Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TODAY!!!!!!!!! In my corner of the world

Flowers - Girls 428

I'm posting this picture "Today" because it reminds me of beginnings. These are Dahlia and Milana's referral pictures . Dahlia (on the left) in Sept 2004 and Milana in Aug 2009. And these were the little shoesies they wore when we got them home. (One day I'll post the little shoes they were wearing when we received them. I'll need a box of kleenex for that one.)

And the reason for today's theme is to celebrate my friend Lisa's Gotcha Day (yesterday). She received her little Reagan in the very same room as we did for Dahlia - in Changsha, Hunan.

Oh the memories - life-changing ones.

Dahlia shoot ( 047
And so...this is today!

Dahlia shoot ( 004

We don't go to the park everyday - but we sure do love it that our park is only a few steps away, just around the corner. Dahlia is learning to rollerskate there. (And yes, her bike is ridiculously small.) There are tennis courts, a soccer field, playground and just some really pretty scenery.

And the best part - it's like our own private park. There's hardly anyone there most of the time. (Gee, that sounds weird...like I don't like people or something....hmmmmm......I'll have to give that some thought.)

Dahlia shoot ( 051
It was getting dark and though I only shoot in RAW now, for some reason, my camera slipped into JPEG lowest quality so I'm surprised these even look half-way decent.
Dahlia shoot ( 080
Why yes...it's "Miss Happiest when Air-bourne" having a merry moment!
Dahlia shoot ( 040
I layed on the ground for this shot. And then my darlings jump on me.

I didn't get a shot of that though. haha
Dahlia shoot ( 074

Dahlia shoot ( 077

Dahlia shoot ( 059
That's my little corner of the world.
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....and have a great Today!


☼¨`*•.♥RocĂ­o♥.•*¨`☼ said...

What a beautiful post Wanda...♥
Have a Blessing Tuesday!

Buckeroomama said...

Aww, just look at the two of them... I love how sweet they are with each other. Doesn't it just melt you each time you see moments like those? =)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Love this. And I am so happy for Lisa, I actually feel like dancing. Which is a scary thought. (Y'all have never seen me dance.)

Lisa said...

Wanda, This is beautiful! I love the picture of the tree and then mostly I love what you say on the bottom of that picture :)"And then my darlings jump on me."

I find it simply amazing the whole bloggy world is a flutter about Little Darling Reagen. Just the way it should be. . .Beautiful!

I am going to play but after school. . .Children first then play time for moms :)

themaddychronicles.com said...

I have to say, I never imagined that I would get so excited over an adoption story as I have over Lisa's! It's my first time hearing about the long, arduus process involved, so I was so excited in my neck of the woods when she was finally able to hold little Raegan in her arms. Thanks for sharing little Dahlia and Milana's referral pics! Who knew that those little faces staring back at you would turn out to be the biggest loves of your life!

Susan said...

That's interesting... both our girls came to us barefoot... well they had only socks on.

Mama Hen said...

Wanda this is my favorite post so far! I love the first picture with the girl's photos and shoesies! The pictures in this post shows the love and special family you have created my friend. A blessing! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

the greek chinese connection said...

Wanda, I too commented on Lisa's blog...oh, that room...the memories!!! I will never forget the way Dahlia walked into that room...and my Angel and then my Georgia... oh my goodness I'm getting goosebumps.

Love the photo's of the shoes...adorable.

luv u


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Love this post!! And I love how you kept their shoes...I kick myself now for not keeping Kya's...for some reason she always gets neglected being the 2nd child. They are so cute and I love your park!! Looks like so much fun!

Lisa said...

I love them all....and the thoughts behind each one...for instance I was smiling like a loon knowing the glory of your girls jumping on ya for that tree shot!! Spontaneous joy!!

Lauren is all about roller skating too and has been for a bit over a year ~ we might be experimenting with Roller Blades soon, so I'll give ya the low down!! I will tell her that D is an avid skater too...she will be tickled!!

Beautiful photos of your breathtaking girls...I don't think its anti social to enjoy a few quiet moments at a park....just a bit of serenity!!


P.S. Oh my friend...please put a new bike for Miss D on Santa's list this year! giggle....j/k

Wanda said...

Yes, sweet Lisa....it's on Santa's list!!!

Gail said...

What a beautiful glimpse of your little corner of the world. Had to giggle thinking of your 2 jumping on you on the ground. Just the visual of it I suppose and it reminds me of getting jumped on by Will. ;)

Love seeing your referral pics with shoes. Completely precious. Reagan is a doll baby, what a sweet precious girl!

likeschocolate said...

Looks like you had an amazing day! They are adorable.

Anita Johnson said...

Beautiful photos and I enjoyed reading your sidebar as well!

Ellie said...

those shoes, well that had me starting to tear up the minute I saw that precious photo :) I bet you were even more excited for Lisa, knowing she was meeting Reagan in the exact room you met Dahlia in! That thought gives me chills!! miracles.

I laughed when I read that the girls jumped on you when you were laying on the ground taking photos of the trees - too funny! Thanks for always making me smile with your sweet comments :)