Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Good bye're otta here!!!

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 072-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 189 blog

Two week-ends ago we still had snow. Just the dirty stuff and the ground was still frozen. But the sun held so much promise - we ventured out to our favorite park, late Sunday afternoon.

(The last time we were there was last November with our "Darling" friends.)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 075-2 blog

It was late in the day so the sun was low and lovely.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 097-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 112 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 126 blog

"hello wee one.....whatcha looking at?"

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 127-2 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 117-3 blog dyp Centre de la Nature - early Spring 117-2 blog dyp

I couldn't decide between a hard clarity or a soft one so I included them both. My natural bent is to go high contrast, full clarity but I'm kind of liking the softness.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 158 blog

There's never a doubt about how I feel about these two munchkins though.

(Is it wrong to want to nibble on your children?)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 143 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 115-4 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 141-2 blog

Now see (below) these 2 people running down the path?

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 068 blog

Here's a close look.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 068-2 blog

Any bets on who won the race? (I love that I caught them in the air.)

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 064 blog

the long road

For some fantastic images and photographers, hop over to Lisa's and enjoy!

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 095 blog

So, as we were heading back to the parking a vechicle was driving down the path and Milana was quite determined to stay in her puddle in the middle of that path. Till Daddy scooped her and ended that decision quickly.

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 182 blog Centre de la Nature - early Spring 181 blog

"Give it up kid - the party's over."

Centre de la Nature - early Spring 031-2 blog It's amazing to me how quickly the seasons change. We went from freezing temps to above 70 in a day. And I have a whopping cold to prove it.

But, I'll just think about all those lovely little sprouts, sticking their little heads out of the earth in the garden and rejoice.

Spring really has arrived!!!


M3 said...

I say nibble away!! :-)

Jill Samter Photography said...

good-bye winter is right!

1st love the new header and your watermark. gorgeous job!

2nd your shots are stunning this week. i love the highcontrast shot with clarity and the last B&W of the tree. really beautiful!

blessings for you day!

Life with Kaishon said...

The girls are so beautiful Wanda! I love the Daddy taking Milana to the car also. Oh my! So sweet : ) I think she won the race. Love the mid run capture! Love willow trees. Love Spring.

Sharon said...

I nibble on Linhsey all of the time! I love that pink, adorable, fluffy coat BTW. It looks like you had a great outing, and even though they were bundled up, I didn't feel cold looking at these.

Gail said...

Yes, Spring is finally here! Can you tell I'm pretty happy about that. :D

These are amazing Wanda, love them all but the ones of your husband carrying miss M to the car are priceless! Love the last shot too.

Um...I'm a nibbler. Mr. Will is usually sitting on my lap when we're indoors, so he's easy to nibble on.

Happy Wednesday, I always love to come over to your blog.



Our family said...

I love coming here! Your blog is always so uplifting.

Thanks my friend!


Ashley Sisk said...

These are really great - I almost didn't recognize these shots as your work but it's beautiful!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

These are just you just need to go back with the start of green grass and get the second phase. The soft and clear clarity are awesome...I am like you, don't use soft often but I love it on this one. It almost makes it seem earie! And I giggle at the one of your husband carrying priceless!!

Kayce said...

Love that last capture Wanda!! Love the skipping shot too...adorable! Have a wonderful week!

DawnS said...

Of course nibbling is overwhelmingly acceptable!! As if there is any way to resist lol :) As always I love your shots and most especially the scooping up shots - you can't help but smile at those!

Pix-Ology said...

Beautiful shots Wanda, love the duck reflection one, very pretty!

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

It's photos like these that remind me of why I love black & white photography so much- these are absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!! (as usual-I always visit you for inspiration to keep picking up the camera & to try to improve)

Marla said...

Yay for spring, I'm glad it's finally arrived for you!! Love all these gorgeous shots, Wanda! And the new watermark is purdy too!! :)

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I also say nibble away...... I am of the nibbing kind:)

What beautiful shots.... I can see why you were torn between soft and high contrast here.....both versions were GORGEOUS!

Love the running shot caught in mid cool is that! All thanks to a mighty fast shutter:)

I am so happy Spring has arrived for all of has been a LONG WINTER!

Have a wonderful week my friend~



Oh yes, the new watermark looks FAB on your photos!

Buckeroomama said...

Wanda, that last shot is stunning!

Love the watermark, too. :)

Travel Photo Blogging said...

All your photos of nature are really good. I can't decide what I like more - the B&W ones or the coloured ones.

Keep blogging!

Jan Halvard said...

Lots of beautiful photos here!

Welcome to visit my
Black and White wednesday!

Jan Halvard, Norway
¡Buenos dias Bolivia!

Mahmee said...

This post is just chock full o' good stuff. Totally LOVE that running in the air shot. Yay Spring! Bring IT!

Ky said...

Fantastic photos! I particularly like the one of the ducks, somewhere there in the middle of your post, with lots of reflection on the water. It's an awesome shot.

Keetha Broyles said...

We've had that touch of spring here too - - - snow gone - - - air warming up - - - 6 to 10 inches of MORE SNOW predicted for tomorrow.

At this rate, I'm thinking we may have snow in July.

Oh, I do kid, but not by much.

Dita said...

Your narration just cracks me up!
Oh, I'm WandaSick just looking at that gorgeous park that the Darlings and I visited with you almost 6 months ago now (:()

Spring is almost here, my friend and that is one of the most gorgeous places ever so I'll bet when its in bloom it will be spectacular!