Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm new to blogging though I've been a lurker for some time now. So I hope I don't press the wrong button and everything disappears. Eekkk! Danielle from The Design Girl put this beautiful blog together and I'm thrilled with it! I go!

I have an excellent reason to begin a blog of my own. We are embarking on yet another wild adventure. Very soon (hopefully) we will be on our way back to China to bring back Dahlia's little mei mei. We pinch ourselves everyday thinking how lucky we got to have Dahlia as our daughter and if you follow along, you'll find this blog will be about her as much as Milana.

In the next while I'll put together a spot where you can visit their bedrooms and fun things you may want to look at. I'm also working on my Art Gallery web site and some other links you may want to check out.

But mostly, we're counting down the last stretch of this incredibly long wait for our next little darling. So come along and enjoy the ride with us.