Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Black and White Wednesday "Flowers"

Though the weeds are threatening to overtake their distinctly more welcomed counterparts - I managed to get a few shots of some flowers now blooming in my garden.

Ever seen a silver Iris?

Garden etc 068
Me neither.

I shot this at dusk. It's actually a white iris but look how silvery it came out.

(Makes my knees go weak, it does.)

Garden etc 039

Garden etc 047

Garden etc 042

Garden etc 109

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the long road

I'll post more flowers in a few days but I thought I'd lay a little color from my garden on you 'cause that's where color comes to play in my world.

Garden etc 054

Garden etc 110

Garden etc 072

Happy June!!!


Mary Lou said...


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

just gorgeous!!! That iris is amazing!!!! Love all of these!! You did great girl!!

You beat to the #1 spot!! hehe

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Very pretty Wanda : ) I love that the flowers are now blooming!!!! You have a very pretty garden.

Dita said...

Oh, man you CRACK ME UP with the silver iris. I was thinking it before you said it!

Those shots are really gorgeous of the flowers. What kind of lens are you using? They are so crystal pretty!

I never imagineed that there were any colors other than black, white, silver or pink on the premises in the yard....but you proved me wrong.


Kayce said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen a silver iris...way cool how it turned out in b/w! Happy Wednesday!

Frau said...

Amazing in B&W!

Biana said...

Wow, I like the b&w version better! love your blog!

Love Letters To China said...

Beautiful! Isn't spring just amazing? You have such a gorgeous garden to look forward to this time of the year. Love how they turned out in B&W!

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

Beautiful images! I just love the iris shot. I wish that they could bloom all summer as they are one of my fave flowers.

Regina said...

Gorgeous blooms!

Anonymous said...

I love the last b&W of the rose in bloom! Stunning!

Wanda said...


I used my regular lens (18-200 mm)with a-priority/opened wide. But my 50 mm fixed does take much better close-ups - I was just too lazy to run in and change it.

Donna said...

They're all so pretty but I love that simple little daisy. It's gorgeous! (I always feel really old saying "gorgeous" but can't think of a better word to describe it)


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Amy said...

Those black and white flower shots are so crisp and clean.

Life with Kaishon said...

No! I have never seen a silver iris. That is beyond pretty. Love it! : )

Whenever I think about your pretty new kitchen I smile. Hope you are having the happiest end to spring and start of summer sweet Wanda : )

Lisa said...

Oh! WOW! These are just beautiful! Is there anything you can't do???

Buckeroomama said...

I think it`s only fitting that YOU would get `silver`irises. :)

Lisa said...

Oh this feel SOOOOO SOOOO good to be leaving a howdy-do once again!!

And I almost gasped at your silver iris and I would not have been at all surprised to discover you had nutured a rare gem such as that!! :)

Gorgeous in any color but those pale pink roses took my breath away!! AND OH, last weeks B&W's are beyond beautiful too!!!!

Hugs and thanks for the sweet welcome back!!

The Mommy said...

Gosh! Your B&W pictures are beautiful like crazy!!
I'm your newest fan and follower:)
Keep up the good job!

JinXiu said...

they are so beautiful you want to reach right out and touch them

Gail said...

Somehow I'm not surprised in the least that you were able to capture a silver iris! beautiful.

The black and white of the rose is absolutely my should frame that one!

And I took a gazillion pics of my flowers in our yard over the weekend, just have to get them processed and I'll do a post.

Take care my gardening friend,

Gail :)

Briana's Mom said...

So pretty! The flowers are gorgeous! Happy June to you!!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

GORGEOUS!!! I do love the full and vibrant colors in your garden, but these black and whites have so much drama and they are so crisp and clean......VERY BEAUTIFUL Wanda....SPECTACULAR!!!

Sorry we missed each other today!! I will try again tomorrow.....I will be doing some serious driving.....again:(

Enjoy your evening~



Terri said...

So beautiful!

Mama Hen said...

Happy June Wanda! I love your photos! Flowers are such a wonderful subject to take pictures of. Thank you for your warm comment about my daughter and empathy. When I taught fourth grade I did a lot of vocabulary with my students. Empathy was always the first word I taught them. It is something so important and unfortunatley the world lacks a lot of it! Have a wonderful night!

Mama Hen

The Mommy said...

You know, I have no idea why my pretty face isn't showing up. Will look into that
But, I do know I'm a follower!!

Marla said...

Oh I LOVE flowers in black and white!! Those irises are amazing!

Have a great weekend!!

The Mommy said...

Hi again!!
Just stopped by to tell you that I have passed you a blog award!!
Check out my blog for details. You deserve this award and I hope you enjoy it:)

Mama Hen said...

Beautiful photos as always Wanda!! I love the black and white ones! We would like to take a trip up North. Any ideas of great places to go if we take a drive to Canada?
Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

JamericanSpice said...

These are beautiful! You takes such lovely photos!

Visiting from The Mommy. Congrats on your award

Kristin said...

What a beautiful family you have. Gives me hope.
Happy, beautiful Sunday to you!