Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playdate at the Eco-Museum (part 2)

April misc+ecomuseum 040
Nothing says spring better than an fiddlehead fern, just coming out of the ground. (Well....tulips would come a close second for me.)

To me, these fiddleheads look like little people - having a good gab together.

I little bit like these people.
April misc+ecomuseum 023
This was our playdate gang a few weeks ago 0 before the weather turned gorgeous. Still chilly but we had fun nonetheless. The four kiddies in the strollers are all kids, back from China within less than 9 months.

You may recognize some long-time bloggers here and for a better look........
April misc+ecomuseum 141 you know her. It's Doris (3D) with her little Daphne.

(The others are my bud Helen with her Georgia, and sweet Jennifer with her Hannah Faith and standing, her middle daughter Mara-Grace. And then me and my schnookums - Milana.)

Here are some snaps of some of the wildlife there. I'm linking up with Stephanie
Ni Hao Y'all
so hop over for lots more snaps.
April misc+ecomuseum 058
April misc+ecomuseum 043
April misc+ecomuseum 051
"look mom....did you see that?"
April misc+ecomuseum 035

April misc+ecomuseum 027

April misc+ecomuseum 060

April misc+ecomuseum 103-2

April misc+ecomuseum 081

April misc+ecomuseum 093

April misc+ecomuseum 132

April misc+ecomuseum 159

Have a wonderful week!


Stefanie said...

Loved this Snapshot, Wanda! LOVE to see all those babies home from China... how cool you guys can hang out together! I don't live close to any bloggers :(
And I'm with you on the ferns, LOVE 'em :)
Great pics, as always!

Ellie said...

I love the ferns!! You are so blessed to have friends with daughters also from China to hang out with - I'm jealous! love with Milana with the otters :)

Love Letters To China said...

Wanda what great pics! It so great that you live so close to all those amazing families.

Lisa said...

I adored your plant analogy ~ your artistic and creative soul always shines right through your posts! R your tulips peeking out just yet? Our's are standing tall and now I will think of you when I take a moment to admire them....I love them so!

AND what a tremendous gift to have this special group to share outings and frienships with ~ how blessed you all are and in so many ways!

I will need to show Lauren the timberwolf as that is her school's mascot ~ she will be thrilled! We are taking the kids to a new zoo (well new for us!) on Tuesday and seeing your photos has me inspired and excited!!

Thanks for sharing!!!!

Colleen said...

Looks like a fun day!!! What a wonderful group of woman you have in your playgroup!!! : )

Dita said...

Awesome...Just LOVE these shots, Wanda. The girls are all so completely scrumptous...and the Moms aren't bad either (hahahahah)

Miss you,

Valerie said...

Great pictures of the moms and their beautiful babes.

That looks like a fun day!

I'm so glad you have friends in the adoption world to spend time with.

I am loving the otters (if you've even felt otter fur, it makes a minky look like sandpaper.

Waiting for kitchen before and after pictures soon!


Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Beautiful pics, Wanda. Looks like you had a great time. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!

Susan said...

I love the Eco-Museum! And that water otter is such a show off! Love it.

Tina Michelle said...

Those are amazing pics! Thanks a ton for sharing.

Chris said...

Love the photos!!!

Especially the 'stroller photo'!

How cool to be able to hang out like that!!!

3D said...

It was a grand time! Need to book the next one!

Keep smilin!

Our family said...

What GORGEOUS pics Wanda!!!!! I shall look back at them when I am lonesome for you gals and 'our friends-the animals'! Thank you for sharing!!!!! You have such an eye! What a great day!

xo Jen

JinXiu said...

what great photos, fun memories and good friends. a perfect day

is that the eco-Museum in Montreal? It looks like it. Its an amazing place