Monday, April 19, 2010

Tiny joys.........

.....are sometimes more appreciated than

the really big fat ones!

misc 040
(this was baby girl's first popsicle -ok - fruit bar....aren't I good?)

misc 056
yup....she liked it.

misc 047
Of course, Dahlia is a pro.

misc 049
Suppose she's thinkin' "does speed warrant another one?", sorry.

Here's a little Dahlia quote:

The other day Dahlia walked into my 'boudoir' - ok, big old huge dressing room and asked

Dahlia: "Is that what you're wearing?"

Me: "Yup, my black 'uniform', as usual. I know, I know - I need more clothes (meaning color)."

Dahlia (looking around in disbelief): "Uh....,No, you don't !!"

Me (silently): "Shut-up kid"


A few weeks ago Daddy took the girls to the park on a Sunday afternoon so Mommy could start painting the million doors and frames and baseboards and stuff.

April misc+ecomuseum 009

I love it!

I mean the fam walking away (not painting the doors part). I keep bangin' into that barn door but it ain't budging.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Don't you just love the honesty of children (not)! Until my recent What Not to Wear experience, the Tongginator used to tell me almost every morning how I needed clothes that "aren't old and messy." Nice, kiddo. Thanks.

Buckeroomama said...

Hmm, I haven't been subjected to that kind of "honesty" with J nor Z yet... It'll come, I know. I just hope that it won't be in public!

Milana enjoying her popsicle... so sweet!! :)

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Wanda. Such cuties eating their popcicles! I love it! I also love when Daddy spends some QT with the kids....AND I love it when they are spending QT so I can get some! Hope you are having a great week. :)

jenbusymom said...

What a great chair! They can never get enough popsicles can they!? Happy painting :(

Lisa said...

Great pictures! GREAT CHAIR!!!

I just love it when Daddy takes the little ones...but sometimes I do wish it was when I didn't have SO VERY much to do :) like paint!

As always cute post

Love Letters To China said...

Oh how I love daddy time. I actually enjoy painting without interruptions too... that hasn't been the case in many years. We have plenty of door frames that need work, but there's no way I'm doing it with little hands all around me! Hope you were able to accomplish all that you needed.

Love the pics of "Popsicle Time"!

Lisa said...

LOL My Sis was recently treated to an honest appraisal ( brutal I might add!) from her tween regarding her clothing/style!! I like her taste but clearly her and I are missing something! ;)

LOVE the frozen treats "treats" you shared with us all and I feel sheepish in admitting that Tyler has already indulged in one or two.....ack! He has tried things that Lauren didn't have until she was 3, but its hard when little one is always watching big! And let's face it....I'm weak when he looks at me with that baby face.....

Hope the reno is coming along....I sure smiled at D's choice of footwear for a trip to the kind of girl!


JinXiu said...

you have to love the honesty of children

they girls are getting so big. they are georgous

hows the kitchen coming along?

Mahmee said...

Yep. Look at your sweet familia...awesome!
I started out with fruit juice pops...then, started making my own...and truth be told (ssshhhh), I cave on a regular popsicle now and then. It's so hard to be 'The Man'.
Just the beginning of the wardrobe comments from the kids...isn't it fun?

Jodee Leader said...

Cute pictures!

Our family said...

OH what a splendid life you lead!!! I always love the pics you post. Your girls are precious of course! No surprise, so is their Mommy! Thanks Wanda for the many smiles!