Thursday, October 27, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

Sunday stuff 001 wm

Today, it's Milana's turn.

I caught her the other day, playing around with my hat in her PJ's, looking too cute for me not to run for my camera.

Sunday stuff 002 wm

Our little girl is so full of beans. I love all her little expressions and she has such a joie de vivre.

Sunday stuff 003 wm

It's quite contagious - hard not to giggly when we're around her.

Sunday stuff 006 wm

Sunday stuff 009 wm

Milana will turn 4 in a few weeks. (Sniff, baby will be can that be?)

Sunday stuff 011 wm

She loves music - has to have music playing in the car all the time. Demands it, in fact!

Sunday stuff 012 wm

Sunday stuff 013 wm

She's always dancing (or falling over her feet) and moving yet can stare as if in a trance when her favorite tv show is on.

Sunday stuff 014 wm

Loves to draw, read her little books (the pictures) and follow big sister around .
Oh....follow big sister around is her absolute favorite activity - whether invited or not.

Sunday stuff 015 wm

She has a hard time not touching everything and anything her little hands come in contact with.

Sunday stuff 020 wm

And cunning?? Oooo...this little one has got that trait down pat. Scary pat.
Milana is always up for anything. Never says no - it's always "Yah...yippee go"!!

And we just love her to bits.

Sunday stuff 024 wm

She just rounds our family off perfectly.

the long road

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Sunday stuff 027 wm

Happy Friday and a glorious week-end!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tuesday....around the world.

PhSho remax,Niki etc 217

Saturday was garden clean-up at our house. It's always a chore I don't enjoy because I see all my beloved plants (who were somewhat neglected this year) dying or going to sleep - and then I know what's coming for the rest of us. (It rhymes with NO.)

However, I usually get a last little thrill with the last of the flowers that have braved the cool nights and the fall breezes. (Doesn't that sound so actual fact the winds have been wicked.)

So as I do each year - I clip off the last bouquet and bring it in and then the clean-up begins. Mad a lot easier and more funner (not a word but it certainly should be!) in the company of my two munchkins. Even Daddy got on board so we made huge progress in short time.

Ergo......mama was happy.

Sunday stuff 078
Next day we went for a little drive in the country and stopped a bit.

Sunday stuff 067

Sunday stuff 058

Sunday stuff 043
And a certain little somone thought a fencing lesson was on the program.

Sunday stuff 042
And another little somone would have nothing to do with that idea.

Sunday stuff 038

Sunday stuff 065Sunday stuff 064

A little further down the road we came upon a little farm. In fact the whole area grows all different kinds of cabbages.

Sunday stuff 029

Sunday stuff 089

Sunday stuff 096

Sunday stuff 101

I have always loved cabbages - especially the kind that remind me of where fairies live.

PhSho remax,Niki etc 222

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Favorite Photo Friday

REMAX #1b & & 329 wm
I've been so busy lately I completely forgot I had taken these (and a few thousand hundred) pictures a few week ago. (In fact I probably have enough to fill every Friday for a year but I won't do that. who said "whew"?
REMAX #1b & & 347 wm
I'm so glad Dahlia is still so obliging when I'm whipping my camera out. In fact, it's often her idea. And, I've stuck gold TWICE 'cause Milana is pushing her out of the way to get in the shot most times.
Not that there is a lot of "ham" around our house.

REMAX #1b & & 357 wm

This kid really should try out for Circle du Soleil.
the long road
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REMAX #1b & & 333 wm
Have a wonderful week-end!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday....Around the World !

Pumpkins 178 blog
This week-end we celebrated Thanksgiving in Canada. And what better way to get in the mood than driving down a country road and visiting a nearby farm.
A pumpkin farm.....
.....with my own li'l punkins.

Pumpkins 028 wm

Pumpkins 015 wm

Pumpkins 032 wm
The leaves are really starting to change color and the weather is all over the place but this long week-end was perfect....almost too warm for October, but we'll take it.
'Cause we know what's coming!

Pumpkins 085 wm

Pumpkins 092 wm
But for now, we're thankful for all the bounty, the rich colours and never-ending variety of fruits and vegetables and flowers.

Pumpkins 163

Pumpkins 176

Pumpkins 132

Pumpkins 146
The challenge of the day was picking just the right pumpkins for our family. Had to have one big daddy one, one plump lovely mama one, one big sis and one little sis.

Pumpkins 100
No....the worty one did make the cut.

Pumpkins 126

Pumpkins 131

Pumpkins 130

Pumpkins 140

Pumpkins 154

Pumpkins 136

Pumpkins 102

Pumpkins 104
Much to be thankful for!

Pumpkins 114

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