Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Picture {This} (Mamarazzi) Hats

Nikon D300, f/10, exposure time 1/400 sec., ISO - 200, focal length 105 mm

This is Dahlia, my little girl who made me a Mommy more than four years ago. I celebrate this everyday. I am endlessly fascinated by her growing personality and character. She is so courageous yet oh so tender. Blissfully joyful and yet an old soul where waters run deep. Each day I see little flickers of who she may become and I'm honored to be the one she calls Mom.

These two photos were taken within minutes of each other and speak volumes about the many sides of my wonderful Dahlia.

Nikon D300, f/5.6, Exposure 1/125 sec, ISO - 200, focal length 60 mm

Don't forget to hop over to the mamarazzi site to see all the other "hat" entries this month.

we picture {this}


Donna said...

I love the contrast between the two photos. She's definately a "hat" girl! Gwen is like that but Maddy (usually) isn't. Me? I can't wear a hat at all! I look like a dork!


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Rebecca said...

Oh I LOVE how you can see the 2 sides to her personality in these!! BEAUTIFUL photos! Your daughter is too cute. :)


Julie said...

Wow, great photos!
I'm off to check out that site - sounds like fun!!

Leah said...

What a little poser! I bet she is fun to photograph! I really like the second one! Great job capturing her.


The Animator's Wife said...

These are both beautiful. And those hats are something else! Great job capturing a few of the many facets of her little personality. :)

June said...

HI Wanda,

Dahlia is so great! You can see the girl she is and glimpses of who she will be, you are so right!
Her name suits her perfectly! Love your tribute to your Mom, too!



Colleen said...