Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Black and White Wednesday "Gung Hay Fat Choy"


CNY - pre 069


We were trying on our Chinese New Year outfits for this year and had to get a little "shoot" in while we were relaxed and not rushing out the door.

I don't know if the same thing happens to you but the last time to get a good picture is when we're all dressed and ready to go. It just does not work.

CNY - pre 132-2

But this did. A nice relaxing week-end day with nowhere to go and treats to be had.

CNY - pre 040-2-2

CNY - pre 057

I used one of these shots for the iheartfaces photo challenge (ahem....I'm # 243) and a commenter asked how could the girls not eat those heart lollies.

Well, they did. You don't take candy out of a babies mouth, right!

I believe that was item #1 in the basic parenting handbook.

CNY - pre 140

CNY - pre 069

CNY - pre 068

LR PS edit

Dahlia is especially excited (and proud) to bring these red envelopes with chocolate coins for all her classmates on Thursday (the actual beginning of the new year).

CNY - pre 164

In a school where 98% of the student body are Italian - she still loves the idea that she is unique. May it always be that way!

CNY - pre 158

Each year we celebrate Chinese New Year with 3 families that are very dear to us. We travelled to China for our first babes and have remained close since. We each returned for a second so we're 8 kiddos now. We all make different Chinese dishes and one of the Dads runs around in the snow lighting fireworks to the delight of us all.

So Dahlia and I did some artsy things to prepare the gift bags.

LR PS edit1

CNY - pre 196

CNY - pre 052-2

CNY - pre 022
(ahem.... note to self.......the unsharp mask in PS may look ok but after uploading to the blog, it's...ummm.....overdone. So, stop it!!)

CNY - pre 152

the long road
So even though I massively cheated with color this week - it still is black and white Wednesday at Lisa's so be sure to join in.

CNY - pre 031



Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! Those hair flowers are SO gorgeous. I am so totally LOVING them! I love the girls outfits. I think that it is incredible that you can celebrate in such a special way with your close friends. I really love that they can share this bit of culture with the children at school. That is the best!

Thank you for sharing your lives in such a beautiful way each week Wanda! I love what you post! Love, Becky

Kayce said...

Fun shots Wanda!! I can't wait to do some CNY celebrating this weekend!

Melody Lietzau said...

beautiful girls and creative photo shoot.

Buckeroomama said...

The girls are gorgeous, their outfits are gorgeous, the gift bags are gorgeous! How many times can I say gorgeous?!

Happy CNY to you!!

Jill - FNA Photography said...

everything about this post is gorgeous! what a beautiful family you have!

Briana's Mom said...

Just breathtaking!

Formerly known as Frau said...

Wanda omg....amazing shots of the the colors and their bright smiling faces!

Love Letters To China said...

Those two girls of yours are way too cute for words! These pics put a great big smile on my face. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Our family said...

Seriously now, you are INCREDIBLE! From your glorious girls, to their beautiful outfits and flowers!, to the gift bags etc.... INCREDIBLE! May you have a beautiful Chinese New Year!!!!


Mommy2Four said...

How cute! You did a beautiful job!

Gail said...

Definitely item #1 in the parent handbook is to let our children eat the!

Beautiful as always them all. Your girls are stunning in red, and their hair flowers are so pretty.

And I'm so happy you have the China group that you love so dearly, friends that have become family.

Happy New Year!


Erika B said...

They looks so pretty in their finery. My girls love to put on their chinese dresses and they wear them so proudly. We have made lanterns and dragons to decorate the house with and will celebrate with our extended family.

Happy New Year!
Erika B

Rosie said...

What a wonderful set of photos and such beautiful girls!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Stunningly gorgeous!

Lori Lynn said...

How wonderful that you have your own Chinese holiday traditions! We still feel close to some of the families in our first travel group as well (we went solo the second time). I would love to see fireworks in the snow.

Great pictures and beautiful girls.

SavvyMama said...

gorgeous thoughtful!

Visit my B&W: Tower Life Building entry as well! Have followed your blog, hope you can follow mine. Thanks!

Kelly And Allison said...

Beautiful shots of beautiful girls. Happy New Year!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

What a fun holiday!! And I just love all the pictures...your black and whites have so much contrast and they just catch my eye...Do you create them yourself or do you use a special action?

Lisa said...

Oooh, I'm gushing over those darlin's in those outfits...masterpieces! LOVE the smiles, lolli's, outfits, bags, hair accessories....loving it all!

I'm so glad you have such a special connection with the families you share your CNY celebration with ~ what a grand and lovely tradition!

We are so excited here too; Tyler has been dashing about calling out "Gung Hay" and waving like he's in a parade! :) I'm teaching a little CNY lesson to the other Littles and their Mamas in our tiny Friday Mama and Me class....I'm ridiculously nervous but so anxious to try it all out!! At least 2 year olds are extra forgiving!!!


Wanda said...

Faith, Hope, Love: Yes, I do them myself. I'm still looking for a blk & wh preset that I like though. Thanks!

Courtney said...

So beautiful and precious! They're getting so big!

Terri said...

The pictures are amazing, the gift bags are awesome and the girls are absolutely GORGEOUS!

Perfection in this post Wanda!!!

I think you have a winner with #243!!!! =)

Rocio Esmeralda said...

Oh my!! ur babies girls look precious with those flowers... What fun way to celebrate that amazing holiday!!!
Kudos 2 u!!

Mama Hen said...

These pictures are adorable! Such a wonderful celebration! Little Chick would love those lollipops! I hope you are doing great my friend! I gave you two awards! You deserve them! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh WANDA....these are BEAUTIFUL photos of your gorgeous girls!! Happy Chinese New Year!! Looks like the girls had a great time with this shoot..... I bet they will expect candy every time you whip out the camera now:)

Yes, Red is definitely their color!! Love the flowers in their hair too.

Hope you had a wonderful day!!



PS. your comment the other day made me want to get out the tripod and the camera right away and try to get those shots of me with the kids. No time like the present right? Luv ya~

Anonymous said...

Oh my! These are so precious!

Susan said...

Happy New Year to you all!

the greek chinese connection said...

Beautiful pictures and what a wonderful idea for Dahlia's classmates...Like the fact that she enjoys being unique.

As for our Chinese tradition and celebration... I too love that we all spend it together.

See you there

luv u


Denise said...

Your girls always make me smile! Happy Wednesday Wanda...will I be seeing you in July?