Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - "Hats"

Dahlia's hat 001 b&w

In case you haven't noticed - we are crazy about hats!

Hats 007

I've always been a tad obsessive enthusiastic about hats.

Hats have many functions - not the least of which - they just make me happy. They also can dress anything up....or down. They add pizzazz and cover bed head and even "not as fresh as it could be" hair.

Dahlia's hat 025 b&w

Dahlia's hat 027 Dahlia's hat 006

Bur really....they just make me happy.

And even better....both my kiddos love them too!

Hat boxes 001

Dahlia's hat 001-2

I did some closet purging a while ago, but could not get rid of these little ones. Yes, I used to wear them.

Hats 012 Hats 010

Dahlia's hat 009 Dahlia's hat 029

I come from a long line of hat lovers. This Stetson box was my Fathers and he probably got it from his Father. Being British - a proper gentleman was never without his hat.

Hat boxes 014

($7.50 for a Stetson!)

the long road

Make sure to visit Lisa's site for some fabulous photography today.

Dahlia's hat 027 b&w

My favorite sight though is this little munchkin....... a hat!

Happy Wednesday.


Life with Kaishon said...

Oh Wanda! Your Daddy's hat box made me cry. I think you are a perfect girl for a hat! Sophisticated and fun! I love the girls collection. That is pretty amazing! : ) I couldn't wait to read this post. Such a fun title and as always...the images are magically pretty! LOVE!

Kayce said...

I agree with Becky, you are a perfect girl for a hat! Obviously it's rubbing off on your girl as well! LOVE these shots! Your pillbox hats are adorable! My obsession is scarves. Love them!

Cedar said...

These are beautiful photos and wow! hats! Lovely!

Alyson and Ford said...

Wow, so many hats! And you all look so great in them! Beautiful pictures of your sweet beauty! I look HORRID in hats, so am really excited that AA can wear them. I must give her some encouragement to wear them so she won't be like her Mommy!
Thanks for the great "looks".

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Sharon said...

You and your girls sure do know how to rock the hats!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

You and I would be great together...I love hats too, and luckily Taya does too!! My sister-in-law thinks I am crazy ;) She is so beautiful and definately fits the hat personality perfectly. And it just makes the black and whites so sharp to add that black hat.

Dita said...

Stunning Dahlia......hats are definitely YOUR thing, Girl! I love these, especially the black and whites...she's such an amazing muse!

Now, for those feather hats with the'd better pack them all up and bring them with you when we next get together because I am going to take your picture in them...YOU look like a movie star without them so I can only imagine you wearing those elegant beauties. Lake George....swimsuits and elegant hats.......perfect!

love you,

OH, I am sorry if you get this twice but I didn't hit post properly and the last comment didn't take

Buckeroomama said...

That last portrait of Dahlia is stunning... and my, look at all those hats!! I'm sure the girls have a field day trying on each one... and you could have a field day taking many, many, many photos of them! :)

Tina Michelle said...

That was such a neat post. I love all those hats.

Raymonde said...

I love hats. Used to wear them as a teenager, not any more, don't look so good these days in hats. My eldest has the "hat bug" though and she is very pretty with hats.
Love your post and photos today. xxx

Ashley Sisk said...

You have so many great dress up moments!

Gail said...

Dahlia (in the last one) is stunning. I'd be framing that one! wow!!!

You know I love hats too, just don't wear them much. So now you've given me some inpiration!

Have a great rest of your week, Wanda...

xoxoxo Gail :)

Jill Samter Photography said...

absolutely stunning shots! you know i have a thing for hats too :-D

Leah and Maya said...

I LOVE hats, what gorgeous photo's!

Mahmee said...

Digging the hats! And they are great for wake-up and drive your kid to school mornings. Woohoo!

Terri said...! FABULOUS pictures of your beautiful girl! The hats are pretty fabulous too!

I've been MIA these last few weeks and I just saw your new blog look. LOVE IT!

Erika B said...

Wow, she looks gorgeous. There sure is something extra elegant with a hat. Love that old hat box!

Erika B

Our family said...

OH how I can relate!!!! I feel true disappointment while shopping, when I choose an outfit for our girls and they don't have a hat to coordinate:)

I LOVE HATS TOO!!!! You have a lovely collection, and well the Stetson box, can give goosebumps! hehe LOVE it!!!!!!


Courtney said...

Wow. She looks like a pro modeling that hat! Gorgeous photos as always, Wanda!

Casey said...

LOVE those hats!!! And your model makes them even more stunning... I love, love her haircut too!! Sassy and fun. Thinking about that for Em.

JinXiu said...

what a fun hat collection and georgous models