Monday, February 14, 2011

TODAY! Baby it's cold outside.

.....and snowy and blowy and....isn't it time for spring? Just sayin'.

Country road & Red Hat 033
I found some blue in the sky. I love me some blue skies.

Country road & Red Hat 024
This (above) is where I buy flowers and fresh veggies and fruits in the summer. (whimper.) Not far from our place - down a country road.

Country road & Red Hat 021
See!! Too much snow.

Country road & Red Hat 043
Some berries the birds forgot.

Country road & Red Hat 038
Even though it's a 30 minute drive to downtown Montreal - we can still see it from up here. That's Mount Royal off in the distance.

That's my little corner of the world.
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Terri said...

Looks super cold but the pictures of the snow are FABULOUS!!!! I rally like the berry picture too!

Buckeroomama said...

I guess the snow would be worth it if you get shots like these! :)

We're hoping for warmer weather over here, too. It was great for a few days last week and now it's cold and wet again.

Happy Tuesday! =)

Lisa said...

Well, you captured it all beautifully, snippets clicking together just like a lovely jigsaw puzzle!

We are experiencing a warm up ~ I almost hate to share that.....50's by Wed.; sure its a tease, but we'll take it!!

Sending some your way my friend!

Maddy said...

It looks divine!! Even with all that snow! My snow looks more like grey muck at this point :)

the Lola Letters said...

It is so exceptionally beautiful Wanda! LOVE it! You capture your world so perfectly!

Did you see that I linked you as number 2? And then you added yourself. So we have 2 Wanda's today. And you know what? I think that is perfect. 2 Wanda links are better than 1 : )

Love, Becky

Love Letters To China said...

Simply beautiful Wanda! You just sent a shiver up and down my spine. I think I better head outside to warm up. ;-)


Lori Lynn said...

Very nice. I love the outdoor pictures. They are beautiful. I had no idea you were so close to Montreal.

Freckles & Dimples Photography said...

great images! I love the shot of the icicles on the flower/garden shop...very cool!

Chasing Dreams Photography said... looks so cold...what am I's cold here in Chicago...although we are having a heat wave. It was in the upper 40's today and we used the bbq(don't go having bbq envy now). Here's hoping that spring comes early : )

The Sanders Family said...

Beautiful photos, Wanda! Making the most of the cold with your camera, for sure :)

Dita said...

Beautious......Winter's ALMOST over, Darlin' and the Spring will make it all worthwhile!