Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Last Night in China !!

I almost can’t see the keyboard in the darkness of our room as three sleepy-heads are drifting off to dreamland (or exhaustion). I don’t mind being alone here as the noise and rush and crush of people (ever shopped the silk alley?…oh man) can make you crave silence.

But as I sit here in the dark, my mind is on other things. Tomorrow, my children will leave their homeland for perhaps the last time. My heart aches a little for them because who they are will be forever changed. We will try and honour their heritage but their home will be Canada. China has given us an incomparable gift and I pray for guidance to always give them the best that we can.

OK, so now I really can’t see….my contacts are all fogged up..

Most of our group left today – we leave tomorrow and we went to the Hard Rock Café for our final dinner last night. Here are some pictures of a family who are enjoying being just that – a family!

When I get home (and feel human again after that flight and jet lag) I’ll go through my pictures and share some of the events of the past two weeks. I know some of you haven’t been able to leave a comment on my posts. Sorry about that – it’s a google thing and very erratic. Meanwhile, I’m so grateful to Doris for posting everything for me during this time. I look forward to seeing all the posts and pictures when I get home – not to mention catching up on all my favourite blogs. I haven’t had access to anything while here ( not that I’ve been sitting around with nothing to do – haha.)

And so - now I can really say -

At Last…Milana’s comin’ home!


Lisa said...

Oh this post brought tears to my eyes. And simply imagining your family as you travel above to clouds to your home, finally all together, is magical. Safe travels and please know you fly on the prayers of so many of us.

Beautiful photos, one & all....truly your photos have told a story unto themselves.
Can't wait till you are back!! You have been missed in bloggyland! :)

Donna said...

You made me cry!

....sigh. I guess you'll have to rename the blog,huh.


Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Our family said...


You are such an incredible woman, and it goes without saying that you are a wonderful mother. There is no doubt that you and your husband will do all you can to ensure your daughters are given every opportunity in life. And the love you will pour on them is beyond comparison. Your family is so very fortunate and I am so happy for you. Atlast Milana is coming home indeed! Have a very safe, quiet flight home.

Much love and prayers.

Susie and Gordie said...

OK, you've made me cry not only by your wonderful words but for the feelings that you bring back to me having been through the same twice. We do take our children away from their country but with hopes of giving them everything that a nurturing family can. I must say that leaving China with them was the most difficult thing I have ever done. But what consoled me was thinking that one day, one day very soon, we will be back again with them to travel through their country without the pressures of adoption. What a grand trip that will be! And yes, we are also eternally grateful to China for our 2 wonderful treasures!

I wish you a smooth trip back home and please write once you resurface.

Teresa said...

Two tissues here!

You are a remarkable writer, you know.

I know she will enjoy being home and adjust well to her family.

Love and prayers to you all for safe travel.

Leslie said...

Amen sista..i cant wait to see all the pics! Praying for a safe flight!

Jodee Leader said...

Enjoy your last night in China! Hoping and praying for a safe trip home!

icedlatteprincess:) said...

Oh My Gosh Wanda, I am so excited for you and your family!!!! I will be praying for a safe flight for all of you and a fabulous transition for your family!!! Sleep tight, your almost home:)

Kennedy said...

Wanda, Dan and the girls,

What a wonderful trip and you look so good in your pics...
Have a safe trip I write this now you are in the air and heading home sweet home. May the transition back at home continue to be smooth..and hope the jet lag not too hard on all of you.
Can't wait to read more updates....Welcome home!

Karen, James and our 6 kidlets.