Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ta Da!
It's Friday and the Salsa challenge is on again.

So, here's how it went down. We came home from school, had a snack and we were about to head off for the park when I said "hey sweetie, wanna try on some clothes - I'll take your picture and then we can go" and she was off. I said she could pick anything and this is what she came up with. Dahlia is SUCH a girlie girl. At first I cringed a little when she whipped out a new skirt I had just bought (at Walmart), still in the bag. It was frilly so it worked for her. I was pretty impressed that she put matching pink tights under to "finish" off the look. And, of course, the hat. Had to have the hat! But notice - no shoes again. If I didn't remind her to put shoes on she would walk out the door everyday barefoot.
And then, all I did was turn on my camera and she began this parade of poses. I said absolutely nothing (and if you know me well, that must be hard to believe because I have had to work VERY hard for pictures from my little sweetie - most times I got growled at!) and each time I would click she would change her pose and wait for the next click. (I almost said "who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?")

Ok, I know i'm duplicating this photo, I tried to delete it and my computer froze so I'm leaving it right there 'cause I don't know what to do and I'm not starting this whole post over again...........'k?

and let's add some props....

can't you almost hear her crying "Iiiyyya!"

...almost losing the skirt!
Now, this is when I said "Ok honey, I think we've got enough". She feigned exhaustion like she had spent a lot of energy and the show was finally over.

So when my little darlin' asked for a piece of chocolate - how could I refuse?
Check out the look on her face! She ain't growling now.'t be shy. Talk to me.


3D said...

Cute stuff!

Keep smilin!

M3 said...

Ok the layering is awesome!!! That is a great fashion-sense she's got. How fun. :-)

Mahmee said...

Your little ham-o-licious is a beauty! And you are getting so close to your 2nd child...exciting! Thanks for stopping by.

sarahkate60120 said...

Love all the different poses!

When I get out the camera, Anna runs and stands against the wall and doesn't move.

Cherith said...

She totally reminds me of a proper Southern Belle. ;)

DawnS said...

So cute - love the outfit and the posing!!!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! I love those poses!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

a Tonggu Momma said...

She's got some fierce model posing going on. And those who know me know that I am loving that panda. Shh... I'm a bit of a panda freak.

Jenna said...

So Cute!!!!

June said...

Hi Wanda,
those are great photos of Dahlia. She could absolutely do modeling! Our daughter sometimes growls too!
Love the pink and blue together!

have a great weekend!

LadyBug Journals said...

Hi Wanda, Nice to see your comment on my blog. I live in Fredericton.
You blog is terrific and your daughter just sweet.
Wow, you are getting close to your referral, aren't you?
I will be sure to follow your story:)
Drop a line again if you like.

Jednet said...

As others have said, she absolutely has fashion sense. Everything matches both in colour and in style. Wow. Of course I guess her closet could full of only blue and pink so she can't go wrong :-)) Is it?

June said...

Hi Wanda,

June here (your neighbor to the south) ! I have an aunt that lives in Winnipeg. She used to live in New Mexico, but after my uncle passed away, she moved back home to Canada. They met on a blind date, at the Chateau Frontenac, many years ago! anyway, I digress, but love the flower girl photos. we are in line (Ha) for our DD #2, but have a 1/2008 LID. You are so close to seeing your new daughter's face, Yay!!! keep us posted!

Wanda said...

Uummm....yeah....about her closet? Looooots of pink, white, turq., silver, black and ummm....more pink! And, oh yeah, some red and purple. Gee, everything but yellow, orange and green. And the reason I'm so sure of all these colours is: I am cleaning out her closet right now and I can't believe how big she has gotten (and how much I have for Milana - who had better NOT be a boy!)

Our family said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a model you have on your hands!!!!! So happy to hear that the growling (hehe I can hardly believe that your beautiful angel could growl!!!!)/camera shy stage is OVER!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on more photos! What a fun time!