Sunday, August 23, 2009

HOME.... Last !!

Shhhhh.....everyone is sleeping

....and I'm going back to bed.

My soft, soft, mushy, pillowy, feathery, dreamy, glorious

bed !


Susan said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see more pic of your family of FOUR!!!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh....welcome home! I was gonna use all caps, but don't wanna wake anyone up! LOL

So happy you had safe travels.....can't wait to hear more as time allows...which I KNOW is hard to come by(time, that is!).
Hugs & well wishes to you all!

Leslie said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sleep good!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Welcome home....enjoy your luxurious bed!!

Jednet said...

YOU MADE IT!!!! Congratulations to you all. So much has happened that the two weeks seemed like two months. Ahhhh, both your girls are now sleeping under your roof. Your family is complete, no more waiting, no more wondering....well, I can't say no more worrying, but.....let the worrying about different things begin!


Our family said...

Welcome home!!!!! Home sweet home! So happy to know that you are all home, and sleeping!

Cannot wait to hear more about your trip and of course see some of your pics as a family of four, home at last!

Take care and may the next few days be jet-lag free:))



Mahmee said...

Welcome home Milana and family! I am weeks behind on your blog but, I wanted to say though how happy I am for you all. Congratulations!
Hope to catch up here soon on your journey.

Sophie said...

Welcome home to you all!! There really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME! Your girls look absolutely amazing. Can't wait to see you guys and meet your sweet little Milana. Hugs and kisses from our family to yours.

the greek chinese connection said...

Yes, Milana is home ... at last!!! She is beautiful and such a soft spirit. We love her so much and are so honored to be part of her/your family. We thank God for bringing us all home safely. And yes my friend...there is no place like home!!!

Love you


6DaysWeek said...

Welcome home! I've so enjoyed following your journey (living vicariously through you!) to your sweet little Milana. Congratulations and sweet dreams.