Friday, August 14, 2009

Family of Four… Last !

Our official family picture. It’s official (ya know….there’s official and then there’s official….).

Things are getting better. Milana is coming around, she’s getting stronger and responding more. Getting some food into her and she’s “exporting” well. (Oh yeah…a little too well lol.)
She thrilled us by taking a few steps ( I almost cried – I thought, what the heck, let’s just try out those legs and sure enough, she wobbled along with support.) She obviously isn’t much use to it so we’ll be practicing that to get those leg muscles strengthened. I think she never really crawled either so when we get home, we’ll be doing some crawling around together. Brain doesn’t work properly unless we crawl first, right? So, I’m carrying her a lot and my arms are killing me. (The good kind of pain, ya know.) It is a lot of things to keep your arms and eyes on and no matter how organized I was/am, I still am spending far too much time searching for things. Ahh…but that’s just part of the package of this incomparable adventure.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned the heat. It’s hot! Yeah, really hot – the wet kind. Like you’re never really dry – so best to give it up and forget about it (say that with an Italian accent).

We are all doing better. We finally did take that 6 hours bus ride (each way) down to Wenzhou (another incredible city, very modern and wealthy – a commercial center, but a small city in comparison – only 2 million. A tiny village. A gruelling 2 days of travel and red tape. This was after a 10 hour train ride the babies took on Monday to get up to us. We visited Milana’s SWI (orphanage) in Wenzhou and I may never be the same. I’ll wait till we get home to elaborate on that (!). I was able to speak with the Director about Milana’s condition and she added a few details which were not in her health and progress report which we received at referral. Milana is withdrawn and more frail than some of the others and considered more delayed. As long as I know what we’re looking at – I can work with that. We’ll just have to work a little to catch her up. Massage, rocking, bouncing, lovin, lovin, lovin and lots of interaction will do wonders, I know. She’s already responding really well. She’s very attached to me (I’m air for her right now) and I’m just lovin on her as much as my other sweetie (little D) will allow (!??#!). It’s an interesting (mild choice of words) tightrope we walk – trying to balance the yin and the yang.

Just took a little break to give Milana her bottle and I must say. She gives me these little gifts every once and a while. I do something like let the little blankie fall on her face and pull it off quickly and she opens up and giggles. She has such a sweet personality when she shows it and a lovely smile. Her face just lights up – I just can’t get it and the camera in one place. But I will. Working with Dahlia for the past almost 5 years has taught me a few tricks. She will be mine HAHA!

We were just told that the baby’s passports have been expedited and arrived. This is such good news as the possibility of a delay which seemed inevitable would have delayed us a week and we would have had to stay. So, we’re back on schedule – thank you God!

Time to go. Milana is almost napping and Dahlia and I have a date. There’s a little art gallery downstairs with our name on it.



Our family said...

OH Wanda! It is so wonderful to read your post. You are sounding like you are finally seeing a glimmer of the glory of your darling Milana. In your care, she will only get stronger and learn to trust and love you more and more.

Please tell Dahlia that she looks like a wonderful big sister in her pictures. Way to go Dahlia~!

Take care my friend and know that we are thinking of you.

xo Jen

Lisa said...

I have absolutely NO doubt that with all the tender affection, stimulation and lovin this wee sweet girl is getting, she will thrive and blossom! It sounds like huge stride are already being made and your joy and dedication to your girls shines right through each post!

What a mixed bag it must be for D too; the dream of a sibling can sometimes be far different than the reality. LOL But gosh she looks proud and I'm certain the scheduled "dates" are helping a great deal. I know they have in our household!

I'm so glad to know things are back on track schedule wise as I'm sure you are anxious to get home! The photos are wonderful and they tell a story all by themselves too! A wonderful story.....

Hugs to you all.....I wish these thoughts could reach you all the way there.....

Fonnetta said...

Ahhh, Wanda...your family looks so wonderful together!! I just love reading your blog!!! We should be leaving by the end of the year to get our little one and it is nice to kind of get an idea of what to expect! I am praying for you and your family! May you continue to be blessed on your adventure! Fonnetta

Buckeroomama said...

I'm so happy for you, Wanda! I have every confidence that Milana will thrive and be happy being part of your family. :)

Sophie said...

What a difference a day makes!!! What a journey the four of you have experienced! You're half way home and we are all anxious for your safe return. The family portrait is indeed "official" in every sense of the word and your family is not only "official" but beautiful as well. Can't wait to hear of your reunion with the Stavropoulos'. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay safe and well. Keep posting....we love it!

Teresa said...

So wonderful to see her come out of her shell a bit. You're such a good mama to take D for a mommy-daughter date. Great job!