Friday, April 30, 2010

They're at it again!

April misc+ecomuseum 014 fashion sense, you say?

Well......perhaps not.

But if we ever need packhorse - Dahlia sure knows how to load one up.
(And the little one just eats up the attention.)

April misc+ecomuseum 020

April misc+ecomuseum 019

April misc+ecomuseum 015

Just a typical day at our house!

(For those who've inquired about our reno project......we're rounding the corner, just finishing up all those little details and then cleaning before I take some pics. Coming soon!)


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Tulips...... the snow?

Huh ??!?

Tulips in the snow - april27,2010 002

After the tease of a few weeks of glorious weather - warm, sunny with just a sprinkling of rain - the enemy has entered the camp again.

Temps dropped to below zero (that's below 32) and....




And just in time for Black and White Wednesday.

As snow is white and my mood is black.

Hey....I like to match!

the long road

Tulips in the snow - april27,2010 003

Poor little blades of grass, desperately trying to breath.

Tulips in the snow - april27,2010 005
Boxwoods....without a coat on. I shudder!

Tulips in the snow - april27,2010 009
But my garden is of tough stock. It will survive (and the forecast is in the 60's tomorrow and sunny). So my sweet tulips might limp and suffer but they will rise to greet a new day.

Tulips in the snow - april27,2010 007 stalwart soldier, daring to laugh at the wind and snow.

Happy Wednesday Y'all.

(I wrote this on Tuesday....but by the time this is read.....the sun will be shining again and my heart will sing. Tra-la-la.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playdate at the Eco-Museum (part 2)

April misc+ecomuseum 040
Nothing says spring better than an fiddlehead fern, just coming out of the ground. (Well....tulips would come a close second for me.)

To me, these fiddleheads look like little people - having a good gab together.

I little bit like these people.
April misc+ecomuseum 023
This was our playdate gang a few weeks ago 0 before the weather turned gorgeous. Still chilly but we had fun nonetheless. The four kiddies in the strollers are all kids, back from China within less than 9 months.

You may recognize some long-time bloggers here and for a better look........
April misc+ecomuseum 141 you know her. It's Doris (3D) with her little Daphne.

(The others are my bud Helen with her Georgia, and sweet Jennifer with her Hannah Faith and standing, her middle daughter Mara-Grace. And then me and my schnookums - Milana.)

Here are some snaps of some of the wildlife there. I'm linking up with Stephanie
Ni Hao Y'all
so hop over for lots more snaps.
April misc+ecomuseum 058
April misc+ecomuseum 043
April misc+ecomuseum 051
"look mom....did you see that?"
April misc+ecomuseum 035

April misc+ecomuseum 027

April misc+ecomuseum 060

April misc+ecomuseum 103-2

April misc+ecomuseum 081

April misc+ecomuseum 093

April misc+ecomuseum 132

April misc+ecomuseum 159

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Hullo gorguss !!

April misc+ecomuseum 093
Last week we went on a "playdate". We is me and Milana and 3 other Moms with kids who have been trying to get together for some time now. Finally we gathered at the Eco Museum. It was a chilly day but sunny and everything, though still bare, was just starting to sprout that light green promise of what will be a plethora of lushness in another couple of weeks.

I love this time of year.

This is an outdoor place, quite rustic where they house all types of animals who have been stranded or injured and are not able to be released into the wild again. It was Milana's first time seeing all these animals "live"....not on TV or a book.
She quietly took it all in.

So I thought I'd see how some of them turn out in black and white for Lisa's weekly challenge.
the long road

Isn't she a beauty?

April misc+ecomuseum 099
A beautiful white wolf.

April misc+ecomuseum 103
And look who I saw peeking out of the cat hole. (Lynx)

April misc+ecomuseum 137
This eagle was in an open area and at first I was amazed that it didn't just fly off but then saw the tether. A large sign read that these eagles cannot be released as they spent so much time with humans that they think they are human and would therefore be in danger. Kind of seems sad but it's for their protection.
April misc+ecomuseum 154
She was a beauty though.

And speaking of beauties...........
April misc+ecomuseum 024

Here was my little companion on our playdate. I kept it in color because the girl has the most peaches and cream complexion - I just couldn't grey that out.

Sweet cheeks!

I have lots more pictures from our day in the wild and I'll post them later in the week.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny joys.........

.....are sometimes more appreciated than

the really big fat ones!

misc 040
(this was baby girl's first popsicle -ok - fruit bar....aren't I good?)

misc 056
yup....she liked it.

misc 047
Of course, Dahlia is a pro.

misc 049
Suppose she's thinkin' "does speed warrant another one?", sorry.

Here's a little Dahlia quote:

The other day Dahlia walked into my 'boudoir' - ok, big old huge dressing room and asked

Dahlia: "Is that what you're wearing?"

Me: "Yup, my black 'uniform', as usual. I know, I know - I need more clothes (meaning color)."

Dahlia (looking around in disbelief): "Uh....,No, you don't !!"

Me (silently): "Shut-up kid"


A few weeks ago Daddy took the girls to the park on a Sunday afternoon so Mommy could start painting the million doors and frames and baseboards and stuff.

April misc+ecomuseum 009

I love it!

I mean the fam walking away (not painting the doors part). I keep bangin' into that barn door but it ain't budging.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

June 09 garden,soccer, dress-up 029-2
Early though it may be - this is what I want to see when I look out my window or step out into my backyard.
Instead, there is still a 20 foot dumpster (full now) sitting in my driveway, jigsaws and 2 by 4s and nails and sawdust, door frames and baseboards lined up, waiting to be painted in my backyard, scattered among the just budding tulips and peonys.

So I could have graced this post with some samplings of the ongoing chaos and mayhem that is our renovation from.....ahem....heaven
I opted to encourage myself with some of last years beauties that are just waiting for their moment on center stage this year.

It's Wednesday again folks.
the long road

Gardens are all about color and I love a full, lush, bursting garden full of blooms but there is something to be said for the soft grays. Sort of like a tease of what's to come.
June 09 garden,soccer, dress-up 008
(if you look closely, you can see me in the globe, squatting for this shot)

Look at all the detail in this rose. I was messing around in Lightroom and after I increased the exposure,added a bit of reovery, black to 43, hit the greyscale, I added +100 in the greyscale mix blue and increased the clarity to +100.

June,09 grad,garden,horse 302-2
Now look at it with the clarity lowered to -100.
June,09 grad,garden,horse 302
Cool, eh?
June,09 grad,garden,horse 062
This shot was taken last summer near here. Dahlia is climbing up on this statue - I kind of like the contrast between the torn fense and her silk dress. I'm not sure where she thought she was going.
So, above is just my normal post editing but below I lowered the blue in the grayscale mix to
-100 and look what it does to the sky and water. Doesn't really affect the rest of the picture much.
June,09 grad,garden,horse 062-2
Really makes that little sailboat pop though.
And finally, one of my all time favorite shots of Dahlia last summer.

Local park and hat pix May 3,09 282 - Copy
My little coquette! for that.
I feel better now.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

More antics from my two......
Pre-Easter 2010 011-2
.....kissin' siblings.

the long road

I don't even have to say "action" and they're at it.

Pre-Easter 2010 013-2

Pre-Easter 2010 016-2
Maybe it's because the crazier they are, the more mommy laughs.
Pre-Easter 2010 020-2

Pre-Easter 2010 017-2
Oh....I really could eat them up!
Pre-Easter 2010 026

Pop over to Lisa's place and check out all the black and white fun here.

And have a happy Wednesday!