Friday, July 31, 2009

Seven more sleeps til we hit the!

So, I was browsing through old pictures and videos last night and came across these 2 clips. Just days after arriving home from China back in December 2004. A good reminder just how squirmy and wormy my little Dahlia was.

Which then reminded me to get my head in gear for the possiblity of another squirmy, wormy little bundle of energy.

Seeing Baby Dahlia this tiny makes my heart just lurch with anticipation.

I'll never get over this fact: China is giving us a human being, an actual person, a little bundle of beauty and love and all that good stuff (oh, and some nasty too...let's call it like it is).

No bigger gift than this!



Jodee Leader said...

I am soooo excited for you! Cute video too!

Have a great weekend!

Our family said...

So very true.... What a gift..... There will never be enough words to describe this.

I am so excited to read your posts from CHINA!!!!!! YIPEEE!!!!!! Seven more sleeps!!!!!!


Our family said...

Of course I meant to add how GORGEOUS those pics are! So tiny!!!!! It all goes so quickly! How fortunate you will be to have a baby in the house again!!!! Can I come and snuggle? I mean Milana of course! My baby fix! LOL

ellie said...

I'm excited for/with you! Sometimes the thought that we have our children from Ukraine/China is so overwhelming - that they are here in the flesh as our children and we LOVE them! oohhhh it gives me chills! The not-so-nice parts are like the crumbs from chocolate cake, messy but still worth it!

Hugs :)

xo ellie

Buckeroomama said...

Have a great trip, Wanda. May everything go smoothly on your trip to China. Call my friend if you need help. She's great and she'll point you in the right direction if she can't help you herself. :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful post; thank you for giving us a glimpse into Baby Dahlia...what a doll!! And truer words have never been incredible gift, privelege and honor to be a Mama to these blessings!

7 more nights of dreaming....and on the 8th night you will be in the land that is making this dream a reality!

Soooo excited for you all!!
Sweet dreams!

Grossesse Made in China said...

It was nice meeting you Wanda !! :)
See you on friday !! Wooohoooo !!!

Wanda said...


Anytime sweetie, anytime!! Happy to share.


J-P Lesperance said...

Oh to go back to those days of a little, little one. It's demanding, but it goes by in the blink of an eye. Soon, soon, soon......