Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - " Yet more from our little Art sojourn "

....this may be the last of it. Or not!

Downtown with Dahlia 087-2
This is a very cool chair in the furnishings from the decades exhibit.
I think Dahlia and I stared at it for about 5 minutes.

Then we came upon these geometrically designed boxes - Dahlia immediately layed on the floor (we're in a public art gallery, people) and said
"Hey Mom, take this shot!" And she just lay there till I did.
(As quickly as possible - thus the blur - 'cause we were in a public art gallery, people!!!)

Downtown with Dahlia 090-3
She somehow knew she would be the perfect accent to this design. Hmmm......

the long road

This is Lisa's last Black and White Wednesday before she leaves for China to bring little Reagan home. I can almost not bear the excitement that I know they are feeling to be finally making this dream a reality. Bon voyage my dear friend!!!!

Now, back to the gallery.
We saw some amazingly beautiful glassware and glass sculptures.

Downtown with Dahlia 097-2

Downtown with Dahlia 099-2
This piece (above and below) just took my breath away. It's from the art deco period and art deco is my absolute favorite design style. I could eat it I love everything about it.
(Yeah, that much!)

So, since I had been taking all sorts of pictures in all the exhibits I assumed the Glass exhibit was no different. Wrong! A security guard came towards us stating "no pictures in this exhibit" and of course I put my camera away.

BUT.....I hadn't taken a picture of this little beauty and I was salivating (even lusting) after it.
So, while Dahlia stood watch (I know - I'm the recipient of the Mother of the year award for that one) I grabbed my camera (the big one folks) and tried to steady myself to grab a shot.
I felt like I was stealing the thing, my hands were shaking so much. This shot was so blurry (like I said - guilt ridden capture) but I was able to doctor it up in Photoshop and...well......
Downtown with Dahlia 099
......ain't she purdy!!!!

And speaking of pretty......
Downtown with Dahlia 091
....what do you suppose these pretty little eyes are saying?
I shudder to even think!
It can't be "come hither", please tell me it's not!!!

Oh, whew...thank you for your kindness (or for lying to me!).

Downtown with Dahlia 097

Downtown with Dahlia 095

Downtown with Dahlia 092

Downtown with Dahlia 090-2

Downtown with Dahlia 087

Hope you enjoyed our little visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. We're definately going back again, in fact, very soon - there's just so much to see.

And I'm so tickled to have my little buddy enjoying it all with me.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Buckeroomama said...

Dahlia totally cracked me up! You mean, she just went and lie down on the floor so that you could take a picture of her?! Too funny!! And she's right, her in solid black was perfect against those patterns. =)

the greek chinese connection said...

There is nothing like a Mommy and Daughter Day. I know how much you both enjoyed it. Precious moments like this captured so beautifully my dear are amazing!!!

miss u


M3 said...

Right there on the floor -- ha!!! Love it. Great style and great sass.

Dita said... got some really amazing shots...that chair is funkadelic...and the deco glass...whew....what are those gorgeous eyes saying....hmmmm, lemme think....probably, "Now what is Daddy's cell phone number so that when they drag my mother off to jail I'll be able to get home....." yeah, something like that, I believe.

Can't wait to see that little face in the flesh...I'll bring the salt and pepper 'cause I'm just gonna eat her up!


Raymonde said...

I love it, how to break the rules!!!

I do it to get the photos I want also! What's the worse that can happen???

Your little buddy is priceless. Take care all of you. xxx

Love Letters To China said...

Wanda you are so funny! I knew the minute I saw the art deco piece you would fall in love with it. It has your name written ALL over it! I am so enjoying all the photos you took at the museum. That chair is so cool. And the one of your Dahlia is the best. I agree with Dita, she is definitely asking what daddy's cell number is. :-)

Happy Wednesday to you!


Nat said...

What an awesome looking chair. Great pictures. And I love how your daughter is a natural model. LOL.

Erika B said...

Ha, ha...I love how she just knew how she wanted you to take the shot. Clever girl! Beautiful photos.

Erika B

Gail said...

Oh my gosh, Dahlia is hilarious! She wants to model and be a part of the art exhibit. too funny!!!!

As always you captured it all so well and with humor added. LOVE the art deco pieces too. :)

Happy Wednesday. Can't wait to see that baby girl in Lisa's arms!


Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

that chair is really cool, its very interesting to look at!
looks like you girls had a lovely day!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! Laughing my head off about her just laying on the floor : ) So funny! I need a willing model like that! I practically have to chain my model down sometimes :) He has NEVER layed on the floor for me. Darn it : )

Kayce said...

Fabulous! I love that chair!! Your girl is just too cute for words and I see many years of modeling for her momma ahead of her! We too are so excited to see Lisa holding her dream in her arms! Pure joy!!

Ashley Sisk said...

I seriously love the first shot of the chair - something dramatic and artsy about the shot. Well done.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Wow...I love them in both b&w and color...they both have their own sense of richness. And of course my favorite is of the "model" added to it!! She is too cute. I want to come with you to a fun gallery like that...we do not even have anything close to that around here ;)

Liz said...

these are so nice. so professional looking.

Briana's Mom said...

Wow! Those pieces are so amazing! Love all the gorgeous photos. What a fun day!

Julie said...

She was definitely the PERFECT accent!! Love these amazing shapes. The black and whites just POP!!

Lisa said...

Well, yes, she absolutely "made" that art pop!! Living art for sure!! :)

I love that you both share such a passion for the Arts and thank you for bringing the rest of us along to enjoy it all too!!


Beautiful shots, one and all!!

Terri said...

Love it! Dahlia is too cute! You can tell she is a go getter and has a ton of personality!

I can imagine how you were sneaking the picture! You little rule breaker! lol

Marla said...

Wow, how fun are these?!?! I think you should be the museum's official photographer! Love your pretty girl too. :)

Ellie said...

I'm loving all these photos from the art gallery. that chair is crazy-fun! The most beautiful piece of art is that beauty lying on the floor, with those 'come hither' eyes. oops, did I just type that :0

I didn't realize I had a friend who was a real live criminal. lol!!!

you have me googling ile of goree - very interesting!

Valerie said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that shot of Lady D screams sensuality squared. She gets it from her beautiful mama!

Wonderful pictures and from one rule breaker to another good one on yah.

I took a picture of some guards in China and apparently that is a no-no, didn't stop me from zooming if for another just to prove I could.

Hope all is wonderful in your secion of the world.

Love Valerie

Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda these pictures are fabulous! I love the second one in both black and white and color! Your daughter's are going to have such a love and knowledge for the Arts! What a super Mama you are! Beautiful pictures as always! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Mahmee said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trip! Great place. Would love to see more on your next visit. Hope all is well.

Donna said...

What an awesome place! That chair is incredibly cool and interesting - stunning even. Not sure how comfy it would be tho.

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