Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TODAY!!!!!!!!! Can't get enough of that PINK!

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 068 - Copy

Please excuse the gratuitous cuteness

but I needed to post more and I appreciate your indulging me!

(I'll pay ya back.)

(No really, post all the cuteness you want and I'll lap it up.
I'm a cute-aholic. Most days I'm drunk on cute!)

Pink, take 2 037

Pink, take 2 038

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 105

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 131

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 132

So, as I was flitting around, trying to capture all this cuteness, I stopped for a minute, put my camera down (yeah....my camera with my prime lens and my speedlight attached on top) gently on the stair while I moved a table and when I turned back, said camera (with the prime lens and the v.e.r.y. heavy speedlight attached) was being waved wildly in the air. By MILANA !!!!

That was sort of the sound that bolted forth from me (with zero self-control on my part). Sounded something like


and even though I instantly regretted my knee-jerk reaction...





She just froze.

(Oh, did I mention she was standing on a marble floor.


Ok, back to more cuteness (and pinkness).

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 118

2010,Oct 23. Dress-up (Dahlia&Milana) 196-2

That's my little corner of the world.
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....and have a great Today!


Buckeroomama said...

Oh.my.gosh! That first photo was even lovelier than the one yesterday! You are the queen of pink! :)

Z has the same pink leotard as Milana --with the silver ballet slippers in front, but the tutu is slightly different. Oh, if only live closer!

Valerie said...

Oh those ballerina's are scrumptious! I am loving all that pink and they wear it so well.

I have heard that shriek when a young one is holding something they ought not. I have on occasion been able to control myself and/or hubby as if watching a deer in the woods whispering quietly "don't startle him/her, but they are holding the (jigsaw, meat cleaver, arsenic, scalpel you name it) and most times they will smile and hand it over - crisis overted.

Coming to your blog is like getting a cookie, sweet and satisfying...always!


Love Letters To China said...

How in the world do you stand all that cuteness in one room? They are simply adorable!

I think I would have had a heart attack if I saw my camera that way. The thing is my little one would have thrown it like a football across that lovely marble floor of yours....and then he would look at me with those yummy brown eyes and say "sorry". :-)


Formerly known as Frau said...

Pretty in pink your girls are so cute and photogenic!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Oh my goodness, I'm dying from cuteness overload. Gorgeous pictures! and gorgeous girls!

Ruth said...

Hi Wanda, your girls are super cute... and your shots are awesome as always!!

Gail said...

You keep that cuteness coming Wanda, I'll never tire of it!!!!!

Um...the waving of the heavy camera and speedlight by a certain (adorable) girl would have stopped my heart on the spot. Thankfully it all worked out well. ;) WHEW!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda.... What a gift your friendship has always been, and what a gift this blog of yours is! You always manage to make me smile and laugh out loud! Your description of your story about Milana with your camera!!! I can only imagine how 'interesting' that was! What a miracle it was that your darling Milana held on tight!!!!

Wanda, your girls are stunning. The pictures you take capture them so beautifully.

Btw, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pink!!!!

Miss you!

xo Jen

Pix-Ology said...

awww, what a nice story and beautiful girls! You are indeed very blessed!

Anonymous said...

Oh Wanda!!! You're one lucky girl ;o) To be surrounded by all that cuteness and to still have "my dream camera" in one piece!

likeschocolate said...

I could use a little more pink around here, but it is a sea of blue. Have a great week!

Angela said...

Oh my the cuteness!! Love it. love the pink and love the photos!

Lisa said...

Oh for the love of.......PINK ~ well, I thought about saying, camera too....phew, thank heavens she didn't drop it!! Ack!!

But gosh, please don't worry about overloading us with cuteness and pink....that's just not gonna happen my friend! :)

Beautiful photos of your beauties and truly I think Miss M is most comfortable being photographed when she's frolicking with her big sis! Their mutual glee shines right through!!!


Ashley Sisk said...

That's a whole lot of cuteness! So glad she didn't drop your camera. I would have freaked!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

I say this post is pinkalicious!!! OK that was lame...but they are adorable!!! I can never get enough pink....adorable post.

Dita said...

I second my ValPal's words...your blog is ALWAYS a treat.

These two look like a famous Hollywood Sister act...they are starlets in that pink...and with the perfect BW backgrounds ALWAYS!

I'm coming....I'm really coming there in 48 hours or less....I'm so giddy!