Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Challenge Friday

It was our first really gorgeous day here last Saturday, so a perfect day to head to the park. Dahlia had discovered this little number a few days before (after Mommy had purged her closet) so this is what she chose. This dress is size 3T but she has loved this dress so much she now is calling it a tshirt/top. Well, actually she just wanted to wear the dress alone so I said "umm, honey...there may be ants and stuff in the sand - you don't want them crawling up your bum" to which she replied - well actually it was more of a look which said 'umm..Mom.......heard of leggings?....d'uh'. (Oh help me 6 years from now!!) So she whipped out the leggings, sandals, sun visor, pail and shovels and we were off!

Check out those ballet toes!

Ahh...saved by Daddy.

...and she's off again! Keep up Mom.

Now, does this happen in your house? Once Dahlia gets an outfit in her 'comfort zone' she has a really hard time getting it off. Everyday since then, as soon as she gets home from kindergarten, she whips out this little number (which she wants hanging on her door for easy access - and forget about washing it unless you can do it by the time she needs it again) and HAS to wear it. I have a hard time getting it off her now for jammies and bed. So on Wed. for afternoon snacks we had a little picnic in the front yard and of course, she's wearing the same outfit. Check back here to see how long this obsession lasts.
(...and that's Daddy's hairy arm - not mine! - snitching a little treat.)
And after our snack we had a little dress-up fun.
Thank goodness for diversions to distract us from the latest referral delays with the swine flu........
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Kathy said...

Oh yes, my daughter's repetitive choice is her Tinkerbell costume, which isn't my choice for an outing. It's funny how kids develop a favorite and stick with it! Your daughter looks great in her favorite!

Ruth said...

Very smart looking outfit and I totally get wearing the same thing over and over. I have to hide my daughter's dresses sometimes when I get tired of seeing the same one over and over again :-)

DawnS said...

I'm wishing you were near Alabama because I have a feeling our girls would be a hoot together - or trouble. The dress totally works as a shirt, and you have less laundry for a while :)

M3 said...

Adorable!! Dahlia has some seriously great style, and I love the ballet toes on the swing.

6DaysWeek said...

Nice look! Maimie's favorite is the princess hooded sweatshirt.


Cherith said...

Super cute!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is too cute!! Sarah has certain outfits that she is attached to as well.....I guess it is a girl thing, because Nick could have cared less!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Julie said...

I don't know why but Bloglines isn't updating for your site.
Your park looks fantastic!