Friday, July 3, 2009

A year in the life

.....of Dahlia.
Kindergarten 2008-2009
This is the first day of school (Sept. 2008) and my little girl was pretty terrified. Notice the red eyes. She didn't make a fuss, she knew she had to go so she steeled herself.
My brave little girl!

The mood has done a 360 here - Dahlia skips all the time now. She has become a happy little girl.
And you know what that makes me? Yep, one happy Mommy.

You can see the fear and resolve last September.
And simple joy in June.
Tra la la, la la

Skipping......this kid skips all the time!
My heart skips when I see this.
Putting on a happy. Oh, if I could have taken her place that first day. I just ached for her.

Last day glee.

(ahem.....excuse the shadow....guess who?)

And she's off!

I pray she embraces every new challenge this way!

That's my girl!


Buckeroomama said...

A skipping, carefree, happy child is such a joy to watch. :) It just brings a smile to your face, doesn't it? And when that child is your child, your heart just swells.

Joan said...

What a cool way to keep track of such a big moment in your lives! Thanks for sharing.

Leslie said...

awwwyou GO sweet girl!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

What a difference a year makes!!!! Love the way you documented it, so I'm taking notes. But now I'm also terrified for late August to come. Ack!

Our family said...

How wonderful to see her confidance! Ahhh, the fear in the unknown is so natural.For all of us! It is incredible(and very often difficult)to watch our children face these challenges and then spellbinding to see them skipping, smiling and thriving on through!

What a wonderful year!!!! Enjoy the summer Dahlia!!!!