Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black and White Wednesday

Centre Nature 2 plus 154-3 Dahlia! (I know, I'm hopelessly corny).

Centre Nature 2 plus 153-2
On Monday night, Dahlia (daughter - just in case there was any question) was so anxious for me to take some pictures of "her" Dahlia flower. I said the morning light might be better.

First thing this morning - I open my eyes and she's standing over me, saying "it's morning....the light is right". She must have been thinking about it all night. (Yikes, I think I've created a monster.)

So I stumble to get my camera and we go to the patio and take a couple of pictures. (I had my exposure set too high so they're slightly off.)

Dahlia is then yanking on my arm to go back upstairs to put them on the computer so she can see them and I can edit them for...her words......"Black and White Wednesday Mommy....everybody will gasp when they see the size of my Dahlia!!"

So....are y'all gasping? (She'll want to know.)

gCentre Nature 2 plus 157-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 155-3
I messed around with the color here.
Centre Nature 2 plus 155-2
Isn't it interesting what goes on in their little minds. I'm constantly surprised, bemused and delighted.

Stop over to Lisa's for more photo fun.
the long road

This week-end we went to our friend's house and Daddy got his girls into the pool. (Well....all except his big girl....that would be me. What? Someone had to take the pictures.)
Centre Nature 2 plus 119-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 061-2
And guess who LOVES the water?
Centre Nature 2 plus 090-2

Centre Nature 2 plus 131-2

Oh yes....she does!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Beautiful Daughter :)

Regina said...

How fun and wonderful!

beingzaraandzidan said...

ohh I love all the photos. specially the last one. amazing work!
Plz do visit me

Ellie said...

Wow that is a big dahlia Dahlia (heehee couldn't resist!) I find it very difficult to expose for white - great job here!

Love the swimming photos - your little Milana is too cute being thrown high in the air - we have photos of Tia at that age being thrown like that. so cute.

Sandra said...

Love the pictures. That last one reminds me of Tahlia and her daddy in the pool. I have many similar pictures :-)

Frau said...

Beautiful the last!

Buckeroomama said...

Really fun pool pictures! It's great that Milana loves the water.

That dahlia is huge! Wow. Tell Dahlia that her dahlia is as pretty as she is... and that's very pretty! :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I totally gasped. (And I love that second pool shot with dad. Wow.)

Amy said...

Gorgeous pictures, both the pool set and the flower set. You can tell Dahlia that I am very jealous of her beautiful flower. I don't think I have seen such a pretty dahlia!

Lori Lynn said...

Oh my, you took a lot of great BW pictures! In my past life, I worked in a flower shop. I have many favorite flowers, but dahlias have always been right up there at the top. I just love how big and showy they can be, especially like the ones in your photograph. I think I'm gonna have to plant some in the garden.

The Mommy said...

Gasp!! Tell her I gasped!!:)
Such great pictures, loved the last one the best.
Hope you get a chance to hop over my blog too!

Mary Lou said...

Oh, the dahlia is definitely huge but I could hardly look at it. The little face beside it spoke so much more to me..What a precious family you have and Wanda, I love your blog and will follow. Thank you for commenting on mine so I could find you..I can't wait to see more.

Donna said...

So THAT'S what a Dahlia looks like? Pretty but I think yours is much more beautiful!

Also, Milana in her big fat (wet) diaper cracked me up! Looks like you have some water babies there! My kids would spend all day in the pool if I let them. ;)

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Julie said...

Just beautiful!!

Oh and I just checked out your kitchen reno pictures -WOW!!!

Mama Hen said...

Wow Wanda!! I love these pictures! The first three are beautiful and the last one is wonderful!! My daughter loves the water also. That last picture should be framed. Do you have photo albums or do you do photo books? I use to make a huge 450 page book each year. I take so many pictures it is hard to keep up sometimes. If you have not used Blurb then look into it. My 450 page book cost about 89 dollars. The quality is great! Have a nice night!

Mama Hen

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

beautiful, amazing photos!!!! Great shots. I love that last pic, so cool.

M3 said...

Gorgeous dahlias -- both of 'em. :-)


Dave said...

Exceptional B&W series.

ThisMamaRAZZI said...

Totally stunning captures!!! Beautiful!

Sharon Ankerich said...

Both Dahlias are beautiful! Your shots are beautiful!!! Love the sweet story of your daughter waking you up to shoot... priceless. And you are the sweetest mom to obey. Happy Thursday!!!

Valerie and Jeff said...

I love the Dahlia photos (both are gorgeous!) I love the fine detail in the flowers and the blk/white contrast. I thought I'd love the b/w more, but the slightly tinted one is gorgeous as well! Tell your daughter we're all gasping at the photos, she was right! :-)
It is funny how children can be so focused on something important to them at times. And what a blessing that you heard how important this was to her! (Even if you weren't quite awake!) Oh and thanks for commenting on my site! That is such a blessing to me!

Briana's Mom said...

I'm gasping right now! Oh my - that is GORGEOUS! What amazing shots!

the greek chinese connection said...

Please tell my sweet Dahlai that her Dahlia Flower is ALMOST as beautiful as she is!!!

Love her

luv u


Dita said...

Sorry...the Dahlia flower is NOT as beautiful as Miss Dahlia herself! No wonder she is proud, though...that baby is FABULOUS! Yes, you've created a little girl with an eye for the special things in life that her mommy savours through her lens. Kudos, Mama!

Now the pool pictures...I just love seeing Daddy with his girls...but the one of him throwing Milana in the air is absolutely PERFECT...the water their smiles...and the smile it left on my face seeing it!


Our family said...

Oh Wanda... Your pool pictures with your two little mermaids are joyful and gorgeous! Such precious moments!

Now, this is a special message for Dahlia:

Dahlia, I just wanted to tell you how BEAUTIFUL your special Dahlia flower is! Just like you! It is really, by far, the largest flower I have ever seen! It is really very pretty and I think your Mommy takes wonderful pictures and I am happy she shares them! Enjoy your beautiful flower!

Warren Dew said...

Dahlia's dahlia is huge! It also sets off Dahlia's beautiful eyes perfectly.

I also loved the picture of diapered Milana being tossed in the air.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I agree, there is nothing that can compare to the beauty of your Dahlia........ I had to laugh thinking about the visual of her leading you back to the computer to download and edit!! tell her we definitely GASPED in awe of her photos!!!

Looks like the girls had a fantastic time with Daddy in the pool!! Such fun photos..... I love that last shot...... you captured even the tiniest droplets of water in motion, not to mention the oure joy!!

Enjoy your weekend!!



fleur de lis cottage said...

Thanks for stopping by sweet friend. I'm so behind on blogging. Dahlia meet Dahlia...I must be corny too because I loved that. And yes, tell Dahlia I'm gasping at how large the flower is :)

Mahmee said...

Well, the pool looks like great fun! We have dahlias in our yard as 'em. Your Dahlia is much lovelier though.
Hope the four of you have enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

Alyson and Ford said...

Amazing photos! Yes, I am gasping! Such beauty in both!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Teresa said...

Gasping too! Teehee.

She sounds like she has the same spunk and "mind like a steel trap" as my Caroline.

Man they keep us honest, don't they?

Mama Hen said...

Hey Wanda! I just love these photos!! Thank you for always making such kind comments on my blog! Have a wonderful day!

Mama Hen

Lisa - Fine Sweet Life said...

Please tell your daughter that that is the most amazing, spectacular and beautiful Dahlia I have ever seen in the whole wide world!