Monday, February 7, 2011

TODAY......and a few more party pictures.

Our little gang!

my profile & CNY 175-2

Last week I talked about our annual Chinese New Year celebration, so I'm posting a few pics from that. My camera went a bit wonky on me - does that ever happen to you? I think it was having a "mood". All the settings got mixed up - it even froze for a bit and I panicked I know why I need a back-up camera.

All was well in the end and though I didn't get any good images I did get a few sketchy ones. They will have to do to keep the memory alive.

So, here's the recipe for our celebration.

Take 4 families, 8 adults (kids at heart) and 8 kiddos and mix well in a small but cozy house. Add unstoppable playing, arts and crafts, snacks and plenty of laughs. Add little gifts exchanged and beautiful Chinese music playing in the background. Watch as one of the fabulous Dad's runs around the backyard (in the snow) lighting fireworks. Mix in some home made dumplings (hundreds of them) in a variety of preparations, ginger-peanut dipping sauce, a stir-fry and a slow leechee/sake martini...........for the big kids!


my profile & CNY 204

Dahlia and her BFF - Angel.

my profile & CNY 164

These two are inseparable and have been together since wee babies in the same orphanage in China. Their bond is deep and rich.

my profile & CNY 213
Every year, this Dad risks his life (or at least his hands) lighting a fabulous fireworks show

- just for us!
my profile & CNY 232

my profile & CNY 233

And have I mentioned lately how much I love my girlies? (Oh....I have?)
my profile & CNY 177-2

That's my little corner of the world.
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Marla said...

Looks like a ton of fun!! I'm impressed with all those fireworks in the snow! The girls look gorgeous, as always!

Rocio Esmeralda said...

Wow how FUN!!!!!! Fireworks are a big thing in Mexico when they have festivals or holidays (:
Your babies are precious...♥

Angela@the crazyness that is me said...

Awesome!! Love the fireworks! We had some left over from Novemeber last year and let them off last weekend - was so exciting

Maddy said...

What an amazing celebration! I hate when my camera goes wonky. But I especially dislike taking indoor party shots. They turn out how I envisioned them to be :o/

Buckeroomama said...

Wow, the fireworks must have been amazing and magical!!

...and we had dumplings, too!! :) Dahlia looks so grown-up in her cheongsam... beautiful!

Susan said...

Fun! Didn't know you know set off fireworks in town!

the greek chinese connection said...

Oh Wanda, You did capture the day so beautifully!!!

The picture of Angel and Dahlia is so sweet...I need a copy to frame. I can so feel the love in Angel's face for her beloved Dahlia.

I pray that all our girls stay close to one another throughout life... a friendship like this is really like no other...a true blessing from God.


luv u me

Lisa said...

Wanda, even if the photos were not what you had hoped for, each one captured the essence and sweetness of your gathering. ....and the deep connection and bliss on each little face! Making them perfect!!!!


Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! I LOVE these pictures. I could feel the love and joy in each image. So sweet. And the girls. The best friend. The little outfits! They are all so precious! I love your celebration. Love it so much! Love your family! Love how you make every normal day something out of this world spectacular : )

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

looks like a blast! my camera was acting up last week and I almost threw it across my kitchen until I realized the reason it was all blurry was because I had it on manual focus. duh.
love the fireworks shot!

Leah and Maya said...

that is so awesome! what a fun gathering. I bet some neighbors wonder what the fireworks are all about.

Our family said...

What a beautiful celebration and tradition!!!!! LOVE all the pics!