Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "Just one rose!"

I love so many things about summer.

Bright sunshine, lazy days, a big frosty drink, (AC...ahem), listening to the kiddos shrieking as they run through the sprinkler.


I really love my flowers.

Here is one imperfect floribunda rose called "Gemini" in my backyard garden,
that is pretty perfect to me.

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 381-2
the long road

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 382-2

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 385-2

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 387-2

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 390-2

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 392-2

And I had to show it in color....

....cause I love it!

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 381

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 382

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 385

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 387

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 390

Ang.b-day etc.endAug 392

Check out lots more photography at Lisa's site.

I am trying to squeeze every last drop of summer out before it's over.

I hope roses are blooming in your life too.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot - "More of Milana"

....cause I think she's a cutie-patootie in these adorable outfits.

dress-up red thread 053

I posted some of them earlier this week here but just had to show a few more.

'Cause...I'm her mom.....

and that's what mom's do. Right?

dress-up red thread 023

dress-up red thread 022

These sweet little outfits are hand made by a lovely lady who creates truly beautiful children's fashions - gorgeous right to the last detail. You can check Robin's whole line on her website (click on fashion show).

And visit their family blog to read an amazing story of love.

dress-up red thread 116
And how did I happen upon Robin and these sweet outfits? Well....there's a fairy god-mother out there, flying around sprinkling her pixey dust (love) on everything she touches.

Of course I'm talking about Dita from Dita's Darlings. She posted about her friend Robin here awhile back and blew some of her pixie dust over my way.

dress-up red thread 100

And this is the result.

dress-up red thread 132

Be sure to check out all the Sunday Snapshot fun.

Ni Hao Y'all

....and it's Smile Sunday too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - " Summer lovin' "

Freddy Beach 2010 277-3

It's hard to get my head around that school starts again in two weeks. I just think we should all go on strike and insist that summer be longer. Are you with me?

And while we're at it - everybody is on vacation at the same time.

Hmmmm....guess I'm dreaming.

Freddy Beach 2010 298-2

We had a family re-union a few weeks back (about 8 hours down the road from here), at my brother's lake cottage (hi George) where all and sundry meet up every few years.

Freddy Beach 2010 304-2

It was one of those perfect days. Gorgeous color, fluffy clouds, great company and lots of laughs.

Freddy Beach 2010 251-3

Freddy Beach 2010 251-2

Freddy Beach 2010 298

Freddy Beach 2010 304

I think this picture of Dahlia (below) may be my all-time favorite of her.

I just love everything about it.

Freddy Beach 2010 277-2

It's Wednesday folks. And today is a very special day for Lisa at the Long Road to China because that road just came to an end. A happy end. They received their referral for a sweet baby girl from Hunan, China. Finally!

We are sooooooo happy for you!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

mama's little nestwork - "Featured Artistic Blogger"

It's time for a little fun for me. (Who am I kidding....I always have fun!)

Today, I am being featured on this great new network called "mama's little nestwork". If you haven't can go and do that now. ;=)

I was just thrilled when I was asked to be this week's "artistic blogger" by one of the loveliest bloggers, Mama Hen, from "Mama's Little Chick" .

Thank you MH for your amazing ability to encourage and inspire. And thank for this honor to be your featured blogger.

And for those who are visiting for the first time, I'm suppose to tell you a little about myself. I have tried to pack as much into my life as possible but this will be the very short, abridged version. (Who just let out a sigh out there? I heard ya!)
So since I'm suppose to focus on the artsy stuff, I'll start there. I'm a painter (artist) and when I'm not chasing around our two lovelies, I should be painting. But more and more this newer role of "Mom" is filling most of my time. I started this blog about a year and a half ago - about the same time as I bought my first DSLR and have been consumed with photography ever since. As much as I've enjoyed this new blogging world (who knew there were so many fabulous, encouraging, loving people out there?) I have had the extra bonus of meeting some amazing photographers who inspire me daily. Participating in photo challenges like Iheartfaces and others has continued to inspire me but none like Lisa from The Long Road to China who hosts Black and White Wednesdays and unforgettable workshops to attend.
So before I blather on here, let me introduce you to our two daughters
(still love the sound of that).

dress-up red thread 224

Dahlia is our 7 year old from Hunan, China. This is the little girl who made me a "mommy", which has been my absolute biggest joy in life.

dress-up red thread 138
And Milana is our little our 2 year old from Zhejiang, China. We've been home with Milana for just one year and just watching her explore her world is like watching a sit-com. A really funny one.

dress-up red thread 239

dress-up red thread 131

dress-up red thread 116
See our little model here? I ordered some sweet little hand-made outfits recently from Robin at the Red Thread Stitches of Hope. This amazing lady sews these beautiful creations and is raising income to bring her newest daughter home from China. Go check out her site. Warning: get a tissue - you'll be drooling over the fashions and maybe a shed a tear when you read her story.

dress-up red thread 153

dress-up red thread 022

And since I'm plugging, let me shamelessly link you to my art gallery where you can check out some of my artwork. But in case you don't have the time (and I so understand that phenomenon), here are a few quick peeks.

art samples 006

art samples 004

art samples 012
For more information on my art or other hand-created items, you can e-mail me at

Dahlia - my model 210
Still, my favorite thing to do, besides just being a "mom" is taking pictures of my daughters. Most days I could just eat them up!

dress-up red thread 262
As my blog says.

At Last...We are Family!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - "One year ago today......"


China (and home) Aug 09 077

.....was the little face we saw for the first time!
On August 10th, 2009, our little Milana.....

China (and home) Aug 09 077-2

....finally became ours!!

China (and home) Aug 09 022

China (and home) Aug 09 052

What a difference a year can make.

Freddy Beach 2010 112

Each day she blossoms a flower.

Freddy Beach 2010 252

And we discovery another petal.

Freddy Beach 2010 252-2

As everything she was meant to be....

Freddy Beach 2010 280

... comes to life.

Freddy Beach 2010 282-2

And blooms!!!

Freddy Beach 2010 436
Before our very eyes!

For more photography inspiration and fun, click here to join Lisa at The Long Road to China.

(We just got back from a six day trip for a family re-union so I'll be catching up for the next little while.)