Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Name for suggestions.

First, let me drop a little "belle face" on ya and then I need you to do a little work for me. (We ventured out today to our favourite park and the air and nature did us all some good. We're showing signs of improvement in the security department and if Milana gets any cuter, I may have to eat her (along with her big sister).
OK, so here's the thing. At Last...Milana's comin home is done. The girl IS indeed home.

And as Donna
from Double Happiness so aptly put it - I need to change the name of this blog. When I started this, it was for the purposes of keeping family and friends in the loop as we came into the home stretch of the wait for Milana and I had no idea that so many people would be that interested (in little old us) or that I would enjoy it so much. But I'm hooked now and I love the idea of having a lasting journal for the girls (still can't quite believe I'm speaking in the plural tense).

So, here's what I'm thinking.

"At Last...we are Family !"


"At Last...we're home !"

Feel free to vote for your favourite or make some suggestions in the comments section or e-mail me. I really would love to hear what y'all think. I have so appreciated your support and love through the comments you've left and through the many private e-mails I received and I'm excited to hear what you think. away!!

(and...ahem........thanks in advance.)



Jednet said...

At Last.... But Not At Least.

Our Wandaful Family

To My (Our) Wandaful Life (See a bit of a theme going here?)

Wanda What's Coming Next?

At Last.....Is Past


Jodee Leader said...

I like At Last...We are a Family! I think it is perfect!

Natalie said...

Hi, I think your little Milana is just beautiful and she does look a lot like Dahlia. Both girls are just beautiful. Things will get better and better as time goes by.
I love...We are a Family.
I have been following your blog for a while and I think you are an awesome family. I wish you all the best of luck.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is just precious and glad to hear that you all are getting back into the everyday routine!!

I love "At Last...We Are Family"

Enjoy your weekend!


Susie and Gordie said...

That Milana is some beautiful! Sorry I have no suggestions :( I have been thinking of changing our blog name for almost 2 years now so I am not the person to ask :)

DawnS said...

What a beauty! I love - At Last...we are Family


At Last... A Family, Created by Adoption, Bonded by Love!

:) Dawn

Lisa said...

You are so sweet and I was scared for just a moment that you were gonna close this tickled you are gonna keep it going and hopefully that doesn't make me sound selfish! :)

I like both of your ideas...Love Dawn's too...and the play on word with Wanda....ack! See, I can't pick....gosh, I probably need to update our's too! lol
Happy weekend.....I hope all goes well with First grade for D next week!! I'll be thinking of you guys!
Hugs, Lisa

Amy said...

Oh Wanda she is soooo gorgeous!! They both are!! You've been blessed..I know you know!!! Talk soon! Love Amy

a Tonggu Momma said...

At Last... They're Both Home!

Anonymous said...

I think you should call it something for your two little girls like "My Double Daisies" or "Our Perfect Princesses" What do u think about that? If not you should do "At last.. we are family!"

thinking of you said...

She is adorable...they both are!

my vote:
At last ...We are a family!

Can't wait to see what you decide.

Elisabeth :)

Nanou said...

Mon vote "Enfin ... nous sommes une famille". Vous avez deux petites filles adorables à qui je fais plein de bisous.