Friday, April 30, 2010

They're at it again!

April misc+ecomuseum 014 fashion sense, you say?

Well......perhaps not.

But if we ever need packhorse - Dahlia sure knows how to load one up.
(And the little one just eats up the attention.)

April misc+ecomuseum 020

April misc+ecomuseum 019

April misc+ecomuseum 015

Just a typical day at our house!

(For those who've inquired about our reno project......we're rounding the corner, just finishing up all those little details and then cleaning before I take some pics. Coming soon!)



Lori Lynn said...

Bunny looks especially chic today! Cute girls.

Buckeroomama said...

Milana's such a good sport! I guess the younger ones tend to be that way because, like you mentioned, they just love the attention heaped on them by their older sibling(s). :)

Marla said...

Haha, so stinking cute! Can't wait to see pics of the new kitchen!

Have a great weekend!

Gail said...

Too funny! I can't imagine one more thing on Milana, and she is one stylin' little girl. ;)

Hope your weekend includes a little bit of gardening my friend. :)

Love Letters To China said...

Oh my is she quite the fashionista! She might tip over if she layers on one more thing. :-)

Can't wait to see the finished project. You must be so excited to finally have your kitchen back... and its brand new!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Colleen said...

LOL they are adorable!!!! I am excited to see your remodel...we are getting ready to head in to ours...although I am excited I also dread it....Love their sense of style!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

*gasp* Is that poor bunny strangling? *grin*

JinXiu said...

so cute. love all the outfits and Malinia is such a good sport
as always love your photos

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Too cute. I love this stage! Such an imagination and so happy!

Lisa said...

Oh oh oh.....loving that so much!! Her sweet profile will bunny just melts my heart! And you know what else? I think their fashion sense is right on!! :)

Thanks for always, just always sharing a smile when I stop by AND for the lovely & thoughtful comments you leave at my doorstep...they mean so much!!
Hope your weekend was filled with tulle, lace, pink and oodles of sweetness.....I suspect it was!!

Sophie said...

such pretty princesses you have!

Tracychele @ The Week-Ender said...

Hi Wanda. I love dress up time! I like to see what craziness and sometimes brilliance they come up with! Can not wait to see the RENO pics! Have a great evening.

Briana's Mom said...

I love these photos! The girls are adorable! But I especially love the last one. Gotta love a princess!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

They are adorable..... look at them all layered and accessorized...... LOL!!! Milania looks like she is going to tip over...... Awww, these are the memories!! You will be so happy you captured these moments:)

Hope you are well and I can't wait to see your reno project complete!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Dita said...

I know why Danny married you...oh, beyond that fact that you are an amazing artist, take gorgeous photographs, are mother extraordinaire, and are drop dead name a few.....
You are side-splitting hysterical...PACKHORSE! Oh, I lost it with that one...that poor baby!
I am still laughing I tell ya~!