Monday, June 28, 2010

Grade 1.....Done !!

Do you remember your last day in Grade One?

I do, even though it was 167 years ago (ahem)!

It's huge. You are no longer a baby, looking at that long hallway for the first time, wondering who the heck all these giants are.

You are a Grade One Graduate. Oh yeah....on your way to the


Grade TWO.

Really huge!

1st day Grade 1, Sept 1, 09 015
My big girl Dahlia....last Sept 2009 on the first day of school. Grade One.

1st day Grade 1, Sept 1, 09 024
(Sept 2009)
1st day Grade 1, Sept 1, 09 030
(Sept 2009)
1st day Grade 1, Sept 1, 09 032

And now.....June 2010....on the last day of Grade One!
Dahlia's June party 051
(June 2010)
Dahlia's June party 070
(June 2010)
Dahlia's June party 067
(June 2010)
Her average for the year was in the 80's. But she got a 93 in music!

(Oh, her Nan would've been so proud.)
last day school etc 074
So much has happened for this little girl this year. Travelled back to China, got a little sister, broke her arm, learned how to read (in a day it seemed), played endlessly with her little sister.....

....and made her Mom and Dad so proud.
last day school etc 077
The last walk down the pathway to Grade One.

The whole world is ahead of you, sweet one!
last day school etc 080

But for now.....

bring on the Summer Holidays!


Buckeroomama said...

Congrats, Dahlia (and Mommy)! Finishing 1st grade is like finishing up freshman year in high school... :)

They grow so much in a year, don't they? *sigh*

Love Letters To China said...

Congratulations to your sweet Dahlia! It's crazy to think our big girls are going to be attending 2nd grade in the fall! (tears falling down face...)

Boy have your two little ones grown since last September. What are you feeding those two??? ;-)

Happy summer vacation to you!

Our family said...

How incredible it is to see your little Sweeties growing and changes before our eyes (screens!):)

Your little Dahlia has definitely had quite a year! And she soared through always with that beautiful smile on her face!

I love the pics with her schoolbag on. There is quite a change from Sept. to June on the way that school bag fits!

Congratulations Dahlia on completing Grade ONE!!!! You DEFINITELY look like a 2nd Grader now Sweetie! Have a beautiful summer! And also congratulations on your music certificate. You must be very proud of yourself!!!!!

Have a beautiful summer! xoxo

Terri said...

Congratulations Dahlia! I love the pictures showing how she looked at the start and then the end. She is such a big beautiful girl!

Indianalori said...

Congratulations! We are starting Kindergarten in this house, and it feels like they are turning into "kids" right in front of me. I teared up last night thinking I'll be sending Sara to college in 13 years....I'm pitiful.

Looking at her first day of school picture, I realized I've been following your story for one how time flies when you are blogging!


Indiana Lori

Mama Hen said...

Wanda these pictures are wonderful and take us all on Dahlia's amazing school journey. She is adorable! As a teacher I often saw the scared little faces of the new students each year. It is such a huge deal to start a new year, especially early on. Sending my daughter to preschool this year was huge! She had never been separated from me and it was a major adjustment for both of us. You really captured some great photos here! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

By the way, have a happy summer!

Mama Hen

Gail said...

Congrats to your big (now) second grader!!!
(sigh) I will have one too in the Fall.

Wonderful pics as always, Wanda. :)

Lisa said...

Isn't it crazy how in looking back it seems like only a moment ago since that first day....but then when you begin to think about it....really think about it, you realize all the BIG HUGE things that took place and suddenly it seems just right that a whole school year has come and gone!!

Oh, glory be, summer is here!! I just can't get over how both girls have grown! With baby M its all the lovely long locks growing in and with sweet Miss D something in the expression and she's taller too!

BUT look at how pristine her backpack stayed?? That's Ah-mazing!! AND this time around I really noticed your luscious pots/blooms out and girls!!

Happy summer my friend!

Wanda said...


Haha about the pristine backpack. Ummm.....this is backpack #2. And it's pretty grungy if you look closely. (PS does magic you know.)I bought two last summer - not remembering that I had already purchased one. Shows you were my head was. (Truth may be permanent....jury's still out!)

Mary, Eric and Penelope said...

Congrats to Dahlia on a successful year and her achievements! Wanda, you have captured the magic of childhood and family with your lens. Love your vision.

M3 said...

Awww, congratulations Dahlia (and mama). Big moments.

Teresa said...

Wow,she sure grew up in a short time! Caroline starts first grade in Sept and seeing Dahlia grow up so much this year makes me sad for what I know will happen with Caroline. Sniff....

And you're right. BRING ON SUMMER!!

Gorgeous photos of the family, by the way!

Dita said...

OK...I started tearing up when I read all that has happened this year AND I WAS THERE FOR ALL OF IT! I can't believe the difference in her 'tude...look at her...Big Second Grader...don't mess with her!
Look how short Milana's hair was back in September!

Love her little uniform. did you pick that school because the uniforms are black and white? heheheheh

Carol and Taylor said...

What a big day! Congrats to your very big girl. Hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Aww! I remember the first day and the last day of first grade. I have to say, looking at her going to school reminds me how different school yards are from here.

Our girls are getting bigger and older. Mine is asking when she'll start college. lol Not until you finish second grade. ;)