Monday, February 27, 2012

Tuesdays around the world

DP,WE2&snow 059-2

was what we saw from our living room window last Friday night. Just as we were getting used to warmer temps and the smell of mud in the air......winter had other plans for us.
DP,WE2&snow 057 wm
The kids were ecstatic to say the least. Not only was the snow falling and falling fast but it was the heaviest, stickiest snow of this year and I can't even remember when.


So......laugh we did!
DP,WE2&snow 068 wm
Next morning we were outside in it.
DP,WE2&snow 074 wm
....and building our snowman snowgirl (if you please).
DP,WE2&snow 081 wm

DP,WE2&snow 071 wm
This bad boy (snow blower) is Daddy's best friend. Of course he delights in pointing the hose at the kids as they squeal with delight.

Nope...didn't get a picture of that 'cause if he did that while I had my camera in my hand....well...then I'd have to kill him. (kidding....sort of!)
DP,WE2&snow 082 wm

DP,WE2&snow 070 wm

So.....we're one snowfall closer to the end of winter, right? (Just trying to stay positive here.)

Enjoy our little journey around the world.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

MiB & Our shoot 207 wm

Can everyone see that puddle on the floor? That would be me every time this munchkin gives me one of her "looks"!

We never know what our lives will turn out to be but one things for sure for me.

MiB & Our shoot 200 wm

Everything is always more fun with these two around!

MiB & Our shoot 196 wm

.....and our sweet little ZiZi (the cat) realizes that her lot in this life is to succumb to various types of lovin' that is heaped on her in abundance.

MiB & Our shoot 140 wm

....and there is never a shortage of that lovin' round here.

the long road

MiB & Our shoot 146-2 wm

Question: Anyone notice the changes on my blog?
Well.....thank you for asking.

I needed to make some changes to accommodate a sidebar for ads and found this lovely lady - Gina from ChicHomeSchoolMama - who whipped it up in no time. Gina is one of those gals who really can do everything and do it all with utmost aplomb. She does a million things a day and still has time to warmly comment on so many blogs.

Thanks Gina -
for your expertise and intuitive eye and I know you'll be amazing as you branch out into blog designer. xoxo

MiB & Our shoot 139 wm

Have a wonderful week-end!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Favorite Photo Friday

Wed Feb 15,2012

This picture certainly IS my favorite one of the week!

It was bitterly cold last Sunday but the girlies braved the elements for a few moments for me to grab this shot....then rushing back to the warm car.

the long road

Monday Feb 13, 2012, A perfect rose for Valentines

Don't you just love Valentines Day?

Hmmm.....maybe we should change that to Valentines Week!