Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Black and White Wednesday - My (Sweet)Heart !

Downtown with Dahlia 070-2

Downtown with Dahlia 046-2
These shots were taken on our little girl's day downtown a little while back.
Dahlia is standing in front of a sculpture outside the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

the long road
Lisa, our sweet host of this weekly activity is just days away from heading to China to bring back her new little girl - we wish you a wonderful voyage!
And though it's Lisa's black and white photo challenge,
how could I not post some of them in color!

Downtown with Dahlia 075
The only thing more perfect would have been to have had Milana with us for these shots.
Next time!
Downtown with Dahlia 077

We have another day off school this Friday and again Dahlia asked if we could do something together, just the two of us. Well....I'm dying to go back downtown and take in the "Monet to Picaso" exhibit but Daddy wants a little time too so he mentioned to me that he wanted to take her to the movies - just the two of them. (Do you hear that sound? That's me, whimpering....!)

It is a very good idea ( though still slightly whimpering) so I mentioned to Dahlia that Daddy wanted to do something with her and she shot back

"OH WHAT?!!.......French homework again??????" (insert dripping sarcasm)


It was then that my (interior) whimpering abruptly ended. Dahlia needs some fun time with her Daddy. So to the movies this Friday they will go.

And Milana and I will gently wave as they pull away in the car
(and I let one more whimper escape.
Hey, I'm human!)

Downtown with Dahlia 077-3

Downtown with Dahlia 076

Downtown with Dahlia 077-2

And, just in case you thought I was done with showing all the pics from our lots more.

So brace yourselves!

I'm an all or nothing kind of gal....with a strong leaning towards the all side !

(still with me?)


Buckeroomama said...

These are GORGEOUS, Wanda!

LOL at Dahlia's comment about French homework!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I {heart} these shots. Yes, I totally went there. Though I must confess I loved the mommy/ daughter one on Flickr. As for those daddy/ daughter dates... so necessary, you are right, but I whimper, too... especially since I'm still alone when they happen.

Erika B said...

Such a great location for a photo shoot. Great shots of your lovely girl and that sculpture adds a really interesting texture, especially in black and white.

Erika B

Gail said...

These are all fabulous Wanda!!! I especially love the second one of Dahlia with the thoughtful, pensive expression. Beautiful.
Great texture on the sculpture.

I vote for movies with Daddy and Dahlia on Friday too. sorry you'll be alone. :(
Maybe you can get out with miss M for pictures.


Lisa said...

And I LOVE that you are an all or nothing gal, with tendencies towards the *all*....keep 'em coming my talented and wonderful friend!!

These are simply gorgeous and I couldn't pick just one to favor over the rest!!

I know just what ya mean about the *sigh* and sharing.....its hard sometimes....but always worth once you see the joy of their outing and time spent together!!



Ashley Sisk said...

Oh I just love it!

Kayce said...

Beautiful Wanda!

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

Beautiful favorite is the 2nd one. I love the cropping and her sweet, serene expression :)

Pix-Ology said...

Loving these! I totally agree with Erika, the texture of the sculptures is amazing! Let's hear it for ono-on-one time with our babies!

The Sanders Family said...

Gorgeous set of photos. What a little sweet heart she is!

Courtney said...

These are gorgeous! I love the texture of the hearts - adds so much. And as always, your little one is a doll!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda, you have the greatest 'eye'!!!! I adore all of the pics that you take! I LOVE the color ones of Dahlia and the hearts!

I also of course, adore your story. French homework!!!! REALLY? Did you manage to keep a straight face?! LOL That is far too cute!!!!

Thank you for the smiles!

xo Miss you! BUT soon it will be the Christmas party?!!!!!!!!!!

Terri said...

Bring on all the pictures! We love them! I agree with Gail.... give us a photo shoot with Miss Milana! That will pass the time while Dahlia and Daddy are at the movies! =)

Mama Hen said...

Wanda these pictures are beautiful! I love it! I love the third to last picture! Another one to frame! Thank you for your sweet comment. It has been quite a five weeks for Little Chick! I am so glad to know what it is. I kept telling the doctor for weeks that she was very tired. This is why she also has this cold that won't go away and the ear infection and sinus infection. Ugh! If it were me I would be exhausted from it all! She has been so brave and strong. Wanda these pictures are great! I hope you are well!

Mama Hen

Donna said...

These are so wonderful! When I saw the first one, I immediately thought of the Louvre in Paris because there's this one spot, downstairs, where the pyramid is inverted and comes to a sharp point and that's what the heart looked like (before I realized it was a heart). ;)

Looks like we're both doing that one-kid-quality-time thing! I hope you all have as much fun as we're having with it!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Kim said...

Cool that both of us posted heart this week. I love you shots in b&w and color. Your daughter is beautiful and so photogenic! Thanks for stopping by.

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Adorable!! I love the texture on these and they are all stunning. I love special days with my girls too and individual ones are extra special. I don't blame you for whimpering ;)

Love Letters To China said...

Gorgeous Wanda!! I don't know if I love them more in b&w or color. I do adore the texture that the b&w brings out.

I think it's so important to have one-on-one time with daddy. You'll have to take her to the Monet exhibition next time (can I come too??? it's my favorite). ;-)

Hope you're having a wonderful week!


Ellie said...

I love your beautiful girl with these hearts! You will have to take Milana next time and get photos for Valentines Day - what a great location!

I hope your sweet Dahlia has a wonderful time at the movies with Daddy! Have a nice time with Milana!

Dita said...

ALWAYS with ya! These are some stellar shots of your big little girl. She is growing before our eyes and she is just sheer perfection.

I agree...having both your "hearts" at that sculpture would have been fantastic but there is always next time.

I know EXACTLY what you're saying about the whimpering...happens here ALL the time but Daddy time is so very important too...

I am starting to get VERY excited about our little plan, my darling....VERY!


Mackenzie said...

Those are gorgeous! Wow!