Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black and White Wednesday - Just Joy!

Good Friday girls 039 blog

Ever noticed how the squeals ....of delight from two little girls make an already great day

the greatest!

Good Friday girls 327 blog

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Good Friday girls 054 blog

Good Friday girls 101 blog

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So, though Easter is all about color, here is a little taste of some shots during a little photoshoot that I'll post more of next week. That is if I can narrow down the 357 I took.

Carrefour Dahlia 246-2 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 246 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 018 blog

Carrefour Dahlia 018-2 blog More of these to come.

Meanwhile - back to all that Easter color!

Good Friday girls 019 blog
These little pink jackets are being worn for the first time. I bought them in China - when we picked up Milana in August 2009 and both jackets just swam on the girls. They're still a little big but we had to wear them.

Good Friday girls 127 blog

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Enjoy visiting Lisa's site and all the wonderful pictures being shared.

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And we hope everyone's Easter was colorful - full of giggles and good times and wonderful memories.


Buckeroomama said...

The hydrangeas are so lovely!

That shot of Milana kissing Dahlia is just SO sweet. :)

I can't wait to see more photos of that shoot you did. Based on the teaser shots you showed here (especially that B/W one --5th from the bottom), I bet they're going to be great!!

Life with Kaishon said...

Wanda! I just LOVE their Easter Dresses! Aren't they the sweetest little things? And their shoes? SO CUTE! I know they had to be freaking out excited about them. I can't wait to see your whole shoot! Guess what? we didn't even dye our eggs yet....I know, I know, my mothering skills just astound me : ( I know I bought some dye but I can't find it anywhere : (
I have hopes we will get it done before May : ) I am absolutely NOT holding my breath though. Sending you love Wanda!

Kayce said...

What joy indeed! I am loving that Dahlia!!! Can't wait to see more!

Maddy said...

I adore their matching outfits!! I remembered when I was a little girl and would get dolled up in my Sunday's Best for Easter :)

Briana's Mom said...

The Easter outfits are so beautiful!! Love all the Easter color you captured.

Gail said...

The ones of them picking the daisys and M kissing Dahlia are just precious!!! Love all the color of this season but your black and whites make me want to see the rest.

What pretty eggs decorated with the jewels and pearls. As always, so creative Wanda!

Have a great week my friend.


Pix-Ology said...

Wow your eggs totally rocked! Love the black and white of her flower on her hair, stunning!

Ashley Sisk said...

Your girls look so pretty in their pink dresses!

Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Beautiful dresses and girls...I too love all the color but boy those b&w's are always so stunning. And I think the egg decorating looks like so much fun!

Love Letters To China said...

What beautiful photos Wanda! Love the girls decorating their eggs. And the hydrangeas are amazing. What lens did you use?


Wanda said...

Grace - I used my 50mm 1:4. It's becoming my go to lens for almost everything now. (Still wish we could combine the prime with the zoom - boy, that would make me happy.)

Wanda said...

Oh...and while I'm here - let me say THANK YOU for all your sweet comments. (That's to all.) I rarely get to send out e-mails in reply (and am amazed at those who do) but I'm appreciative just the same.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Beautiful!!! I was just admiring the jackets when I read your comment about where you found them. They are sweet as can be and look great with their gorgeous dresses!

I love that your girls painted the eggs...they turned out lovely!

Love and blessings,

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Wanda I love your pictures and the way you capture your girls...but what I enjoy more then anything is reading your blog...your love for your family shines through in every post...: )

Teresa said...

Beautiful photos of your lovely girls!

And look! No snow! ;-)

I love reading your blog.

the greek chinese connection said...

The pink connection at its best!!! We have to do a foursome some day soon all in pink.

Beautiful pictures my beautiful always.

luv u


Erika B said...

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I really love color and these Easter shots of your pretty girls are gorgeous. Must admit that I love the BW though.

Erika B

Courtney from The Story of Us said...

Your girls are so sweet & beautiful! Great shots!

Siobhan said...

Great shots...and what beautiful girls you have....

Mama Hen said...

Wanda coming to your blog is always so refreshing and uplifting! Your talent and love for your family just jumps out of the screen! I love the kissing shot and the egg painting looks like so much fun! I hope you had a wonderful Easter my dear bloggy pal! I am not sure how you are capturing all of these outstanding photos for your girls, but they will be so grateful for your photo story. Have a great day! :)

Mama Hen

Dita said...

Im gonna need a sad movie or something to wipe this grin off my face! Oh those little lovies in their pink finery! The jacket (and dresses and shoes, oh MY) are simply adorable!

The light in that mall is fabulous and the perfect spot especially for a rainy day.

I never thought of paintbrushes and easter eggs but now it makes so much sense....especially coming from the painter herself! The eggs came fab!

I see a special shoot coming up...and i can tell i am going to covet those magenta and black dresses and that gorgeous flower BIG TIME!


Sharon said...

So many gorgeous and wonderful colors going on in these images. WOW!

Terri said...

Love the pick jackets! The girls look so cute in their Easter outfits! Tell them they did a fabulous job with the eggs! =)