Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashion Friday

It's Friday again!
Where did the week go?
This is another little number Dahlia got for her birthday and just put on for the first time. I don't normally like monograms or someones picture on clothes but I think this little Kai Lan outfit is too adorable. We were on our way for some ice-cream - so had to have a cute outfit to wear.

We recently went to the fair (and I'm including this pic to prove it) but what I really want to show is just how much Dahlia likes ice-cream (really a girl after my own heart).

So, she's checking it looks good......., let's see.........mmmmmmmmmm

Suppose she's likin' it? That's my girl!
Check out all the other fun kiddos and their cool fashions at the
Have a great week-end!


Ruth said...

Love the Kai Lan outfit! and the ice cream picture is great!

Leslie said...

I love that outfit...kai lan is the best!!!!!

love the ice cream pic too!!! YUMMO

Mahmee said...

Love that pink and black! Cute! Oh, and her painting is FABULOUS. Holy moly - girls got talent!

M3 said...

Cute!!! And the poses are adorable, they just crack me up.

Donna said...

Okay, fess up! I've looked at that ice cream cone and I think YOU licked it all over to make sure it didn't drip before you handed it to her!


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DawnS said...

Love the outfit - Rylee would totally go for all that pink! I think Blogger finally got their problems fixed - or mostly fixed because I can comment again - yay!!!

6DaysWeek said...

Ooooh, Kai Lan is Maimie's favorite! Gotta find one of those cute outfits!


Buckeroomama said...

I LOVE the last photo --what a good pic of her so thoroughly enjoying her ice cream!

June said...

That KaiLan outfit rocks! I couldn't open your blog thru the link on M3s, so I went to a comment you had left on my blog, and clicked your name and that opened it just fine. I have no technical explanation for this anomaly, but I am glad I was able to view your photos! You must all be so excited waiting for the moment you can finally update your blog with that long awaited photo!
: )

Wanda said...

Donna T,

Ha ha....I'm busted!

Mom2Isabel said...

Where did you get that Kai Lan outfit???
Isabel would go nuts for something like that.
BTW...LOVE the picture of the dahlia over your Dahlia's bed. So sweet.

ellie said...

I love pink and black - the beret, sunglasses and the slippers look adorable :)

WOW! Those tulips are beautiful!!! Dahlia has some serious talent!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'd bend my clothing rules for Kai-Lan, too!!!!

Hannah said...

Adorable outfit...I love how she added the beret and sunglasses.