Monday, April 4, 2011

TODAY the in-between moments.

I wish I had started the blog back when we brought Dahlia home. Or at least had kept a journal. I do remember thinking "oh, this is so special - I know I'll remember this!", I don't.

And if I hadn't taken pictures (thousands of them) my "Mommy brain" would have recalled nothing of the little things.

And more and more, I think life happens in the little things!

(Now, here is where I should look up a quote or poem about the little things....

....only a "little thing" is calling my name. The "little thing" is hungry.)

Week-end stuff 094 Week-end stuff 010

On Friday my long-time friend, Bevy, came over with flowers and goodies for the kids.......just because. We had such a nice, relaxed time and I threw together whatever I could find in the fridge. Nice and easy.

Week-end stuff 044 Week-end stuff 045 Week-end stuff 046 Week-end stuff 049

Some of Dahlia's school chums came over on Saturday. They were begging to pose for me - practicing their signing for "peace", "I love you" and "yo"!

Week-end stuff 058 Week-end stuff 060

Week-end stuff 013

This confirms that Milana's going to be a leftie.

Week-end stuff 102

Dahlia enjoying the family computer, in the family room (loft), where the mother family can monitor things till she is....ummm....20! .

Week-end stuff 110

Just enjoying the in-between moments.

Week-end stuff 114

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Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

What a lovely group of gals! Beautiful captures, too.

Casey said...

I know what you mean!!! I feel this way about Liam. We didn't have a good camera when he was little and I didn't take nearly a quarter of the pictures I have of Em. And I never blogged back then or wrote a journal. We do have a bit more video of him, but it's all those little memories that sneak out of my head that I miss. Totally get it. David and I were thinking about starting a journel now for him where we write down everything we can actually remember since it's only going to get worse!! lol.

Fun link party too!!

Buckeroomama said...

The in-between moments count just as much as the big ones. I'm so glad that we now have blogging as a means to help remember these in-between moments. :)

So cute those pics of Dahlia trying to get her Yo fingers going! =)

Tamar SB said...

They are so adorable! Love the peace signs pics! And the picture of the rose is stunning!


Maddy said...

Your girls are growing up so fast!! And I hear ya! I wish I had discovered blogging back in college. I have so many wonderful memories that are now fading quicker than I would like them to because I didn't document it somehow.

Wanda said...

Just testing. I think my comment thingie is wonky too.

Mahmee said...

In-between moments are the ones that count the most.