picture....promise! For this week, anyway.

PhSho Mariola Herbasz 264
This would have to be my favorite picture of the week because it really speaks to how far this little munchkin has come.  

 From clinging to my legs for over a year, after we returned from China.....Milana has evolved into this curious, courageous, adventurous, fun, happy little person.

She is beckoning this large beast to come hither so she can rub it's nose. If I hadn't stopped her, she would have crawled through the fence to get at the horse.

This one's my carpe diem kid. I never would have thought so.

Joining with my friend Lisa today. Click the button to see all the beautiful photography that is shared each Friday.

the long road

Happy Week-end!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Tuesday.....Around the World

We just had another beautiful week-end with horses in it.
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 274
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 272
Only this time they weren't tethered ponies....but the real deal. 
PhSho Horse Jumping 021
Beautiful thoroughbred horses.
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 280
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 284
I had a family photo shoot on Sunday, on location - out in the country and thought we should make it a family thing at the same time. 

So we stopped somewhere for a brunch and then they dropped me off at my shoot and went exploring. They spied some horses behind a fence when the owner spotted them and invited them in. (Really nice guy!) He gave them a tour of his grounds and stables and invited them to watch as a few of his horses were having a practice jump with their trainer in a little while. I arrived just as they were headed in the field with their horses.

PhSho Mariola Herbasz 298
PhSho Mariola Herbasz 364-2

What a treat!

PhSho Mariola Herbasz 320 PhSho Mariola Herbasz 290 PhSho Mariola Herbasz 350 PhSho Horse Jumping 053 PhSho Horse Jumping 050 PhSho Horse Jumping 033 PhSho Horse Jumping 062 PhSho Horse Jumping 067
 The girls wished we could have stayed all day and were less than thrilled to have to pile into the car and leave. They both had been getting up their nerve to ask for a ride but we quickly explained that these horses weren't the same as last weeks. (But that kind of logic went right over their heads.)

Me thinks there will be more horses in our future. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday - Around the world.

Are you like me?
Park Sunday 061
Do you like "firsts"?
Park Sunday 077
I remember when Dahlia first got on a horses frightened, yet excited she was. Her feelings were only surpassed by....mine. "My baby is so high....what if she falls off....what if the horse kicks me as I walk beside it...just in case she does fall and I have to catch her...." .
Park Sunday 063

Click here to see some pics of Dahlia's first time on a horse (not a thethered pony).

Well, it was Milana's turn this time......and she showed no fear.

Park Sunday 089 And you know what? Neither did I!!!

And......she LOVED it!,the horses were really ponies and they were tethered but nonetheless...I still felt a little pride that my "baby" has so much confidence.
Park Sunday 068

I'm happy to say both my girls have some of the same mindset as I do. "Feel the fear....but do it anyway!" 

That's what's happening in my little corner of the world.

Check out some other places below.
 Happy Tuesday

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

I'm slinking back into my blog today.....hoping nobody noticed I've been MIA for a month! body noticed....right? Thanks.
Park Sunday 013

It's a gorgeous long week-end here and the weather is perfect. Well....actually it's bleeping hot, but we'll take it!
Park Sunday 044

So....that calls for a visit to our favorite park. 

Park Sunday 047
And I thought I'd share a few snaps here and then try ahem, promise to be back on Tuesday to post some cute pictures of the kiddos riding some ponies. (See.....I've cornered myself in so now I have to come through. What am I? Five years old? That was redundant....thank you!)

Park Sunday 048
Park Sunday 133 Park Sunday 136 wm
Park Sunday 144
My camera is Nikon D300. I only used my 28-75mm 2.8 and ISO was 200. A quick run through Lightroom and voila. Done!
 Park Sunday 154  
I'm joining this blog hob by Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all. Check out all the great images being shared from all over.

Ni Hao Yall

Have a perfect week.
See you Tuesday.
No, really!