Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dress up time

Finally getting to practice with my new camera. I have no idea (yet) what I'm doing but I love the fact I can see every little teeny weeny eyebrow hair ('cause I love every one of them).

I needed a model for my photography course assignment this week so I asked Dahlia to be my "model". I explained she needed to follow my instructions and be very still. She seemed into it so I went farther and asked if I could hire her and she said "sure - 2 dollars" . It's a deal! After I took the shots I needed (and no I won't be showing them!) I suggested some dress-up time and she obliged readily. (For some background perspective - this is a kid who did anything but oblige any camera coming toward her - so we've come a long way baby!)
So, here's my darling, gorgeous, can't get enough of that face, daughter. I think Double Happiness and the Tongginator inspired me today. They recently posted some gorgeous shots of their darlings all dolled up.

...and lovin on Zizi.

Some Easter shots. This is the last time Dahlia will have to hunt for eggs by herself. Next year she can show her little mei mei all her tricks. Sigh...........

Happy Easter!!


the greek chinese connection said... just gets better and better. Dahlia is stunning.


Life with JJ, Starr and Spice said...

I stopped by to say hi and tell you that the pics of our beautiful daughter are wonderful.

Donna said...

I love her white dress! Such a pretty model and momma's getting pretty good with that camera! Beautiful shots!

Our blog: Double Happiness!

Jednet said...

Gorgeous pictures Wanda. I love the first one with Zizi.

Amy said...

She is such a precious angel!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter....our last as families of three!!! -Amy!