Monday, August 3, 2009

Milana's Nursery

(at night, the light makes it's!)

I am amazed when I walk into this nursery - just like Dahlia's room - a hush comes over it. It's like there are fairies (or angels) silently flapping their wings so as not to disturb the peace of the forthcoming event.

A new baby!

It's a tiny room really. We built it into a corner of the loft (which is a third floor we added on just before we got Dahlia). It was to be mostly a creative space (about 600 sq. ft.) for our music equipement and my art studio with a huge 10 foot cathedral skylight.

Well, my art studio is now shoved into one corner (I still get good light), the music equipement is all behind closet doors and the loft has now surrendered itself to Dahlia's playroom (and soon to be Milana's too).

So we built a tiny bedroom so Milana will have a space of her own because I think it's so important that we all have a place where we can close the door and call our own - even if she hops into Dahlia's or Mommy's and Daddy's bed from time to time.

Sweet face!

A tiny room calls for tiny rockers. One for mama and baby, one for big sister!

This little bunny says that sweet prayer when you pinch it's leg. "Now I lay me down to sleep........". Dahlia has a similar one she got from her Godmother (my beloved Tash) - and we listen everynight as the last thing just before our final kiss.

Soon, my darling, very soon you will be home last.


DawnS said...

It is just beautiful Wanda!!!! It looks peaceful, sweet and full of love... and I just had to laugh when I saw the adorable little clothing there. It looks like she will be perfectly coordinated with her big sister :) I can't wait to see pictures of her peacefully sleeping in that beautiful bed. It really won't be long now, I am so looking forward to following along with you!

Our family said...

Oh Wanda..... That is a room which dreams are meant for! It is majestic, peaceful and so exquisitely beautiful! All of the special, loving touches you have put into making this room so incredible is so heart-warming. And the rockers.... well the rockers are the sweetest, fluffiest icing on the cake! It really looks so peaceful and inviting and brimming with love. Milana will settle in like she is sleeping in the clouds. Heavenly!

3D said...

You did a great job! And fast! You can do anything when time is short and the goal is one that makes your heart sing.

Keep smilin!

Susie and Gordie said...

How exciting to think that in just a few weeks Milana will be sleeping in that beautiful crib in her own little paradise!

Lisa said...

Wanda, I'm almost(almost) without words. And that is rare :) ; this is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and enchanting spaces I have ever seen. So much love, care and inspiration have gone into its making and Milana will feel cherished in this sweet pea room.

The wee rocking chair next to yours is beyond precious and how special both of your girls will feel....together at last!

I believe our tastes are similiar as I did Lauren's nursery with touches of vintage, shabby chic and always feminine. Its a dream room for a sweet baby girl who is a dream come true!

Just days away now....until your happily ever after.
Hugs, Lisa

Mary, Eric and Penelope said...

Oh my Lord, Wanda, her room is just beautiful, so full of your warmth, grace,and beauty. I feel the hush, I hear the angels telling her she's home and safe and loved...forever.

Leslie said...

OMG i love her getting soo excited for you guys!

Donna said...

Wanda, the nursery is so beautiful! So soft and warm and sweet! Just precious!

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Teresa said...

It's a lovely room and you have done well with a small space. We wouldn't have known it was small until you mentioned it. You have a wonderful eye for decor.