Sunday, April 19, 2009

It was a good day!

Ever had one of those days where everything it should be? I woke up this morning to the fragrance of jasmine. We have an indoor tree that can flood the whole house with such an intoxicating perfume when only a few flowers are blooming. This tree is almost covered in flowers so it's..........heaven!
After church today we had brunch at our favourite spot and then stopped at our local mall where the Easter flower display was spectacular and (I had prepared everything ahead so it was all in the car - my camera bag, walking shoes, Dahlia's hat......) we were off. Here's the result.

A dear friend of mine is in China, right now, meeting her new son for the first time, probably right this minute. I'm thrilled for her.

It's a good day!

I shot everything on auto with my new Nikon D300, as there was no time to fool around - a small crowd was gathering - oohing and aahing over quess who, and quess who was getting a little self - consious.
Now, for those who don't believe my little "angel" could growl (confused? see previous post) I share this next photo as exibit A. Daddy suggested she walk over and stand in front of an ad with Penelope Cruz and my little princess didn't want to. No reason (do they have to have one?) - just didn't feel like it. Voila - the result.
...says it all, doesn't it.

I thought I would share one of Dahlia's favorite books (just a little segway/ do you spell that word anyway?). She LOVES this little book and insists we read at least 3 (little)pages everynight. It's such a light and friendly way to talk about God in terms a 5 or 6 year old can really understand. We've opened up so many issues as each little prayer touches on a theme that is personal and profound. Really good little book.
click to enlarge
Ok, back to our day - Dahlia got happy again..........

It was a beautiful sunny, not too warm day with a light cool breeze and I had been talking about garden and yard cleaning all week (preparing the stage) so when we got home, we three dove into just that. (Wow, no arguments, no excuses, no but I'm tired - bet ya'll think I'm talking about Dahlia don't you? Nope, Daddy..........with narry a complaint. Have I mentioned, it was a good day!
We cleaned the front gardens, swept the driveway, put junk away - ha, is it ever away? Let Dahlia chalk up the driveway for hopscotch, cleaned out the back garden and racked copious amounts of leaves. There are 11 bags of garbage in our driveway.
It was a good day! was your day?


3D said...

SOunds like a lovely day!

Love the pretty pics and that book looks great.

Keep smilin!

Our family said...

What a lovely post! What an incredible day indeed!!!!

I do so love reading your posts. They are always uplifting and the pictures are simply gorgeous. What a sweetheart! Yes, even in front of Penelope:))) That is so funny!

Take care,