Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

June 09 garden,soccer, dress-up 029-2
Early though it may be - this is what I want to see when I look out my window or step out into my backyard.
Instead, there is still a 20 foot dumpster (full now) sitting in my driveway, jigsaws and 2 by 4s and nails and sawdust, door frames and baseboards lined up, waiting to be painted in my backyard, scattered among the just budding tulips and peonys.

So I could have graced this post with some samplings of the ongoing chaos and mayhem that is our renovation from.....ahem....heaven
I opted to encourage myself with some of last years beauties that are just waiting for their moment on center stage this year.

It's Wednesday again folks.
the long road

Gardens are all about color and I love a full, lush, bursting garden full of blooms but there is something to be said for the soft grays. Sort of like a tease of what's to come.
June 09 garden,soccer, dress-up 008
(if you look closely, you can see me in the globe, squatting for this shot)

Look at all the detail in this rose. I was messing around in Lightroom and after I increased the exposure,added a bit of reovery, black to 43, hit the greyscale, I added +100 in the greyscale mix blue and increased the clarity to +100.

June,09 grad,garden,horse 302-2
Now look at it with the clarity lowered to -100.
June,09 grad,garden,horse 302
Cool, eh?
June,09 grad,garden,horse 062
This shot was taken last summer near here. Dahlia is climbing up on this statue - I kind of like the contrast between the torn fense and her silk dress. I'm not sure where she thought she was going.
So, above is just my normal post editing but below I lowered the blue in the grayscale mix to
-100 and look what it does to the sky and water. Doesn't really affect the rest of the picture much.
June,09 grad,garden,horse 062-2
Really makes that little sailboat pop though.
And finally, one of my all time favorite shots of Dahlia last summer.

Local park and hat pix May 3,09 282 - Copy
My little coquette! for that.
I feel better now.


Katy said...

Pretty flowers and great editing!

Carol and Taylor said...

gorgeous pics, as usual. I bet its next to impossible to take a bad pic of your girls. Hope all is well with you and your family.

I must admit that your lack of posting makes me wonder if you've been sucked into the renovation black hole, and therefore having trouble communicating with the free world.

Kind regards from Miami,

Carol and Taylor

Kayce said...

Great editing! That is something I need to learn. Your pictures are beautiful!

The Sanders Family said...

Great photos! I hear ya with the renovation nightmares. We have been confined to living in our basement for two years now while we're remodeling our main floor and upstairs. Ugh! I love taking nothing and making it into something, but even our renovation is wearing on my patience!

Lovely your flower shots! And your girls are such little dolls :)

Frau said...

Amazing shots and editing. Good luck with your remodel...end result is always worth the stress.

Jboo said...

Wow -- beautiful! You are so talented. Good luck with the remodel!


Faith Hope Love Photography said...

Beautiful! And it is fun to see what your editing changes were too. I love lightroom!

jenbusymom said...

Cool shots! I feel your renovation pain, hang in there, the end result will be worth it!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Wanda. What great pictures! I love the flower, although you are way over my head with all the editing talk! I need you at my computer helping me with pics!! Have a wonderful day!

JinXiu said...

perfect spring photos

love them

Lisa said...

Wow! Wanda these look so cool!

Great Post!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Wow, great photos Wanda. It is so much fun to play around with the images!

I really like the first photo the best!!

Maryvel Friesen said...

Iris is one of my favourite flowers, so hard to wait to see them again this summer! Beautiful!

Darla DiStefano said...

They are all wonderful but I do love the rose! :-)

Cop Mama said...

My favorite..."I'm not sure where she thought she was going." That pretty much describes my kiddos 24-7!

Lovely pics, as always! Good luck with the renovation.

3D said...

Even with all the reno stuff, you are all creative and working on nifty pics.

Keep smilin!

Gail said...

Your flowers are stunning Wanda! I love most flowers, but Iris are one of my very favs!

Happy Wednesday!

Lisa said...

Spring is here....even with dreaded reno, dumpster and all!! And honestly I could hardly get a mental imagine of the chaos amid your stunning photos....the rose shot is magnificant ~ as is your sweetie pie!!

Hang in there my friend....I hope the end is in sight and just imagine the joy when its all just the way you want it to be ....AND the flowes are in full bloom!!!

Hugs of Spring!!!!!

Amy said...

Ooh, very cool editing on the photo of the rose! But my favorite of all the photos you posted here is the very last one. Looks like she is growing up very quickly!

Donna said...

I love the iris! Probably my favorite flower ever. And the other photos are beautiful too. Especially your sweet human 'flowers' ;)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Alyson and Ford said...

The pics are awesome. I was all over the iris.

I'll let you know when I make the blueberry... Wish you were close by - I'd bring you over one of my Apple pies :)

Rachelle said...

ahhh, the last shot is breathtaking! And the name Dahlia? Beautiful.

Buckeroomama said...

She is a little coquette indeed! :)

I love that first edit of the rose... beautiful!

Happy weekend!

Courtney said...

Beautiful black and white photos!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my goodness Wanda! I love the rose. AMAZING! I am glad you are focusing on the positive : ) Soon you will see pretty things again!

Julie said...

I love these!! Truly gorgeous. The rose is amazing. I am always in awe of what you can do with photo editing programs!! Just amazing!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

These are BEAUITFUL!! Look at the detail in that rose....WOW!! I also love what you did to the picture of Dahlia climbing the statue....the clouds look so cool:)

She is such a sweet girl.....I can see why that last shot was your favorite summertime photo......what a beauty!!

Hope you are hanging in there thru this reno........soon....soon it will all be done.

Enjoy your weekend:)



Dita said...

BOY, have I missed visiting 'round these parts! I FEEL like your backyard looks this week after starting my new job. I realize the older I get that I just don't bounce back like I used to....hmmmm, I'm gonna have to work on that.

Glad to see you are still thinking positive AND that you are playing around editing. I just LOVE the one of the sky and the sailboat behind Dahlia...that is sooooooooo cool...and the rose too. I need to play around a bit in Lr too....I am afraid to say that Lr is more my speed than Photoshop...I'm a tech idiot!

Miss visiting here and miss you and your adorableness and sense of humor. I could use a bit of both these days, my friend!


Colleen said...

sounds like you are moving along with the renovation and soon it will be over with and you will be sharing all your beautiful pictures for us to oooooohhhhhhhhh and aaaaaahhhhhh over : )
Love your black and whites...beautiful!!! Playing around is so much fun!!! I love LR and fun fun!!!!!