Thursday, April 23, 2009


(I hope I haven't created a monster.......albeit a cute one!)

We came home after school today and I was feeling a little lazy. (I've developed this new cough after kicking pnemonia recently and yesterday I put my "good" knee out so I was feeling a bit bummed out and thought maybe we'll skip this week's fashion challenge.) Well, Dahlia had other plans. As soon as we got in the door she asked "is tomorrow Friday?", I said "yes" and she took off upstairs saying "I know what I want to wear, I know what I want to wear" (Huh?!!)

I have spent days cleaning out her closet (and packing away hoardes of clothes for Milana) so everything was organized for the choosing. Dahlia was in a Chinese mood and whipped out an outfit she hasn't even worn yet. (Actually, she tried on several different ones - even one with a red feather boa but honestly - I'm a bit embarrassed to show them 'cause someone might think I've been giving this child stripping lessons (where is she picking this up? - we still only watch treehouse - we don't even watch the Disney channel and no, it's not from me ;0....really!).

Anyhoo, it's going to be 90 degrees here this week-end, so after the 'chinese parade' I suggested something she could go out in on Saturday and she choose this little number.

(Hmmm......just realized her bangs are crooked. Note to self - get out the sissors!)

So, here's a peek into Dahlia's closets (side by side with sliding mirrored doors). I only keep her undies, socks and odd thing in drawers. I like to see everything otherswise I forget what I have. Do you suppose it's because I have too much? Nah!

(Lets see how long it looks like this.)

And now, a little Chinese number where she tamed down her look - suitable for family viewing!

( she thinking 'come hither' ?)

Ahh.....that's the look I love so well!

Check out all the other kiddies and their fashion picks this week at the Salsa site.

And have a wonderful week-end!


Donna said...

I love how she hams it up for the camera. Gwen is just starting to do that and I love taking pics of her. Maddy just sticks out her chin and throws me a really cheezy fake smile.

C'mon, we know how you REALLY threw out your good knee. You were giving Dahlia stripping lessons, huh. Hee hee...

But seriously, you did a great job on that closet!

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Wanda said... caught me!! LOL

Lisa~~ said...

Gotta love the poses and the outfits are cute too.

DawnS said...

Yes, we may very well be creating monsters, well fashion monsters anyway! I get a little flash back 70's from the first outfit and love her poses and expressions! My question is - does she have the dance moves to back up the outfits? I swear that Rylee must have watched a Chinese version of MTV while she was in China (do they have such a thing?), because the girl has dance moves that make can make me blush!

M3 said...

Great outfit -- that girl has style (and a nice closet!).

Susie and Gordie said...

Dahlia is adorable in all her outfits.

Mary & Eric said...

Oh Dahlia, I'm so honoured...I remember that little outfit (wink wink).