Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "Where'd my baby go?"

BW - Chrome - Nelly Nero

Yesterday morning, while Dan and I were still fast asleep, I gradually felt someone crawling into our bed. Doesn't happen every day but often enough. I wear an eye cover at night 'cause I like it dark and a certain little intruder always tells me that before she's halfway up our bed, I have a big smile on my very sleepy face.

I then scoop her up, still blind under my mask, and cuddle her in.

House items & Dahlia shoot 080

But something has been changing lately. I always scooped her up and she would fit perfectly in the crook of my tummy. But yesterday I realized - she just doesn't fit anymore. I tried to pull in all the parts and there was too much left over. I couldn't get it all.

I'm not ready for this big person - doesn't anyone have a way to keep 'em small?

House items & Dahlia shoot 083

Even when we're reading in our glider at night, she use to fit so perfectly on my lap. Now her legs and arms are all over the place. She slips off and has to sit up on the arm.


House items & Dahlia shoot 090

House items & Dahlia shoot 111

House items & Dahlia shoot 124-2

My 1st "baby" will be 8 years old next week. Heaven help me when she hits double digits.

the long road

House items & Dahlia shoot 082

I guess I need to get ready!


Buckeroomama said...

They do grow up way toooo fast for our liking, don't they? That's why we have blogs and that's why we take photos. :)

Dahlia sure know how to work the camera. :) Gorgeous shots, Wanda. And I love her outfit (, jammies?)

the greek chinese connection said...

Yes, my get ready...HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!
Our spicy girls are getting to big and I too am not ready!!!

Love her modeling she really "can" work that camera.

Who would have thought!!!

miss u

luv u


Nick Thomas said...

Nice photos - I still think B/W is cool!

Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to say Happy Presidents Pets Day - the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

Love Letters To China said...

Wanda you've been reading my mind. My girl is doing the exact same thing...and I DON'T LIKE IT! Why can't they just slow down? Even my little one is growing way too fast. I'm feeling the weight of his body more and more when I pick him up. I just can't imagine what I'm going to do when I can't lift him into my arms and carry him around.....

Gorgeous photos of your big girl. She really is so beautiful. :-)


Life with Kaishon said...

This made me cry a little. I just miss the little stage so much. : ( It goes too quickly. She is so beautiful. I am glad you get to be her Mama. What a blessing God gave you.

Cindy said...

love all the shots, she is a cute little model. Love that silver chair!

Maddy said...

awww!! They do grow up so fast! And before you know it, they'll be moing out too! Luckily, you have a few more years before then :) I love your "little" Top Model and all these gorgeous shots, Wanda!

Mommy2Four said...

The shots are beautiful....and I notice that iwth my little one's too...

Thank goodness there's so many new things to make me smile at each age! Even though I no I'm gonna miss something, I also know there's so much more to look forward to!

DawnS said...

My 11 year old still tries to snuggle on my lap, but she is almost as tall as me. I can't see anything but limbs and a head full of hair when she is there, but I still treasure every last moment of it. She came in to snuggle the other day for the first time in quite a while. I will tell you, I did not want to let go!!

Susan said...

Yes, our babies are gone. It is so very sad!!

Gail said...

Oh Wanda, these could have been my words in a blog post. How does this happen so fast? Long arms, long legs...our little girls are turning into big girls. My mind doesn't go to the double digit zone yet...I can't.

Love all of these...she's got some amazing eyes!

xoxoxo Gail

Mama Zen said...

Beautiful shots! Mine is the same age, so I know exactly what you mean.

Eboix said...

she is workin that camera, love these!!

Lisa said...

I know, I know.....*sigh*

Remember my "8" post in the Fall? Somthing about 8 ( even though it really IS great! )....maybe the proximity to those double digits, cuz I felt the same way! It becomes a little harder to find that baby face but I'm a bit believer if sneaking peeks while they sleep! :)

Beautiful shots my friend ~ I'm so happy you have kept up with the B&W Weds. as I always look forward to your works of art!!!

Isabel said...

My congratulations.......I think you are a beautiful family!
Your photographs are outstanding, maybe they reflect the lot of love and hapiness in the ambient. I'll be following your work and also link you to my page!

Sharon said...

Yes, I used to say Linhsey kicked my ovaries while sleeping in my it's my thigh and knee that her feet hit. Hehehe. Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...


I LOVE that first shot, especially in B&W - it's so full of attitude! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

They do grow up so fast but she's so pretty!

Ellie said...

if you figure it out please let me know :( she is growing up beautifully!

I haven't been by lately so I did a little catching up and I have to say your "mug shot" is gorgeous! I guess I should say - you are gorgeous!!! and are you going into photography too?! very exciting!

Nice to catch up a bit :)

xo ellie

Mama Hen said...

Oh Wanda where does the time go? They grow so quickly and we want to hold on. These pictures are so cute! The last one is beautiful. Have a great night my friend!

Mama Hen

Leah and Maya said...

time goes so fast. now when Maya sits on my lap her head is in front of my face and it makes it hard to see, when did that happen?

Erika B said...

Oh, I totally agree with you! My oldest will be 8 in a month and she was just the tiniest little peanut when we first met her. She is still the smallest in her class but her personality is so much bigger. Can't help but wonder what happende to my baby. Great shots as have such great model!

Erika B

Alyson and Ford said...

Yes, they do grow up way too fast! What happens when I can hold AA, swing her over my shoulder, rock her to bed... she's getting too heavy! What to do?
Beautiful pictures, she's a model!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Casey said...

Beautiful pictures of your girl!! She is just such a sweetie! I love the expression in the first one. lol.

I love, love those mornings when Em comes in to snuggle in the morning. They get few and far between as they get older, so I hold them all dear. My oldest hit 11 this year and it is just SO sad!! lol. Enjoy it!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Where did you baby go and who is that GORGEOUS supermodel sitting in your chair????

Seriously.... she looks WAY GROWN UP in this series Wanda! I don't know what to do to keep em small, but if you find out let me know. I wish I could freeze time right now!!

Beautiful as always..... sorry I have not been by.... you are never far from my thoughts....miss ya!!



Tina Michelle said...

OMG so cute! Love the pics. They do grow up too fast!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. And I could so identify: I always hold TT on my lap when I dry him after his bath and it just isn't working any longer! Legs too long to reach his feet, head in front of my nose... wahhh! Too soon too soon! Trying to enjoy every minute.

Gorgeous shots, and yes, she certainly knows how to work the camera! :)