Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Garden - May 2009

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Guess who painted this?

Yup - this is my Dahlia's first painting. (Acrylic on canvas.) Ask me if I'm proud? Her interest in art has really blossomed ( pun there) just in the last 6 months so I enrolled her in a class at her kindergarten and she loves it. Of course, being an artist, I should be the one teaching her but.....I'll guide her. It's best if she learns from someone neutral. (I'm finding the same thing with piano - she's keen to learn but doesn't listen to Mommy like she would to an outsider. (No big news flash there.)

Anyway, I think her first "chef d'oeuvre" is beautiful. And the best thing is, she is so proud of herself. First thing she said when she brought it home and showed me was "can you put it on your blog?" (with a big, proud grin.) Ha, she didn't really have to ask!

Now, on to our garden.

I planted about 150 tulips last fall thinking we'd be in China in the early spring and wouldn't it be nice to get back to a garden full of colour. Well, best laid plans..........they are lovely AND we'll be going by July it looks like so....better than when the snow flies!

Isn't this just one perfect Dahlia.

I've been messing around with my camera and trying to get that trendy blurred background and have come across some great tutorials. (It's all in the aperture.) This is one thing I just love about the Blog world - it's a plethora of anything you want to know (and didn't even know you wanted to know). I took 2 photography courses lately but I learnt more in one night reading these tutorials on apertures and lenses. Just last night I read Mckmama's post (from My Charming Kids) on just this as well as I should be folding laundry and Pioneer Woman. These sites are just full of help and ideas.

And while I'm lovin' on my fav sites, let me share a few more that I love. The Salsa site for great camera recommendations and lots of inspiration - the Double Happiness site for super collage tips and more inspiration - and these sites - Pixel Fairy Princess, The Long Road to China, Mamarazzi, Iheartfaces for tips, contests, insights and stimulation. I just love them!

My white lilac that I planted many years ago - fills the house with that gorgeous aroma - so short-lived though, I try and drink it in everyday.

Little white bleeding heart I transplanted after dividing the many that I have all over. Another favourite of mine.
Bishop's hood (can't remember the Latin name.)

Beautiful deep, deep purple (almost black) Queen of the Night tulip.

My spring garden is so soft not only in the colour of the flowers but also in texture and the shade of green in the foliage. As the summer progresses the colors become more vibrant and everything literally explodes. I'll post each month to show the differences. (And someday I'll organize my old pics and try and do a then and now.) Gee, I'm feeling gushy - I just love my garden. They're like my little children!

A fushia standard inside the gazebo.
Don't you just love a simple pansy? They're like little faces. And that color - it's heavenly to me.

When I began gardening years ago I started with one (annual) flower. And it's still one of my all time favourite flowers - the simple Petunia ( in my fav colour - ice pink - well after black and white and, oh yeah - silver...but after that - it's ice pink. Yup, just love it!

If you're a gardener or just love beautiful flowers, I wish you many hours of pleasure this summer.



3D said...

Great job D!!

Your garden is gorgeous!

Keep smilin!

Leslie said...

wow those pics are gorgeous!!!!!

Your daughter is a talent too!!! My ashley started painting,drawing as a tot and now its AMAZING!!! how proud we are!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Your garden looks beautiful...and so is Miss Dahlia's first piece of art!! The girl has much talent.....just like her Mommy!!

I am glad that I could finally get over here, I was having trouble with that strange error message.

Hope you have a great week!


Our family said...

Your garden looks like heaven on earth!!!! So gorgeous!

Please tell Dahlia what a beautiful work of art she created. So fresh and vibrant and lovely all around! Well done!!!!!


Susie and Gordie said...

Dahlia is extremely talented. That painting is fabulous!