Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing catch-up...... if I could ever!

One of the things I can remember thinking about when we decided to have kiddos was going to the fair.
Not necessarily on the top of the list of important things to ponder but it was on the list. And not because I love to go catapolting through the air because I decidedly don't but going to the fair was kind of a highlight for me in my childhood. And I remember thinking how much fun it would be to re-visit those times through the eyes of my children.

Growing up, the fair passed through our town once a year, on Labor Day week. Now I can find a fair on most week-ends from May to October.
The highlight of a fair is the carousel - the merry-go-round. I still get on them and when someone tells me I'm too big to ride them - I smile politely - pretend I'm getting off and stay right on.

Usually works! (They haven't kicked me out yet.)

This was Dahlia's first carousel ride when she was 2 and a half (back in 2005). And that would be me , happily ride alongside.


A few years later in Disney World. What a beautiful carousel.
So, you can imagine my anticipation when we brought Milana to her very first fair. All week long I imagined that first moment. Would she be scared (not likely), thrilled or confused (by her mother's over-the-top excitement).
?Sony Carnival Fair May 30,2010 089
None of the above.

There was no carousel!

WHAT?!!? No carousel? What's a fair without a carousel? That's like an ice-cream cone without the ice-cream. Right? (or a margarita without the vodka tequila, right girls ;)
Sony Carnival Fair May 30,2010 104
I almost walked away.....but couldn't do that to the kiddos.

So in we went anyway and Milana had her first taste of an activity we will re-visit again and again. (Next time with a carousel, if you please.)

Last week was Dahlia's 4th ballet recital. Only got a few snaps but when I look back at her first - I can hardly believe how fast my baby is growing up. Sniff!

And finally, a few more pics from our little trip last week-end to Mt. Tremblant.

(linking to Stephanie for this post)

Ni Hao Y'all

Ballet-Tremblant 123
One of my favourite things to do is follow these 2 around and catch them in a moment.

This is one of them.
Ballet-Tremblant 124
I just snapped away. (All sooc.....but I'm guessing you could tell.)
Ballet-Tremblant 125

Ballet-Tremblant 126

Ballet-Tremblant 127

Ballet-Tremblant 128

Ballet-Tremblant 129

Ballet-Tremblant 130
And for a finale........
Ballet-Tremblant 132

I present Miss "Happiest when airbourne"

and her side-kick

Miss "Wild-Thang"


Love Letters To China said...

What a wonderful "catch up" post. Your girls are so adorable. I love how Milana is holding Dahlia's face while she gives her a great, big smooch. It makes me so happy to see two siblings so happy together. My two do that on occasions. Yesterday out of the blue Natalie told Liam she loved him. Made my heart melt.

Love all your pictures... I can't resist a carousel either. :-)

Buckeroomama said...

These are simply the most adorable photos!! I especially loved that one of Milana holding Dahlia's face as she was kissing her. SO, SO sweet. :)

Gail said...

What a sweet, sweet post. I also love carousel or merry-go-round rides!!!

And your little miss and her side kick are precious!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I can! not! believe! there wasn't a carousel. Isn't that illegal?

Katherine said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Here's hoping for a carousel at the next fair!

Terri said...

First off... I got a chuckle out of the Vodka/Tequilla comment! I know just what you mean! I just can wait for our girls workshop weekend. First I was so nervous that I almost back out and now after to getting to know you and the other girls, I just cant wait!

I love all you pictures and they look fabulous sooc! Miss Happy and Miss Wild thang are the cutest!

the greek chinese connection said...

Oh, Wanda how I remember that first carousel ride...and our first trip to the Fair together with our little munchkins. Looking at the ballet pictures of Dahlia really shakes my world...they are growing up way to fast!!!

The up north pictures are great. You my friend are becoming quite the photographer...but than again I am not surprised... you are a true ARTIST through and through. You bring such beauty to all that you do and and all that you are!!!

I'm so blessed

luv u


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh my word....they are so sweet sitting up there on that wall together. Makes me wonder what they were saying to each other..... I could just imagine a sweet little conversation between the two of them!!

You know the girls are all going to go crazy over your vodka/tequila comment....I already see that Terri picked up on it!! OH BOY, we are in for quite a weekend, aren't we??

I hope the next time you go to the fair you will get to ride the merry go round...... what a bummer.....although your "happiest when airborne" looked pretty thrilled to be on that motorcycle:)



Ellie said...

oh my! NO CAROUSEL?? - that stinks!!! cute photos nevertheless . . . love the ballet shots of Dahlia, the light is gorgeous, you captured it perfectly! I had to giggle at the last photo, the girls are adorable doing gymnastics! What a fun time you had!

Monica said...

I still grab a ride on the merry go round with my little, too. Great photos. I'm a sucker for a sweet sibling smooch photo.

Susan said...

OMG! That pic of the girls kissing is just way to adorable!!

M3 said...

Adorable!!!! Love the moments.

zentmrs said...

They grow so quickly! These are great memories to have.... thanks for sharing!

Esther - TTBM said...

You really have captured the moments! They are a merry little pair :)

Mahmee said...

Nice gymnastics moves! Good luck with your carousel hunt!

Mama Hen said...

Wanda your blog always makes me smile! I love all of these pictures! I am giving you the Sunshine Award tomorrow! Your blog is like a ray of sunshine! I only watched part of the Tony's! It was great! Have a nice night!

Mama Hen

Lisa said...

Just when I think your posts simply could not get any sweeter, thoughtful, whimsical and festive ~ OH, once again I've missed this my friend!!

OH, and did you say no merry-go-round?? That's just NOT RIGHT!! But boy those girls looked happy on the vehicles and my two would have sported the ones right next too 'em if given half the chance!

The kissing moment takes my breath away and just when I'm slipping into a sniffling moment you have me grinning like a loon at the final action shot! LOVE IT!!!

xoxo and gosh, they both just keep getting prettier, if that's even possible!!

Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda! The award is well deserved! I love your blog! I love salty things with sweets, so potato chips with ice cream sounds yummy! I also like dipping pretzals in melted chocolate. About the singing, what better way to get your spirits up and put a smile on our little ones faces? Have a great night!

Mama Hen

Our family said...

What a wonderful catch up post!!!! I LOVE your adoration of dreamy carousels! They are incredible aren't they? They make me feel like I am soaring so high!!!! I too share your joy!!!!!

xoxo Miss you. Wish we were in town to hop on over for a quick visit with you!

Dita said... crack me up!
Were you REALLY going to leave because there wasn't a carousel? Oh, you Perfectionista! Looks like the ladies enjoyed every minute of it.
I can't believe how grown up Dahlia looks in that gorgeous ballerina costume. Even I'm sniffling!

The "KISS" made me smile...HUGE. Now that's a shot alright..and that was Milana on the offense in that one, wasn't it....she just adores her big sissy..but with a face like that, who wouldn't.

Love these Black, Silver and White Duo and their Acrobatic Show....makes me want another girl (did I just say that outloud?)